2011 - Gunung Nuang's Peak (1,493 m / 4,898 ft )

Trekking Adventure 08 Oct 2011 
Gunung Nuang's Peak (1,493m/4,898ft) by way of Janda Baik
(L-R) Lim Kee Moon, Ching Neng Bin, Lily Yap, Cindy Chong, Bernard Lee Kar Giap, Silvarajo, Choo Chew Chin -- Standing: Ching Jin Yuan, Ching Jin Wei, Mervin Gan
The two puppies with Casson Ching Jin Yuan

Gunung Nuang is the highest mountain in Selangor. Normally trekkers always trek up via the Hulu Langat (Pangsun) trail. As for us, we wanted to be different and took the least trekked Janda Baik trail in Pahang. This mountain actually borders three states - Selangor, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan.

It took us 4 hours to the Peak and a 3 1/2 hours down to the car park. Though we were very tired with sore muscles, we were all very satisfied with the new experience of trekking up Gunung Nuang via the Janda Baik trail. We would salute to Lily Yap and the two puppies for making to the Peak at 4,898 feet.

06.30am - Ten of us met up at Centre Point car park area for free parking (opposite KBU)
07.00am - Traveled in two cars we headed to Kg. Bukit Tinggi for breakfast

Kg. Bukit Tinggi main road - at the end is the Police Station
7.30am - had very good breakfast in this shop along the Kg. Bukit Tinggi town main road
Bernard Lee, Lily and Cindy enjoying the 'char-siew noodle'

8.00am - Drove to the starting point or end of the road by following the ILMU signboard along the way. After passing by Kg. Janda Baik, we head towards the UMNO training centre called ILMU. At the UMNO training centre on our right, we proceed on for about 4km until we came to a junction where the tar road ends.
8.28am - the trek started at the car park beside the river
8.29am - our 1st obstacle was the river crossing
8.31am - everybody took out their shoes except myself in crossing the fast flowing river
my two sons: Caason Ching Jin Yuan and Kenneth Ching Jin Wei
see how Bernard held to his shoes, but what was Silvarajo holding?
8.40am - having crossed the river it was the start of the long trek up Gunung Nuang
the first stretch of the trek was walking through the fruit orchard and vegetable farms
noticed the three puppies from the farm-house following behind Cindy
noticed the durian fruits grow on the main branch instead of smaller branches

the three puppies still following us
the vegetable farm

8.55am - entering the Pahang forest reserved area

a short briefing by Bernard Lee on the trail
9.07am - Bernard our team leader who trekked up this trail before, ordered us to take the trek on the right which was the beginning of the jungle trail that leads straight up the mountain. We were glad to have someone who could tell us what to expect along the way. Noticed only 2 puppies followed us, the 3rd puppy turned back to the farm.
Ching Jin Yuan and Bernard entering the thick bamboo forest
"no problem" - Ching Jin Wei gave a thumb up sign
Cindy Chong leading the way - such a tough lady
9.18am - The terrain was rough as we had to pass through thick bushes, several fallen trees and through bamboo forest by 'duck walk' underneath some massive fallen bamboo trunks.

Bernard and I taking a five in the middle of the bamboo forest
9.52am - arrived at the 2nd river, noticed the 2 puppies crossing the river
After walking for about one and a half hour, we reached this 2nd river and took a rest. By facing the river, the waterfall is on the right side and the trail to Nuang is on the left after crossing the river.
Ching Jin Wei's shoes
leeches bite on Lily's leg - leeches are aplenty not to mention other crawlies
anxiously waiting and getting ready to trek up with us
10.06am - After a quick freshen up at the river, we continued to trek up the tough terrain. The trail got tougher and rougher as we ascend which was wet, muddy and very slippery. Along the way we were greeted with more muddy pits, fallen trees, slippery slopes as well as wet mossy shrubs.

this is how the dog climbed! - while taking this shot I slipped and fell backwards
10.55am - I found this large 'star fruit' lookalike along the trail
Ching Jin Yuan found this parasite plant and he must have angered a bee and was stung on his right shoulder - nothing serious just a bit swollen and painful
bright orange wild flower
Silvarajo the sweeper found this biggest tree somewhere in Pahang                                          
we were at one of these stone marker 'P' along the trail somewhere in Pahang

Along the way, we were separated into two groups - Bernard leading the fast trekkers while Kee Moon, Silvarajo were with Lily Yap and Cindy Chong. We were about 45 minutes apart.

