2014 - Backpacking to Amsterdam day 04

Backpacking to Amsterdam, Netherlands and to Stranraer, Scotland
21 May to 26 June 2014 (37days)

(L-R) Ching Neng Bin, Catherine, Betty Ching, Pauline Toh, Val Allan, Lim Kee Moon

Day 04 (24.05.2014 Sat) KL.1477R AMS/GLA 1535hr - 1605hr at Glasgow Airport

Our air tickets inclusive of baggage fee were bought through Roystar Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. at Jalan Imbi, KL on 6th October 2013. What happened was that the company forgot to pay for our 6 baggages fee for the flight to from Amsterdam to Glasgow and as a result we had to pay personally the fee of Euro30 each. So next time we should check before we fly to confirm that the baggage fee is duly paid by the travel agent. My son Caason Ching later confirmed through email that the travel agent would reimburse us soon.
We arrived at Glasgow Airport at 1605hr, Rotarian Alistair McCulloch, Norman John Robertson and wife Carol Anne Robertson picked us up and drove south-east on the 152km scenic western coastal M8, M77, A77, A719 road to get to Stranraer. The towns that we passed through were Kilmarnock, Ayr, Dunure, Maidens, Turnberry, Girvan, Lendalfoot, Ballantrae, Cairn Ryan and Innermessan. 
Upon arrival at Alistair’s Shambley Residence, the ladies prepared dinner for all. We had bread, cheese and vegetable lentil soup.

Sleeping: Shambley Residence, No. 12 Millfield Avenue, Stranraer.
A cold but sunny day - Temp: min.8 – max.13 °C
This is how we slept in Flying Pig Youth Hostel, Amsterdam.
QS Dorm
6pax is 191.40 EUR a day

(L-R) Ching Neng Bin, Val Allan, Pauline Toh, Catherine, Betty Ching, Lim Kee Moon

Amsterdam Centraal is the largest railway station of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and a major national railway hub.

At Glasgow Airport, we met Ms Chow from Penang. She came with her staff for company's training in Glasgow. Ms Chow said, "Hi Mr. Ching,  Thank you for the photos. Nice meeting you all and glad to be friends with you. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. Keep in touch and take care. I am staying in Penang Island. If you happen to be in Penang, you can contact me and I will bring you all to jalan-jalan and good food. Best Regards. PKChow."

Overlooking the Dunure Castle which is located on the west coast of Scotland, in South Ayrshire, about 5 miles south of Ayr and close to the village of Dunure.

The grassland of Dunure.

Although it has been a ruin for at least three hundred years, Dunure Castle was once the main fortress of the powerful Kennedy family, the Earls of Cassilis. Today the Kennedys are much more closely associated with Culzean Castle, less than four miles down the coast, but for several centuries from the 1200s, Dunure Castle was by far the more important of the two.

Dunure Village

The Trump Turnberry Golf Clubhouse - The distinctive character and grand design of the Clubhouse at Trump Turnberry Resort is part of the history of Turnberry, of Ayrshire and of Britain.

The legendary Trump Turnberry Resort, set on a stunning 800 acre estate on the west coast of Scotland.

Lim Kee Moon and Norman John Robertson standing.
We stopped here to view the beauty of Loch Ryan.

The scenic Finnart's Bay is situated on the shingle shores of Loch Ryan. Finnart's Bay gives a wonderful view across the loch to the Rhinns of Galloway.

Loch Ryan is a Scottish sea loch that acts as an important natural harbour for shipping, providing calm waters for ferries operating between Scotland and Northern Ireland. The town of Stranraer is the largest settlement on its shores, with ferries to and from Northern Ireland operating from Cairnryan further north on the loch.

From here across Loch Ryan we could see the Alistair's fishing station on Lady Bay.

This is Alistair’s Shambley Residence, No. 12 Millfield Avenue, Stranraer.

Alistair's car and garage. Immediate neighbour is Jessie and Jimmy.

Our ladies exploring Alistair's vegetable garden and house.

Carol Anne Robertson and Val Allan having a cup of tea.

Alistair's computer table by the main door.

Betty Ching and Catherine preparing dinner.

Upon arrival at Shambley Residence, the ladies happily preparing dinner for all.

Our first dinner at Alistair's house is served. We had bread, cheese and vegetable lentil soup.

