2012 - Backpacking to Northern Thailand day 13,14 @ Mae Sot - Bangkok

Northern Thailand Adventure, Mountains, Rivers and Temples
6th to 27th November 2012

breakfast at Baan Tung Guesthouse

Day 13 (18.11.12) Mae Sot - Bangkok (475km)

After breakfast in our guesthouse we borrowed the guesthouse bicycle and rode to the bus station to get our ticket for Bangkok in the evening at 9.20pm. We then cycled to the friendship bridge which is about 7km away and then cycled towards the westernmost point of Thailand. We cycled back to our guesthouse and later walked to town. Took the overnight bus to Bangkok at 9.20pm.

Sleeping: Overnight bus to Bangkok at B428 1st class pp

cycled to the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge 

at the entrance of the Friendship Bridge is the immigration office which is open from 6am. to 6pm

Kam Boon with other people waiting to cross the bridge over to the Burmese town of Myawaddy

The Moei River serves as a natural border between Mae Sot and the Burmese town of Myawaddy.
The Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge crossing the Moei River was constructed in 1997 completing the link between the two countries. There are border soldier patrolling the river like this guy. It is 420m long and 13m wide. Thai people and residents of Mae Sot district can travel or drive across the bridge, however, a border pass is required.

Bernard and I at the Western Most Point of Thailand on the Moei River

walking out of Baan Tung Guesthouse and I said “Mae Sot is really for the traveler, not the tourist.”

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma) AAPP is an independent, non-profit organization that monitors the situation regarding political prisoners in Burma, including human rights violations, persecution and intimidation to both current and former political prisoners and their families. Run by former political prisoners, the office contains a small museum dedicated to Burma's political prisoners that displays the history, items smuggled out and the shocking human rights abuses endured in Burma's notorious prisons and labour camps. 

A replica prison cell on display in the museum, a model of the notorious Insein prison, portraits of Burma's political prisoners adorn the walls of the museum and the prison leg shackles.

The person I am standing with is Mr. Aung Myo Thein who was jailed for his role in leading demonstrations against Burma's military regime during the mass uprising in 1988. He was given an 8 year sentence and spent more than 6 years in Insein prison. After his release he continued his work in the democracy movement until he was forced to flee Burma in December 2007 after the Saffron Revolution. He fled leaving his 6 year old son behind whom he hadn’t seen for more than 3 years since he had been in hiding. He now lives in exile in Thailand where he continues his work in the struggle for democracy in Burma with his fellow former political prisoners at the 'Assistance Association for Political Prisoners' in Mae Sot.

walking through the day market seeing some weird staff for sale

turtles, eels and frogs all available at food stalls (mostly these are living)

Mae Sot is a town in western Thailand that shares a border with Burma to the west. It is notable as a trade hub and for its substantial population of Burmese migrants and refugees.

The town is part of the larger Tak Province and is the main land gateway between Thailand and Burma. As a result it has also gained notoriety for its trade in gems and teak, as well as black market services such as people trafficking and drugs.

had steam boat for lunch

a Chinese temple in the centre of town

the main shrine hall

Wat Chumpon Khiri Pagoda, Mae Sot

Wat Chumpon Khiri Pagoda, Mae Sot

Wat Chumpon Khiri Pagoda, Mae Sot

Wat Chumpon Khiri Pagoda, Mae Sot

Wat Chumpon Khiri Pagoda, Mae Sot

Wat Chumpon Khiri Pagoda, Mae Sot
Wat Chumpon Khiri Pagoda, Mae Sot
Auntie's B and B is a tiny friendly and comfortable bed & breakfast that will make you feel like home when staying here.

They also have a good selection on their menu with a big breakfast, excellent coffee, a selection of teas, and delicious yoghurt smoothies. Intarakeeree Rd. Standing beside me is the boss.

Day 14 (19.11.12) Bangkok
The bus arrived at Bangkok in the morning at 4.30am and we took the local bus (B11pp) to BTS Mo Chit N8 station to Surasak station and took exit 1 to walk to Saphai-Pae hostel. To catch up with lost sleep in the overnight bus, we slept till noon before we walked to explore the city centre. Had chicken rice for lunch at China Town. We had a very good dinner at Ban Khun Mae Restaurant near Siam Paragon Supermarket.

Sleeping: Saphai-Pae hostel dorm at B390 pp.

look at Bearnard's sleepy face - we had breakfast at 3am

taking the morning Sky-train to Saphai-Pae hostel

the BTS Surasak station over looking the Siam Square

Saphai-Pae hostel is the biggest backpackers hostel in Thailand - its only 5minute walk from Surasak BTS Station and take exit No.1, turn right onto Surasak Road behind the Honda showroom.

the large and spacious Saphai-Pae hostel lobby

MRT to the Hua Lamphong Railway Station

at Hua Lamphong Railway Station to get our train ticket to Butterworth on 26th Nov.

Bangkok China Town Wat Traimit - 3 floor museum covers the history of the Golden Buddha image itself
one end of Chinatown, in what was once an otherwise unremarkable temple of Wat Traimit, sits the world's largest solid gold Buddha image

home to the world's largest solid gold Buddha image, the five-ton-plus image sits in a small wiharn within the temple

Bangkok's Chinatown district runs along Yaowarat Road from Odeon Circle, where a huge ceremonial Chinese gate unmistakably marks the entrance, up to the Ong Ang Canal, which marks the outer boundaries of the royal district. Yaowarat Road itself is lined with many gold shops, and Chinatown is indeed one of the better places to shop for gold.

exploring the Siam Square probably best known for shopping, with many bargain outlets

walk-about advertisement for Magnum ice-cream 

the menu is so rustic painted on wood and individually hand written

this restaurant has got a beautiful Thai musician playing a traditional Thai music

If you are in the Siam Square area and looking for a place to eat, I would highly recommend Ban Khun Mae. The food is very authentic and tasty, and prices are quite reasonable.

This restaurant in Siam Square near Siam Paragon Supermarket serves authentic and tasty Thai dishes and desserts. It was my second time to have eaten here.

there's the usual sweet cold dessert and also some sweet cakes and pumpkins, tapioca, sweet potatoes

Day Expenses  THB total   per pax

13 1st class bus ticket Mae Sot to bangkok 2,140 428
steamboat lunch 710 142
bread  198 40
fruits juice 250 50
tuktuk to Mae Sot bus station 200 40
Fried rice dinner 135 27
tips to stalin (Baan Tung mgr) 100 20

14 Public bus Mo Chit to bts N8 55 11
Room - Saphaipae hostel 1,950 390
bts 1 day pass 150 X 5 650 130
2nd class sleeper train to butterworth 5,870 1,174
lunch - Chicken rice in Chinatown 221 44
mrt to hualamphong 90 18
mrt to Silom/Sala Daeng 90 18
fruits 160 32
Drinks at Ban Khun Mae 370 74
Dinner @ Ban Khun Mae 1,940 388
water 60 12

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  1. Thailand's allowing a political prisoners museum for Myammar refugees perhaps stands to remind its citizens the freedom Thai people enjoy. Of course the restive Southern provinces of Yala, Patani & Naratiwat remain defiant to the central govt. Chinese temples' existence indicates Chinese people's presence over Northern Thailand. Read that some of them are descendants of Kuomintang troops when Mao took over China. Pointed roofs of Burmese styled temples adorned the skyline of Mae Sot, making the scene a pleasant photo-shot landmark. Sadly, human misery never ends; human and drugs trafficking are rampant as it's reported frequently in this part of Thailand. Seemed like a Western Cowboy town alright. The Aunt B & B Hotel looked cosy with the friendly boss taking a pic with you fellas.