Day 35 – Travel to Glasgow for a night and our flight home the next day

Backpacking to Stranraer, Scotland from 21 May to 26 June 2014 (37days)

Day 35 (24.06.2014 Tue) – Travel to Glasgow for a night and our flight the next day

Today was our last day in Stranraer and we were all feeling sad to leave Alistair and his friends behind, however, at the same time we were happy that we are going back to Malaysia to be with our dear families. In the morning after breakfast we rearranged the furniture and cleaned up the house that we had being staying for more than 30 days.

We then walked outside to see the vegetable garden and the rose garden with all the flowers fully bloomed. By today we were ready and had done all our packing and repacking of our luggage and daypacks.

This morning Norman John Robertson and wife Carol Anne Robertson came over and had early lunch together before driving in two cars to Glasgow and drop us in the Travelodge Hotel beside the airport where we stayed for a night.

For dinner we treated ourselves with a sumptuous western meal with wine at the Travelodge Restaurant.

Millfield Avenue, Stranraer

Shambley Residence, Millfield Avenue, Stranraer

The rose garden with all the flowers fully bloomed.

At the distance is Vera Little house.

Walking around Alistair's house.

Sweet peas enchant us with their fragile, seductive fragrance and make great bouquets. These pea-like flowers grow in many lovely colors and are suitable for border, garden and arch.

The matured broad bean plants and the beans below.

On the left is cabbage, center is beetroot and on right is carrot.

These are onion plants.

These are potatoes.

These are rhubarb plants.

These are zucchini yellow flower.

These are raspberry.

These are apple tree with fruits.

Beautiful garden at Jessie's house.

We had sandwiches for lunch.

Day 36 (25.06.2014 Wed) – In the morning at 4am we checked in at Glasgow Airport main terminal for our 6am KLM 1hr 40min flight to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport arriving at 8.40am.At 12 noon we took MAS MH17 Boeing 777-200 (12hr 20min non-stop) flight from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to KLIA.

Day 37 (26.06.2014 Thu) – MH17 touched down at KLIA at 6.20am.

Appreciation Letters

Dear Alistair McCulloch,
We just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful one month stay we had with you while we were in Stranraer. You are such a fantastic guide and it was nice of you to have driven us out to those beautiful and scenic areas along the coast. We will definitely miss the bothy and Lady Bay.

We are not sure when we’ll visit you in Stranraer again, but I hope it won’t be too long – it’s always nice seeing you and we had such a fun time while we were there. You have truly given us a wonderful trip.

We would be waiting for your visit to Malaysia and we could have the pleasure of taking you around. Thanks again for giving us the great days in Stranraer. Thanks again and best wishes.

Val Allan and Pauline Toh
Kee Moon and Betty Ching
Ching Neng Bin and Catherine Oon

Dear Carol Anne Robertson and Norman John Robertson,
We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your company and efforts in showing us around in Scotland. You drove us around the country side and picking us up from airport and to airport - that was incredibly nice of both of you.

Your travelling knowledge is wide, and we have all appreciated the care you have taken with each and every one of us to the Lake Districts. The trip will be in our minds for a long time. Your great sense of humour made our visit very ,very enjoyable. We wish you all the best in the future.

Val Allan and Pauline Toh
Kee Moon and Betty Ching
Ching Neng Bin and Catherine Oon 

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Day 30 (19.06.2014 Thu) – Outward Bound Ullswater, Lake Ullswater (day2)

Day 31 (20.06.2014 Fri) – Return from Lake District (day3)
Day 32 (21.06.2014 Sat) – Our last visit to the bothy at Lady Bay
Day 33 (22.06.2014 Sun) – A farewell dinner hosted by Margaret Modrate
Day 34 (23.06.2014 Mon) – A farewell tea hosted by Vera Little

Day 35 (24.06.2014 Tue) – To Glasgow for a night stay for next day flight

Day 36 (25.6.2014Wed) Glasgow 6am to Amsterdam 8.40//MH17 12noon to KLIA
Day 37 (26.06.2014 Thu) – MH17 touched down at KLIA at 6.20am. 
Total expenses per person was RM6,139.05 


  1. Hi Mr Ching
    The pictures of the last days of your holiday conveys a sense of poignancy as one could feel that you guys would rather extend your magical excursion in Scotland than be returning to M'sia. Indeed you all have met some lovely Scottish people and you were lucky to have a wonderful host in Alistair, your fellow Rotarian. You have also tasted genuine Scottish home cooking and their renown malt whiskeys.
    I came to England in 1974 and had a week's travel to Scotland. The 4 of us Malaysians drove up through Loch Lomond, Edinburgh, Perth, Inverness and returning via Fort Williams and the Lake District. Scotland has some beautiful scenic landscapes and as I recalled it was such a delightful country to visit.
    You lot seem such a durable and intrepid bunch of travellers and it's great to see your wonderful well researched and descriptive holiday blog. 'Kam sia cheh cheh' Thank you very much for sharing.
    Best wishes
    Gary Ong

  2. Ong Soon Chye10 October, 2014

    Really marvel at the way you all travel with cheap n adventurers itinerary ....

