2018 - Bikepacking 260km to Melaka

A memorable 260km epic ride across three states from Subang Jaya (Selangor) to Melaka.
L-R: Zainudin Selamat, Caason Ching Jin Yuan, Ching Jin Wei and Mervin Jared Gan
After the Pulau Ketam ride on 5th August 2018, both my children; Jin Yuan and Jin Wei together with their two friends; Zainudin and Mervin continued their biking adventure. It was a 3day 260km ride through 3 states from Subang Jaya (Selangor) to Melaka. On the 3rd day, they took the KTM back from Tamping.

Jin Yuan reported: "At the end of Day1, we've covered 143km under the burning sun at 43 degrees. End of Day2 from Port Dickson to Melaka we rode 75km (accumulated 218km), through rain for almost a quarter of the journey. Day3 was easy, covered a short distance of 42km (accumulated 260km) to Tampin. Weather was excellent and that the ride through kampungs was breezy and relaxing."
Day 1 (08.09.2018) - Started our 143km journey in Subang Jaya at 6.50am for Port Dickson. The plan is to meet Merv at Rimbayu as he was riding solo from Putrajaya. Had a cool slow ride from Subang Jaya with additional bag weight. Arrived at our meet up point at 7.40 a.m. approx. 20km from Subang Jaya.

It all started with Din, rather than joining an organised event nor driving for a holiday, he wanted a long distance cycling for a change. This is despite him having started out for only nine months. He drew the plan and had approached me to kick-start the discussion with the team. Din was extremely excited...okay, all of us are, that once we confirmed the plan and the dates, he had immediately scout around and made the necessary hotel reservations in Port Dickson and Melaka.

Meanwhile, Mervin Jared Gan got busy plotting the GPS navigation for the best and safest route, which includes....his favourite - hill climb. At the end of Day 1, we've covered 143km under the burning sun at 43 degrees.

Caason Ching Jin Yuan with his CANYON bike.

Zainudin Selamat with his HASA bike.
Ching Jin Wei

Mervin Jared Gan

Taking a short rest on a flyover for a good view of the surrounding.

On our way from Rimbayu towards Banting, we met another cyclist (En. Salam) who was on his way back to home from his morning ride. Interested he was in our journey that he took Din's number to regularly catch up with our progress throughout the entire journey.

Zainudin Selamat's bicycle. 

Breakfast detour before heading for Morib, approximately 15km away.

On our way to Banting town.

Arrived Banting for a quick pit stop.

Arrived Banting for a quick pit stop.

Before heading out of Banting town, we stopped by the Sidek house for a photo. The Malaysian badminton legends grew up here.

Morib Beach....at last....but with the sun high up.

All smiles - a 30 minutes break at Morib Beach.

Ais Kacang to cool ourselves. The day temperature at 28 degrees, has been steadily rising since Banting.

From Morib, we rode through Tanjong Sepat, Sungai Pelek and Sepang. It was at a steady pace of between 30 and 35 kmph. Was hoping that the hill climb would still be far but shortly after Sepang, the nightmare started 😢. Pedaling to Lukut was horrible with an approximate 10km hill climb with the temperature of 43 degrees. It was the painful route for most cyclists during the recent CIMB Cycle 2018.

Taking more breaks to cool ourselves. Merv and Din had to wait for Wei and Yuan. It was definitely a challenging climb.

Almost there and checking the route.

Took the team two hours from the start of the hill climb to arrived at our Day 1 destination - Port Dickson Waterfront.

L-R: Zainudin Selamat, Caason Ching Jin Yuan, Ching Jin Wei and Mervin Jared Gan

Had our lunch at Port Dickson Waterfront and lazing around before riding again to Blue Lagoon Apartments located next to Cape Rachado (light house). — with Zainudin Selamat, Ching Jin Wei and Merv Jared Gan.

Chilling and had early dinner by the Blue Lagoon beach, 100m from where we stayed. Needed the good night rest for our Day 2 ride to Melaka, at the wake of dawn.

Day 2 (09.09.2018)- A 75km ride from Port Dickson to Melaka

Day 2 - Woke up to the children's voices playing in the pool right outside the apartment where we stayed. Getting ready to start our ride but had to delay it due to the heavy downpour.

Day 2 - The bad morning weather report at Port Dickson.

Day 2 - All smiles again after the rain as we headed out to our ultimate destination - Melaka.

Day 2 - It was cloudy and cooling (after the rain) compared to the previous scorching day.

Day 2 - From Blue Lagoon, we traveled through villages which we normally won't pass by if we were to drive to Melaka. We traveled through Pasir Panjang, Kuala Sungai Baru, Tanjung Bidara and several kampung roads, some with short steep climbs; before arriving at the Al-Khawarizmi Astronomy Complex.
Day 2 - Oh oh.....dark skies looming. Fortunately, it didn't rain.