the puppies also took a rest while we were resting - very smart dog

this is the hardest part to climb beside a rock cliff - almost vertical
finally after 4 hours of trekking, I arrived at the Peak at 1.00 pm sharp
plenty of squirrels at the peak looking for food
am feeding the squirrel

believe me or not - we salute to the small puppies for making to the Peak
the Selangor Pahang border stone marker
Ching Jin Yuan and Ching Jin Wei enjoying the cool mountain mist
the small puppies too were enjoying the cool mountain air
L-R: Lim Kee Moon, Bernard, Lily Yap, Cindy Chong --
It was a real challenged for Lily Yap who almost gave up halfway into the journey. With the help and encouragement from Lim Kee Moon and Silvarajo, she kept moving up, step by step. Slowly but surely she was very determined to reach the peak at 1.48pm. Congratulations to you Lily Yap and also to Cindy Chong.

the Malaysian Team - a group photo at the peak
Silvarajo feeding eggs to the puppies for its incredible effort
we had lunch at the peak and at about 2.00pm we started our journey down
1.56pm - Singapore trekkers came in from the Hulu Langat trail
the Singapore Team
4.00pm - after 2 hours of descent we reached the Chemperoh Waterfall
one of the most beautiful waterfall in Malaysia I have seen so far

here we took a rest and went for a deep while waiting for other team members

I love this splashing cool water

5.00pm - after an hour of rest we continued our descent to the car park
the farm workers sending their produce by lorry to KL
6.45pm - we left the place for a restaurant in Kg. Bukit Tinggi
7.13pm - arrived at this restaurant for dinner

we rewarded ourselves with a good meal for another successful trekking conquest

bought some doughnut for supper on the way home

Total expenses incurred was RM30 pp for food and transport - free for the two drivers.

Checklist for Trekking
1.  A 25- to 35-litre backpack containing the following items:
1.      Camera (fully charged)
2.      First-aid & plasters
3.      Food: Chocolates, biscuits
4.      Gloves
5.      Hand phone (fully charged)
6.      Insect repellents
7.      Plastic bags (to keep things dry; in case it rains)
8.      Raincoat or plastic poncho (compulsory)
9.      Swiss knife, foldable scissors
10.  Torchlight  (compulsory)
11.  T-shirts (for changing)
12.  Wallet/purse
13.  Water bottle/drinks(2 litres)
14.  Wind Breaker
2.  Trekking shoe and socks.
3.  Wear long trousers or knee-length tights/pants.
4.  Keep in the car: Camera charger, extra clothing to change
Sandals, Towel or sarong (for changing), Water to refresh/wash



  1. Ching, I admire your adventurous spirit. Congratulations to you and to your team. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading the story. BTW, what happened to the other puppy that did not make it?
    Lintang Bob Yong

  2. TQ, this is Good just what we needed to prepare our November trip to Annapurna. Wonder what my fellow Trekkers are going to say about that ? Usually it's the Ulu Langat way which you rightly pointed out!
    Nemo me impune laccesit
    Marc Wan

  3. The waterfall name is Chemperoh Waterfalls. The water is always very cold because very little sunlight here.....

  4. Thanks.. my friends and i are looking for a trail to go on 6/11/11 (holiday).. This looks more interesting than the usual Ulu Langat route. Any way I can have a trekking trail guide/map (unless we have a ready guide to lead us there).. chrs.Irene

  5. Appreciate for sharing your adventurous spirit in jungle trekking and travelling.Congrats to all who take part in trek up the peak

  6. thanks Ching for the post !

  7. thanks for sharing the wonderful trip n beautiful pics.

  8. Hi Ching,
    Congrats for making another tough dream come true,no easy feat man!
    You guys never quit looking for new adventures. Lovely canine puppies to keep you company going up the Gunung. You salute them, Wow; how about some kind words to your fellow trekkers, like super comradeship?

    alan kok

  9. Hi Ching,
    Thanks for sharing your experience ! We trekked up Nuang few years back in preparation for our Mt. KK climb. We went from Ulu Langat way. I would like to try the way you took in the near future.
    W.T. @ Liew MK

  10. Ching,
    Thanks for the sharing...really a great hike by you all,..btw the puppy belongs to who? how the puppy cross the river? I like the puppy especially if you hike G.Batu putih & if you are lucky one wild dog used to follow hiker up to the peak like this 3 small puppies. If your team wish to do another round of Nuang hike do let me know, I'm interested to join.

  11. Hi pal, enjoyed every bit of your trekking venture to Gunung Nuang's Peak.

  12. Bro Ching Neng Bin,
    Congratulations for your excursion up Gunung Nuang. I must salute you for the capability at this age of yours.
    Best Rgds. AnSoN

  13. Hi Ching,

    Thanks for sharing so many adventures of yours. Enjoy reading them. Inspiring. CONGRATS to you & yr team!

