2012 - Backpacking to Northern Thailand day 7 @ Chiangrai – Phu Chi Fa

Northern Thailand Adventure, Mountains, Rivers and Temples
6th to 27th November 2012

Day 07 (12.11.12) Chiangrai – Phu Chi Fa (129km)
We took a van at bus terminal one to Phu Chi Fa village stopping at Thoeng along the way. Stayed at Ban Khun Lak Guesthouse. At 4pm we trekked up to Phu Chi Fa peak (1628m / 4884 ft) for the sunset view. The trek starts from the main road for 2.5km to the peak. By the time we trekked back and reached our guesthouse it was at 6.35pm and was dark, however, we had torch-lights. We had steamboat for dinner with little girls singing to us. Slept early for the next day early morning trek to Phu Chi Fa peak to view the sunrise.

Sleeping: Ban Khun Lak Guesthouse at B500 a/c room for 4pax (Te: 05360-9552 or 01951-9013

long winding approach road up the hill

and the spectacular view of the mountain landscape

the highland farmlands all over the hill

we arrived at Pu Chi Fa a small village

Ban Khun Lak Guesthouse boss on the right, took us in his car to his guesthouse

at Ban Khun Lak Guesthouse by the side of the hill slope

getting ready to trek up Phu Chi Fa Peak for the sunset view

beautiful flower gardens among the guesthouses

a view of Pu Chi Fa village from our guesthouse

this are some of the other guesthouses around the village

some of the colorful guesthouses

the only main road dotted with numerous retail stores

this is the shop that catered for all our meals in Phu Chi Fa - very good food and coffee

Kam Boon getting ready with the egg and a bottle of coffee beans - nice food and coffee here

Lily Yap is helping to cook lunch for all of us

BBQ chicken for our lunch

and fried rice

a walk around the village to see some more guesthouses

Phu Chi Fa Forest Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty, is not one of the largest peaks in Northern Thailand but its remote location, winding approach roads and the spectacular view makes it a trek worth making.

from here is another 2.5km to the viewpoint

Although we are standing in Thailand but the area is traditionally a 'Tai-Lao' homeland.

took a rest along the way before trekking up to Phu Chi Fa peak (1628m / 4884 ft) for the sunset view

outstanding array of rolling hills, grassy valleys and elegant peaks

outstanding array of rolling hills, grassy valleys and elegant peaks

looking at Laos from the trek near the peak

a view of the LION's head just below the Peak

Walk the final 750 metres on a dirt path to the summit and be rewarded with the immense beauty of the Thai-Laos border.  The border division between Thailand and Laos created by the Mekong River visible on the right side. As I pointed out, if you fall over, you probably landed in Laos.

at the summit viewpoint - Bernard Lee, Chew Leng Soon, Lee Kam Boon, Ching Neng Bin

Caroline and Ching
Bernard Lee

traditional song from local children in hill tribe costume during our dinner time

we had steamboat for dinner


Lee Kam Boon with a new found friend in Phu Chi Fa village, Mr Chong a visitor from USA

Day Expenses  THB total   per pax
7 breakfast      180 26
Van Chiangrai to Phu Chi Fa   1,050 150
coconut      100 14
lunch      800 114
dinner      695 99

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  1. 1. I've not heard of Phu Chi Fa Forest Park of Thailand. Great landscape scenery,very breathtaking!
    2. You'd good company. Caroline looked charming, smiling most of the time esp. when she took a pic shot with you at the PCF 1628M location post.
    3. Lee KamBoon resembles HK property tycoon Lee KarSheng. KB also looked friendly in his smiles.
    4. The steamboat seems so tasty and inviting. Must had filled with lots of local vege ingredients. Bon Appetite.