2011 - Backpacking to Shanghai day 17,18

Backpacking to Shanghai
18 winter days in China
29 Nov - 16 Dec 2011
Tianzifang is located in the Lane 210, Taikang Rd with an area of 20,000 sq. meters
Day 17 (15.12.2011) Shanghai – Tianzhifang, Yuyuan Garden & shopping

After a heavy breakfast prepared by our Shanghai friend, we walked to the subway to Tianzhifang a smaller version of the French Concession. From here we walked to SML for lunch and then took the subway to Yu Yuan Garden. We then went to Uniqlo to buy more clothing before meeting our shanghai friend for dinner at Noodle Bar.

Temperature: 1°C (min) and 7°C (max)
Accommodation: at friend’s placea

in 1950s, Tianzifang was originally a typical lane factory area
There are bars, cafes, craft shops, studio, galleries, and boutiques.
After the reconstruction of this area in 2000, Tianzifang, developed from local residence area to a new art zone, and became a magnet for art galleries. It's a place which you can get the feeling of creative arts, romantic cafe and old Shanghainese atmosphere.

Yuyuan Garden is believed to have been built in the Ming Dynasty, more than 400 years ago. The exquisite layout, beautiful scenery and the artistic style of the garden architecture have made the garden one of the highlights of Shanghai.


Day 18 (16.12.2011) Shanghai to Hangzhou for AirAsia to K Lumpur 1410/1910 hrs

On this last day, we had an early breakfast and took a taxi to the CRH train station to Hangzhou and from here we took a taxi to the airport for our flight home.

Temperature: 1°C (min) and 5°C (max)
Accommodation: at friend’s place

the first China made car on display at the airport

17 a. Metro card top-up 40.00 20
b. KFC -soya bean milk & egg tarts 46.00 23
c. Dinner @ Noodles Bar 140.00 70
d. Room - Ivy's IYH (FOC) 0.00 0
226.00 56.50
18 a. Van - Hangzhou rail stn to Xiaoshan airport 100.00 50
b. KFC lunch 142.00 71
242.00 60.50

Total 18 days expenses per person is Y4,719 or RM2,359
Return Airfare per person is Y1,900 or RM950


Day 01 (29.11.2011) AirAsia Kul - Hangzhou D7-306 17552225 hrs
Day 02 (30.11.2011) Hangzhou (West Lake walking)

Day 03 (01.12.2011) Hangzhou (West Lake cycling)
Day 04 (02.12.2011) Hangzhou by bus to Qiandao Lake (Thousand Island Lake)
Day 05 (03.12.2011) Qiandao Lake - ferry - Shendu - bus - Tunxi (Huangshan City)
Day 06 (04.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) - day trip to Mt.Huangshan
Day 07 (05.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) - day trip to Hongcun & Xidi
Day 08 (06.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) - by train to Nanjing

Day 09 (07.12.2011) Nanjing
Day 10 (08.12.2011) Nanjing by train to Taian (Shandong)
Day 11 (09.12.2011) Taian (Shandong) - day trip to Qufu
Day 12 (10.12.2011) Taian (Shandong) - day trip to Mt. Taishan
Day 13 (11.12.2011) Taian by train to Shanghai
Day 14 (12.12.2011) Shanghai - day trip to Suzhou
Day 15 (13.12.2011) Shanghai - day trip to The Bund
Day 16 (14.12.2011) Shanghai - day trip to Zhujiajiao the ancient water village
Day 17 (15.12.2011) Shanghai - Tian Zi Fang, Yuyuan garden & shopping

Day 18 (16.12.2011) Shanghai by train to Hangzhou AirAsia D7-303 to K Lumpur 14101910 hrs


  1. Backpacking is definitely a more exciting and fun way to travel. However it is only for the fit and adventurous. Enjoyed your detailed accounts. Thanks.

  2. Backpacking travel is definitely a good way to see the world. It needs steel determination both in mental and physique condition, and requires lots of homeworks to do. By reading the 18 days backpacked
    holidays of CNB, one knows he had planned well and was rewarded sumptuously for his effort. Ching,
    You're great to set a fine example to lots of potential travellers.
    I've to read in details so as to miss nothing. Have good days ahead.

    Alan Kok

  3. Hi Mr Ching,
    Phew! I've finally come to the end of your travels to Shanghai with your faithful travel companions. That was pretty exhausting though enjoyable looking at all the pictures you've posted together with the commentary. As a seasoned backpacker/adventurer one hopes that you enjoy your travels as much as upkeeping your blog which is quite a monumental task in itself! That shows sheer dedication and willingness to share your experiences for the benefit of others. Well done, keep doing what you enjoying do and best wishes.
    PS. How are you find time to wash your clothes when you are on the move all the time and for such a long trip?
    G Ong

  4. Hi Mr Ching
    Phew, I'm already nearly exhausted looking at all the lovely pictures and wonderful commentary of your adventure with your trusted companions. It must take sheer dedication and devotion for you to produce your blog to share with others near and afar some insight into those beautiful parts of China.
    Backpacking holiday is a tough albeit a more rewarding cos you do go off the beaten tracks and see places from the locals perspective. It's also cheaper but not for those of us folks who love their creature comforts, LOL.
    Enjoy your trips and look forward to more updates. Best wishes.
    G Ong

  5. john330@telus.net22 March, 2012

    Thank you 4 keeping in touch.
    We are one of your many admirers !
    If we were to live in Malaysia, we would be lining up to be included in your group of happy travellers.
    We love your type of economy travels.

    Should you n wife come to Vancouver, do look us up. You r welcome to a room at our home.

    God bless you n family,
    pc n soo kim

  6. John n Kim26 May, 2012

    We applaud your leadership and unselfishness in sharing your experiences and knowledge.
    Your resourceful cheap and rewarding back-packing style of travel is very attractive. If only we are in Malaysia, maybe we could tag along then? Very informative. Cool.