Day 2 - The Al-Khawarizmi Astronomy Complex (or Kompleks Falak Al-Khawarizmi) is an observatory in Masjid Tanah, Alor Gajah District, Melaka which is situated approximately 1km from Tanjung Bidara.

Day 2 - Took a short coffee break after visiting the Al-Khawarizmi Astronomy Complex. Din volunteered to ask the Military Police at the Terendak Army Camp (Kem Terendak) for permission to ride through the army base as a short cut to Melaka, but failed 😂.

Day 2 - After the Terendak Army Camp, we rode for another 30 KM to Klebang, passing through Sungai Udang and Tanjung Kling. Unfortunately it rained throughout Sungai Udang and Tanjung Kling.

Day 2 - Though soaked from head to toe (except Merv), we detoured to the Submarine Museum Melaka.

Day 2 - Cycling Coach Gan and his team 🤣 — with Ching Jin Wei, Merv Jared Gan and Zainudin Selamat.

Day 2 - 3km from the Submarine Museum, as planned, we stopped for the famous Klebang Original Coconut Shake. What a surprise when Levin appeared in front of us to say hi. — with Levin Sim, Merv Jared Gan, Zainudin Selamat and Ching Jin Wei.

Day 2 - The traffic from Klebang to Melaka town was bad as expected due to the long weekend holidays. We were glad that, for once, we were faster than the cars. Arrived at the main tourists attraction - the Stadthuys. — with Zainudin Selamat, Merv Jared Gan and Ching Jin Wei.

Day 2 - The Stadthuys (Dutch for City Hall) also known as the Red Square. Built by the Dutch in 1650 as the office of the Dutch Governor and Deputy Governor. It is now home to the History and Ethnography Museum, Melaka.
Day 2 - At this juncture, explainable fatigue crept into us, accumulated from the previous day's ride.

Day 2 - Checked in at the Heeren by the River Hotel. The hotel, unique with pre-war architecture, was kind in allowing us to shower our muddy bikes (due to the earlier rain). Highly recommended as it is clean, and importantly - within walking distance to the major icons, i.e. Jonker Street, Stadthuys, St.Paul Hills etc.

Day 2 - After taking our long needed cold shower, we headed out to Jonker Street in search of Nyonya food. We were all starving. — with Zainudin Selamat.

Day 2 - Explored Jonker Street and found a cosy place, Nyonya Suan Signature, serving halal Nyonya cuisine. — with Ching Jin Wei, Zainudin Selamat and Merv Jared Gan.

Day 2 - Our dessert - Durian Cendol

Day 2 - After dinner, we walked along the Malacca River, this time searching for nice cold beers (except for Din - only fruit juices or soft drinks) while admiring the beauty of the night lights along the river. There were river cruises for tourists. Melaka had changed tremendously since my last visit many years ago.

Day 2 - Relaxation mode with Merv Jared Gan, Ching Jin Wei and Zainudin Selamat.

Day 2 - Took a walk after our cold beers and Din's cold Coca-Cola, down the main road which was bustling with tourists and beautifully lit trishaws. — in Melaka.

Day 3 (10.09.2018) - A 42km ride from Melaka to Tampin KTM 

Day 3 - Breakfast hunting time on our final day. Found a great place to have Roti Canai and Tosei/Dosai @ Restoran Saravanna Chettinadu King along Jalan Bendahara. Thanks Merv, for introducing this wonderful restaurant. Packed our bags and before leaving Melaka, we must stop by this artistic graffiti wall, known as Melaka 3D Art Street. — with Zainudin Selamat, Merv Jared Gan, Ching Jin Wei and Ching Jin Yuan.

Day 3 - Ching Jin Wei

Day 3 - Ching Jin Yuan

Day 3 - Merv Jared Gan

Day 3 - Zainudin Selamat

Day 3 - Ching Jin Yuan's bicycle

Day 3 - On our way to KTM Tampin/Pulau Sebang station. Leaving Melaka town, with a great sense of satisfaction as we successfully rode across three states...without any punctures. — with Zainudin Selamat, Merv Jared Gan and Ching Jin Wei.

Day 3 - One final water stop, 10km from the train station.

Day 3 - Arrived KTM station at 3.45 p.m. and boarded the train to KL at 4.30 p.m. The ticketing clerk was kind to allow us into the train with our bikes, instead of the official 8 p.m. train.

Day 3 - This is how we arranged our bikes.

Day 3 - The end of our bikepacking adventure. Day three covered a short distance of 42km (accumulated 260km). Weather was excellent and that the ride through kampungs was breezy and relaxing.

Day 3 - Models in the train. — with Zainudin Selamat, Merv Jared Gan and Ching Jin Wei.

The next bikepacking adventure would be to Pulau Langkawi.


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