    I am thinking to go for 3D2N camping trip in Semenyih with my son & few scouts this 6th Nov, but I think your G. Nuang trip is much more attractive. Is there a place we can camp along the trail for abt 6-8 persons? Do you have a map of the area or GPS tracks/coordinates? That will be useful for us.

    Btw, the fern picture - is a ant fern (ant-fern association). If I am not mistaken, it is a Lecanopteris. Interesting ant house... like a big bangalow!


  14. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the name of the fern. I do not have a map or GPS coordinates.

    There are two spots where you can camp: first is at the peak; it can be very cold at night and no water source. You can set up tent either on the open ground or inside an already made metal structured tent. The second place is of course the waterfall area which I like most; however, you have to clear a flat ground to pitch tent.

    If for a two-night camp, I suggest you camp the first night up on the peak and the second night at the waterfall area or vice versa. At the peak you do not need a tent but require thick clothing and plastic sheet as blanket and as windbreaker.

  15. Soo Swee Lim15 October, 2011

    Hi Peng,
    After watching all your adventures I really envy you guys. I wish I am younger then to join you guys enjoying outdoor adventures. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Jaya Francis15 October, 2011

    Ching Neng Bin,
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures. Glad you loved it and it must have been nice to have the puppies along the way too. Very adventurous and continue to enjoy all your hiking/trekking trips. I am sure they are very satisfying too. May all your trips bring with it more happy memories and wonderful adventures. Thanks for sharing. Jaya

  17. Hi Neng Bin,
    Many thanks for those adventurer's photos. You must be very healthy, strong, alert & enjoying your life. By the way how old are you?
    Retired from govt or private sector? I have already retired 5 years back but still working in the private sector. Appreciate very much if you could call me on my h/phone 016-4157800. Best regards to you & family. Take care.

  18. Perhaps you might want to try camping out at the peak like what these fellas did: http://www.jimmychew.com/Places/Gunung-Nuang-camping/

  19. Lee Kam Boon28 October, 2011

    Gosh how sad I missed this trip! My kind of outing actually. Thanks Ching for the photos. But I had a wonderful 10 days back in Ipoh meeting all the junior tennis players all over the world playing in the ITF Grade 4 Tennis tournament in Ipoh. Do let me know of other outings.

  20. Hi Ching,

    Reading your blog article on Gunung Nuang the 3rd time, I can't help but just want to tell you, I simple like the pic of you with the two country farm puppies resting: The small puppies too were enjoying the cool mountain air....I'd saved the pic for my collection of good pics. Regards,

    Alan Kok

  21. Dear Mr Ching
    Thank you very much for sharing with me all your exciting backpack tours. You are truly OUTWARD BOUNDER. You not only enjoying yourself so much, you are also a Great Father to your 2 sons and Great Friends to many and Great Master to your puppies. I like to dedicate this Quote to you by Paul L. Oliver, "The Greatest Good you can do for another is not just share with him your riches, but to reveal to him his own". Best regards and God Bless.

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  24. Great photos. And what an effort and foremost, what a spirit. Keep it up and up and up.

  25. Great photos and great guys with a seeking spirit.

  26. Sharifah Salwani Bt Syed Baharuddin27 November, 2012

    Hi Ching,

    My name is Wani and hope this email finds u well. I just saw ur blog for mt nuang trip in 2011 via Janda Baik route and I wanted to plan a climbing trip via Janda Baik to instead of Pangsun. May I ask a few question:-
    1) Is it safe to park our car 4km after the ILMU?
    2)FYI, this is my 1st time climbing nuang, may i know the we can follow the route without guide? Is it ok to use GPS to avoid lost?

    Perhaps u can advise any tips as I plan to do a day-pack trip (not overnite). I’ll start climbing at 6.00am coz I’m bringing beginner climbers coz they’re not really fit (need to have buffer time to catch up the waterfall) and return down by 6:30pm


  27. Hi Wani,

    Thank you for your interest in my blog. Yes, it is very safe to park your car there like we did.

    Yes you can easily trek up the gunung with the trek insight. Just be careful of the trek after the river crossing, continue the trek on the left.

    You do not need a guide, unless, you are also a beginner. You can try your GPS, however, it may not work due to the large trees around. Time yourself, if you don't make it to the summit in 5.5hours, you have to trek back.

  28. Anonymous09 June, 2014

    i just had a hike up to the peak last Sunday with six others, its a wounderful trek from Janda Baik. though i took 7 hrs to ascend and decend, its enjoyable. But the waterfall is just so-so, the waterfalls at the Stong, Dabong, Gua Musang is more serene and beautiful. have u guys been there?
    regards, Jacy

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