  3. Kam sia cheh cheh! your shared blog post is amazing and the photographs have soul taking views. I must say that it is a beautiful land to visit there. Can you suggest me the best time to see this stunning scenery? I want to go there in the next month after completing my trip of east coast tour packages. I would like to appreciate you at this nice blog post.

  4. As always, thanks for sharing and enlightening us on your adventurous experience --- bravo! Awesome and beautiful shots. Stay well and best wishes.

  5. Outstanding Ching!! I am sure you had a good time in your travels. Great photos. All my best and until we meet again. Regards.

  6. Beh Paik Hoon23 October, 2014

    Thank you Mr Ching for a great sharing!!! Nice pictures and detail of the trip. Thank you for providing such a good reference for my future trip;)

  7. WOW.... that's not too bad. I thought it would be more than 10k. looks like I gotta go there soon. Thanks.

  8. alancykok@yahoo.com23 October, 2014

    The last few days of NB Ching and his group's excursion to Scotland are particularly memorable as they're closing the chapter in their travel to Scotland. As usual Ching introduced us the uniquely terrestial trail at Loch Larbrax Bay when they took a mysterious foggy morning walk on Moon or Mars surface-liked landscape. I did not know there's such a domestic beast known as the Scotish Donkey! It's down memory lane for Val Allen with ineradicable nostalgia when the entourage visited the OBS where he had a brief stint in the 1950s. With good nature and friendliness Ching's group earned the respect and love with old Rotarians like Alistaire who played host in showering them generosity in providing lodging, meals and guiding them in going places. New friends and neigbours like Margaret Modrate and Vera Little began to take turns in offering them farewell dinner and tea. I believe such kind gesture made their departure more meaningful but difficult though it's time to bid good bye. It was so important that Ching and his gang reciprocated to return the goodwill by helping out in shopping, preparing the home grown vegetables, and cooking, even tendering the host's garden. Of course the ladies had done a grat deal in their role in the kitchen to prepare the meals. It was impressive as they cleaned the host's home and re-arranged the furniture etc. A small effort went a long way to say it least. I am sure a little bit more weight for their baggage loaded with extra kilos of Scotish Cheese is worthwhile. NB Ching and his entourage sure had hay of good time during his European sojourn in Holland and Scotland.

    Footnote: After NB's return to Malaysia we read about the ill-fated misfortune of the downing of MH17 by some warring factions in Ukraine in which 298 lives perished. The devastating news threw the country into doldrums and all of us were saddened gravely with the loss of innocent lives. God bless their soul and I wish them RIP.
    Regards, from Alan K.

  9. MK Liew @ Walking Tall24 October, 2014

    Dear Ching,

    Thanks very much for sharing your Scotland trip. The scenic views of all the places you had travelled would not be known to me if not for your write-up.

    I must say that you guys were so lucky to have such fantastic hosts in Scotland who accommodated you and showed you around, for a long period of 30+ days.

    I have always thought that western people are not as warm and hospitable as the Asian. Well, maybe I was wrong. Thanks and best regards

  10. Ong Keng Ming24 October, 2014

    Good on ya and I am sure you people had a great time. That is what life is all about.

  11. Ramakrishna Ramachandran24 October, 2014

    Thank you Mr. Ching. That was a great travel with reasonable budget. Best regards. Rama.

  12. Thanks for sharing, you sure know how to make the best of your time, happy satelliting round the earth.

  13. Mr. Ching, I still waiting from you for a chance to join u guys on backpacker travel. I'm now retired at 57.

  14. That's reasonable price for one person. Normally it would cost nearly 10,000 even for backpackers. How long had you plan this out? Must be very early.

  15. Nice photos. Wah! 37 days spend only RM6,139.05 super cheap, next time count me in!

  16. While you are enjoying the Scottish scenery, did you manage to get some understanding of the referendum? What about the Lock Ness monster, did you catch a glimpse? Did you eat any haggis? In case you don't know, it is sheep's blood mixed with flour and shaft into the sheep's intestine and then fry it. Did you ask a Scot, what he wears underneath his kilt?

  17. Hi Ching, Thank for sharing, the travel cost is unbelievable.

  18. Tee Sze Peng01 November, 2014

    Dear Neng Bin,
    Thanks for sharing your travel to Scotland. It must have been a very enjoyable trip for you all. Have followed your entire itinerary with interest and surprisingly with such low expenses. Well done and keep us posted on your next adventure. Looking forward to it.. Warmest regards.

  19. You're simply a great travel planner!

  20. Hi Neng Bin, That's pretty cheap for such a long tour. Must meet up one day.

  21. Angeline Lam02 November, 2014

    Great! Congratulations!!
    Unbelievable, but I think this is really a lifetime experience which not many people will be lucky enough to experience. Scotland is one of the places on my travel map – I will ask you for advice when I am ready to go – of course I do not think I can survive backpack travel expedition but will mark the key places to go.

    Kind Regards,
    Angeline Lam
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    Visit us at:

  22. Choo Chor Tek03 November, 2014

    Hi Ching Neng BIn,
    Thank you so much for sharing your trip to Scotland ! For only a little over RM 6K, it's really a good trip! CHOO CHOR TEK .. I Wanna Live My Life! Mobile 6016-7713042