2012 - Backpacking to Northern Thailand day 9,10 @ Phayao – Chiangmai - Mae Sariang

Northern Thailand Adventure, Mountains, Rivers and Temples
6th to 27th November 2012

water dragons sculpture on the lake of Phayao

Day 09 (14.11.12) Phayao – Chiangmai (150km)

After breakfast at the homestay we walked to the Phayao market, bus station and to the biggest temple at Wat Sri Khom Kham. After lunch we took the tuktuk to the bus station to take the green-bus to Chiangmai (2.5hour). The bus stopped at terminal 3 in Chiangmai.

Sleeping: Lanna House at B700 a/c room for 2pax

The shrine of city pillar of Phayao located inside of Phayao surrounded by Pratuchai Road and Kwan Phayao allows visitors to see the shrine of city pillar which is very beautiful in both day and night time.

The morning market located in municipal area and acts as the native market which offers the northern fresh food, i.e. mushroom, fresh vegetable, native breakfast (coffee, hot sticky rice with fried pickled fish, pickled fish covered egg).

at the bus station to buy the Green-bus ticket to Chiang Mai

it was the longest walk for the day along Phaholyothin Road by the lake to Wat Sri Khum Kham

at the Cultural Home Centre along Phaholyothin Road
the Cultural Home Centre along Phaholyothin Road

Wat Sri Khom Kham

Inside Wat Sri Khom Kham, there is the largest image of  the 18.5 metres tall sitting Buddha image 'Phra Chao Ton Luang' in the Chiang Saen style is said to be more than 500 years old. It’s built from bricks, covered with gold and located in a modern viharn.

Lee Kam Boon and the temple cat

the lake view as we walked back from the temple

we had to climb over the fencing to continue on the walk-path by the lake

the view of the water dragons and the buildings from the opposite side of the lake

Por Khun Ngum Muang Monument with 2.5 meters length stands with facing to Kwan Phayao, wear king suit and hand with sword.

had our lunch here - curry beef noodles

Sleeping: Lanna House Chiangmai at B700 a/c room for 2pax

Day 10 (15.11.12) Chiangmai – Mae Sariang (237km)

It was an easy day to day. After hotel breakfast we all went for foot massage (B120 an hour) at the Wat Mahawan temple ground beside Lanna House. We then bid farewell to Cindy and Lily who left us to fly back to Malaysia. We took a tuktuk to bus station terminal 2 to catch the 2pm van to Mae Sariang arriving at 5.30pm. After checking in to our hotel, we walked to explore the town and the evening market. We had good dinner at Inthira Restaurant. Mae Sariang town is a real cowboy sleepy town with the streets deserted by 7.30pm.

Sleeping: Mit A Ree Hotel at B400 a/c room for 2pax

as it was a rest day in Chiangmai, we had good foot massage at the temple beside our guesthouse

Kam Boon being massaged by a Japanese girl - only B120 an hour

Bernard had a body massage by a French guy - only B120 an hour

the best fruit juice is also here at Wat Mahawan temple ground beside Lanna House

taking this van to Mae Sariang 237km away

beautiful girls at the bus station

this is the Mae Sariang bus station

had very good soya bean milk and fried 'yau cha kwai'

soya bean milk

fried 'yau cha kwai'

had very good dinner at this Inthira restaurant in town

Inthira the largest and most popular restaurant in Mae Sariang. Large variety, great portions and superb food - great red curry, Tom-Yum Goong (prawn soup) is particularly good. Highly recommended!

had fried oyster for supper

DayExpenses THB total  per pax
9VIP bus Phayao to Chiangmai     1,120160

lunch        35551

tuktuk Arunothai to Phayao bus station        14020

tuktukChiangmai bus stn  to Lanna House        15021

room @ Lanna House     2,800400

dinner        750107

10Songthaw to bus station        10020

Van Chiangmai to Mae Sariang     1,000200

Soya bean          306

Dinner @ Nathira Restaurant        620124

Soya bean            408

Mit A Ree hotel1  B400 x 3r     1,200240

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  1. Temples are ubiquitous all over Thailand, so are mountains and rivers esp.in the northern zones. As I see it, it's foodies' adventure and holidays. It's food and food and drinks. Of course the foot massage came in as extras to sooth the tired legs at reasonable price.You fellas sure had good time.