2012 - Backpacking to Northern Thailand day 6 @ Chiangrai - Mae Salong and Mae Fah Luang

Northern Thailand Adventure, Mountains, Rivers and Temples
6th to 27th November 2012

Mae Fah Luang

Day 06 (11.11.12) Chiangrai - a day trip to Mae Salong and Mae Fah Luang

At 8.30am took a bus to Mae Chan (B50 pp) arrived at 9.20am and stopped for noodles at a shop. We took a van to visit the 101 Tea Plantation on the way up to Mae Salong to visit Phra Borom That Chedi on the hilltop. We then continued our journey to Mae Fah Luang visiting - Doi Tung Royal Villa, Mae Fah Luang Garden and the Hall of Inspiration before returning to Chiangrai.

Sleeping: City Home Guest House at B600 a/c room for 2pax

we took this bus to Mae Chan
Bernard is negotiating with this tuk-tuk driver for the day

into the hills of Chiang Rai, Mae Salong is famous for its tea plantations - the climate here is perfect for tea cultivation, plus the area also boasts some beautiful scenery too

terraced tea plantations and sample some freshly brewed tea, served in the traditional local style

sorry! I no understand

the distance up is about 300m 
on the way down I counted over 750 steps

a view of Mae Salong from Phra Borom That Chedi

2km scenic route of Mae Salong, a small hill tribe town, in the mountains, north of Chiang Rai

Phra Borom That Chedi

Phra Borom That Chedi

do you see a dragon eating another dragon?

Phra Borom That Chedi

the colourful ceiling of Phra Borom That Chedi
Mae Fah Luang

Doi Tung Royal Villa

the beautiful flowers at Doi Tung Royal Villa

The Doi Tung royal villa is the former residence of the Late Princess mother (mother of the present king) Somdej Phra Srinagarindra.

Thanks to Princess Mother’s interest and encouragement the hills were reforested. She was also instrumental in fighting against the opium trade, as a result the local hill tribes stopped growing poppies and began to grow other crops.

we felt it's worthwhile, especially after visiting the princess's villa and listening to the narration of her life and works at doi tung - such an inspiring and beautiful life

The royal Villa was originally built as a summer residence for the Late Princess Mother and now houses a museum and displaying her work to improve the life quality of local tribal people.

There is also a Rock Garden, Water Garden, Palm Garden and an Ornamental Plant Garden covering an area of 4 hectares.
The Mae Fah Luang Gardens are a botanical park located on the slopes below the royal villa. Flowers and plants grow among rock formations.

This garden was decorated meticulously in Swiss Styles and adorned with elegant water fountains that appeared as a charming curtain and almost as if we were living in the garden of Heaven.

The garden is awesome, the flowers are stunningly gorgeous.

Doi Thung - Mae Fah Luang flower garden

Doi Thung - Mae Fah Luang orkids garden

the landscaping team must have spent much thoughts and care to bring in the garden of Europe to Thailand.

This park is as high as 1,509 meters, established to bestow to the Princess Mother in 1992.

This sculpture surrounded by colorful flowerbeds is called "Continuity", it is the masterpiece of Mae Fah Luang Park which is located inside Doi Tung Royal Villa.

Mae Fah Luang Park extends over 9-acres of land with landscape gardens. In the past this hill used to be only a bold hill until the Princess Mother turned it to be one of the most beautiful and colorful hills of Chiang Rai.

Lee Kam Boon loves the local fruits
DayExpenses THB totalper pax
6B/fast - Porridge21030

ice cream11016


Entrance ticket (190 X 6)+(90 X 1)1,230176




CityHome Guesthouse in Chiangrai2,400343

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  1. Nice description of pics with the surroundings. The flowers in close-ups are commendable as Ching used his DSLR lenses to capture the awesome flora scenes. It's splendid living at Doi Tung Royal Villa with Mae Fah Luang Garden designed to locate inside. It makes great tourism landmark.

    From AlanCYKok