Click below to view daily adventures:
Day 01 (21.05.2014 Wed) – MH16 KUL/AMS 2355hr – 0655hr on 22May
Day 02 (22.05.2014 Thr) – Amsterdam City, Holland
Day 03 (23.05.2014 Fri) – Amsterdam Zaanse Schans Village (21km)
Day 04 (24.05.2014 Sat) – KL.1477R AMS/GLA 1535hr - 1605hr Glasgow Airport
Day 05 (25.05.2014 Sun) – Stranraer, Scotland

Day 06 (26.05.2014 Mon) – Fishing station at Lady Bay (15km) Loch Ryan
Day 07 (27.05.2014 Tue) – Portpatrick and Mull of Galloway Lighthouse (58km)
Day 08 (28.05.2014 Wed) – Lide supermarket (2.8km) and Museum
Day 09 (29.05.2014 Thu) – Exploring Galloway Forest Park (56km)
Day 10 (30.05.2014 Fri) – Kirkland Fishery Farm in Leswalt (4.6km)

Day 11 (31.05.2014 Sat) – Exploring Galloway Forest Park (60km)
Day 12 (01.06.2014 Sun) – Trekking 20.8km Loch Ryan Coastal Path
Day 13 (02.06.2014 Mon) – A free and easy rest day
Day 14 (03.06.2014 Tue) – To Robert Burns Cottage at Alloway (78km)
Day 15 (04.06.2014 Wed) – Fishing station at Lady Bay (15km) Loch Ryan

Day 16 (05.06.2014 Thu) – A trip to the Giant Causeway (153km) by coach
Day 17 (06.06.2014 Fri) – Trekking 4km Ardwell Pond, Ardwell Bay (18km)
Day 18 (07.06.2014 Sat) – Our ladies went shopping in Ayr (72km)
Day 19 (08.06.2014 Sun) – Visiting Isabelle/Robert in Newton Steward (50km)
Day 20 (09.06.2014 Mon) – Overnight stay at Fishing Station, Lady Bay Loch Ryan

Day 21 (10.06.2014 Tue) – Visited a farm using automated milking
Day 22 (11.06.2014 Wed) – Day 1 of Scenic West Coast Tour, Scotland
Day 23 (12.06.2014 Thu) – Day 2 of Scenic West Coast Tour, Scotland
Day 24 (13.06.2014 Fri) – Day 3 of Scenic West Coast Tour, Scotland
Day 25 (14.06.2014 Sat) – Day 4 of Scenic West Coast Tour, Scotland

Day 26 (15.06.2014 Sun) – Day 5 of Scenic West Coast Tour, Scotland
Day 27 (16.06.2014 Mon) – Allan and Pauline 50th wedding anniversary
Day 28 (17.06.2014 Tue) – Mysterious beach walk at Loch Larbrax, Scotland
Day 29 (18.06.2014 Wed) – Lake Loweswater, Lake District, UK (day1)  

Day 30 (19.06.2014 Thu) – Outward Bound Ullswater, Lake Ullswater (day2)

Day 31 (20.06.2014 Fri) – Return from Lake District (day3)
Day 32 (21.06.2014 Sat) – Our last visit to the bothy at Lady Bay
Day 33 (22.06.2014 Sun) – A farewell dinner hosted by Margaret Modrate
Day 34 (23.06.2014 Mon) – A farewell tea hosted by Vera Little
Day 35 (24.06.2014 Tue) – To Glasgow for a night stay for next day flight

Day 36 (25.6.2014Wed) Glasgow 6am to Amsterdam 8.40//MH17 12noon to KLIA
Day 37 (26.06.2014 Thu) – MH17 touched down at KLIA at 6.20am.



  1. Choo Chor Tek11 August, 2014

    Hello Rotarian Ching,

    It's nice to know that you and your friends are Rotarians. It would be wonderful to meet up with you guys and perhaps, join you all in travelling together one day. Kind regards,

    CHOO CHOR TEK .. I Wanna Live My Life !
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  2. Daniel Tay13 August, 2014

    What a blessing, can travel and enjoy.

  3. Chow Poi Kuan16 August, 2014

    Hi Mr. Ching,
    Glad to hear from you. Wow .... I wish I can be like you traveling to places with good friends and families. Of course will share with friends, encourage them with the nice and beautiful pictures.
    Take care.
    Best Regards,

  4. Scenery changed to picturesque green meadows with sheeps grazing in South Ayrshire,Scotland, another site of countryside filled with relaxed ambience of natural surrounding. Rocky grassland with ancient castles are superb perspective for photography. Not to mention the enchanting and majestic, more modern buildings like the Trump Turnberry Resort. Fancy they don't need 8 lane-highway along the coast to drive through the various villages. Home-cooked meals with Malaysian flavour in Scotland, Wow, that's great. Ching & company sure had good time there.