2014 – Backpacking to Stranraer, Scotland day 05

Backpacking to Amsterdam, Netherlands and to Stranraer, Scotland
21 May to 26 June 2014 (37days)

Lim Kee Moon and I about to walk to Lide Supermarket.
Day 05 (25.05.2014 Sun) – Stranraer, Scotland

In the morning after breakfast, we went to Lide Supermarket to buy some grocers and later visited the bigger market at Morrisons. Kee Moon and I had to walk as Alistair's car could take in 4 only. We bought everything and anything that we needed to cook our meals for the next few days. Came back to prepare apple pie and beef pie for lunch and for dinner we had potatoes salad, chicken soup, cheese, bread and tea.

We then explored Alistair’s Shambley Residence and his vegetable gardens. We also helped to rearrange some furniture in the lounge area to make more space for our 2 camp-beds, cleaning up the house and also to vacuum the carpet floor.

Stranraer is the most southerly town on the west coast of Scotland. It is also the home to the shortest sea crossing from Scotland to Northern Ireland. It has many attractive spots in and around the town itself. It has many botanical gardens outside the town and this is due to being on the gulf Atlantic stream where even palm trees are grown in gardens.

Sleeping: Shambley Residence, Millfield Avenue, Stranraer.
A cold but sunny day - Temp: min.8 – max.13 °C

The Lidl in Stranraer is one of a chain of Lidl stores that can be found across the UK. Simplicity is the cornerstone of their success. They buy and sell with the aim of offering customers everyday top quality products at the lowest possible price. Since establishing in the UK in 1994, they have grown consistently and today have more than 600 stores.

Pauline, Allan and all of us really enjoyed shopping for grocers here.

Believe it or not, all this foodstuff cost only GBP42 only.

Morrisons are a supermarket chain selling food, grocery and household items as well as toiletries, newspapers and magazines. They also have a pharmacy, cafe and cash machine facilities.

Enjoying the fantastic apple pie and beef pie for lunch.

And for dinner we had potatoes salad, chicken soup, cheese, bread and milk-tea.

The beautiful Shambley Residence, Millfield Avenue, Stranraer.

We also helped to clean the garden and picked up fallen leaves.

Vegetables grown here: Potatoes, cherry-tomatoes, broad-beans, lettuce, carrots, beat-root, chilli, zucchini, raspberries and snow peas.

Alistair would normally start planting just after winter.

Potatoes ready for harvesting.

The newly renovated kitchen.

The newly renovated kitchen with the new washing machine.

The newly renovated kitchen.

This is the visitor's bedroom for our 3 ladies.

Alistair's sleeping room.

The computer area in front of the main door.

Betty Ching busy vacuuming the carpet floor around the computer area.

We rearranged some furniture in the lounge area to make more space for our 2 camp-beds, cleaning up the house and also to vacuum the carpet floor.

This is the lounge cum dinning area by day and sleeping area for Allan, Kee Moon and myself. Allan on the sofa and Kee Moon and myself on camp-bed.

All checking emails on Alistair's computer.

Our sincere thanks to Rotarian Alistair McCulloch for inviting us and allowing us to stay in his house for a month.

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Day 36 (25.6.2014Wed) Glasgow 6am to Amsterdam 8.40//MH17 12noon to KLIA
Day 37 (26.06.2014 Thu) – MH17 touched down at KLIA at 6.20am.



  1. Liew K Meng12 August, 2014

    Hi Ching, Thanks very much for sharing! I am sure you guys had some great times for the 1st 5 days of your trip.

    My partner & I were in London, Belgium and Italy from 18th Aug., to 2nd Sept. 2013 and enjoyed hashing in London and Brussels, as well as trekking in Italy at a scenic place called “CINQUE TERRE” which referred to 5 small villages along the west coast of Italy. These villages were all built along the rocky coast, some on the mountain side, some on plateau and all were linked by trains which run through tunnels.

    Trekking there this time of the year, summer, was lovely as we passed along fruits farm, mostly grapes. All the five villages served their own wine which they produced and bottled locally. You may want to try this sometime in the future. Look it up in the internet for more information.

    Hope your remaining trip is more exciting and wonderful.

    Best regards
    MK Liew

  2. Thanks so much for sharing with me your posts... your narrative is so informative and I think so much better than watching National Geographic! Wow ... you guys sure packed a lot into 5 days! Look forward to your next chapter.

  3. alancykok@yahoo.com23 August, 2014

    Staying a long month at fellow Rotarian member Alistaire's residence is realy a generous treat at Stranraer. Very considerate for the travellers to contribute and shop for grocery for the meals that could last for perhaps a week? And I believe the ladies helped diligently to prepare dishes like apple and beef pies, chicken soup and potato salad servings etc. The host and the visitors would feel warm in the hearts of everybody. All contributed further by cleaning up and arraging rooms so as to be cosy in sleeping. Fortunately it wasn't winters yet. The vegetable plot endorsed by the host's effort
    yields a variety of veges that could have save some expenses for salad. It's remarkable. Again everyone helped to clean the vegetable garden so the plants would be abundant and healthy for
    harvest. Great!

  4. Anonymous10 May, 2015

    I constantly spent my half an hour to read this webpage's articles all the time along with a cup of coffee.