2011 - Backpacking to Shanghai day 13, 14

Backpacking to Shanghai
18 winter days in China
29 Nov - 16 Dec 2011
this is the China Railway High-speed (CRH) rail system operated by
China Railways, each vehicle utilises a high-strength aluminum alloy body-shell
Day 13 (11.12.2011) Taian > train > Shanghai

Had breakfast at MacDonald and took a taxi (Y28) to the new Taian Railway station for the 12.03 pm CRH train (Y375 pp), 3.5 hour journey to Shanghai arriving at 3.30pm at Shanghai Hongquiao railway station. Took the Metro subway (Y5) line 2 to Nanjing West Railway station. A Shanghai friend met us at the exit No.3 gate and took us to her place to stay and used it as the base to travel around Shanghai. We had a delicious home cook curry chicken with rice. We all had a good rest and chitchat until 12 midnight before going to sleep.

Temperature: 0°C (min) and 6°C (max)
Accommodation: at friend’s place

this is the CRH station in Shanghai - notice the numerous lines and network
view of the Shanghai City skyline from an apartment

Day 14 (12.12.2011) Shanghai – day trip to Suzhou

After breakfast at friend’s place we walked to the metro subway (Y5pp) to get to Shanghai Hongquiao railway station (Y40 pp) to Suzhou. We took the K202 bus to visit the Humble Administrator Garden another World Cultural Heritage site - admission is Y50 pp. Had noodle for lunch and then took the Y1 bus (Y2) to the Tiger Hill (Y40pp) and Y2 bus back to the railway station. Had dinner at The Soup Expert and went shopping at Uniqio a Japanese shop. We had Yang’s Fried Dumpling for supper.

Temperature: 6°C (min) and 9°C (max)
Accommodation: at friend’s place

Suzhou has more than 2000 years history and a center of trade and silk weaving for more than 900 years starting in the 10th century when the newly opened Grand Canal linked the Yangtze River delta with Beijing.

garden was built around 1509AD during the Ming Dynasty by the imperial inspector

this building is designed in the shape of a boat

A lake in the center occupies about one fifth of the space. The garden is divided into the middle, eastern and western parts and a house is at the south end of the garden. Some of the buildings are: Hall of Drifting Fragrance, Loquat Garden Court, Peony Pavilion, Listening to the Sound of Rain Pavilion, A Pure Mind Thinks Deep area, Magnolia Hall, Orange Pavilion, Hall of 36 Pairs of Mandarin Ducks, Hall of 18 Camellias, With Whom Shall I Sit? Pavilion, Stay-and-Listen Pavilion, Pagoda Reflection Pavilion and Far Away Looking Pavilion.
we are sitting on the nice Ming Dynasty furniture

had lunch here - delicious wanton mee

as viewed from the entrance with Huqiu Tower at the top of the Tiger Hill
Yunyan Pagoda, also called Leaning Tower of China is situated on the top of Tiger Hill

a peaceful canal with trees by the side of the Tiger Hill
the Hanhan Well is said that the spring water could cure eye diseases

The Yunyan Pagoda, also known as the Leaning Pagoda, stands on top of the hill. Today this 1000-year-old pagoda has become a symbol of Suzhou. It is seven stories in height and famously leans much the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

taking this CRH train back to Shanghai
very good dinner here at The Soup Expert

This Japanese brand offers a number of basic and comfy designs for all age groups with quality and affordable prices. Their designs fit all occasions, ranging from office, casual and home wear. We bought a lot of the Heattech T-shirts and long-john for our traveling wear.
“Fry Dumplings” are called Sheng jian bao in Chinese. It’s small bao filled with pork and soup inside and are pan-fried till the skin became perfectly crispy and golden - taste really good.
The meat inside was tasty but beware of the hot soup when you bite into it as it’s really juicy. I accidentally broke the skin and the juice leaked out onto the tray and also splashed all over. The shop is always full and they do not allow to eat outside the shop so we had to walk away to a corner to eat it.

13 a. B'fast - McDonald 77.50 39
b. Taxi - hostel to Tai'an new train stn. 28.00 14
c. Metro - Shanghai HQ - Nanjing West stn 20.00 10
d. Room - Ivy's IYH (FOC) 0.00 0
e. Dinner - curry chicken @ Ivy's IYH (FOC) 0.00 0
125.50 31.38
14 a. Metro card top-up 120.00 60
b. CRH train tickets - Shanghai to Suzhou 200.00 100
c. Bus fare to Humble Administrator's Garden 10.00 5
d. Entrance fees - Humble Administrator's Gdn. 250.00 125
e. Noodles at shop outside garden 80.00 40
f. Bus fare - Tiger Hill 10.00 5
g. Entrance fees - Tiger Hill 200.00 100
h. Bus fare - Tiger Hill to Suzhou train stn. 10.00 5
i. CRH train tickets - Suzhou to Shanghai 200.00 100
j. CRH train tickets - Shanghai to Hangzhou 312.00 156
k. Dinner - Soup expert Restaurant 154.00 77
l. Room - Ivy's IYH (FOC) 0.00 0
1,546.00 386.50

Total expenses for day 13 and 14 per person is Y418 or RM209

Day 01 (29.11.2011) AirAsia Kul - Hangzhou D7-306 17552225 hrs
Day 02 (30.11.2011) Hangzhou (West Lake walking)

Day 03 (01.12.2011) Hangzhou (West Lake cycling)
Day 04 (02.12.2011) Hangzhou by bus to Qiandao Lake (Thousand Island Lake)
Day 05 (03.12.2011) Qiandao Lake - ferry - Shendu - bus - Tunxi (Huangshan City)
Day 06 (04.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) - day trip to Mt.Huangshan
Day 07 (05.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) - day trip to Hongcun & Xidi
Day 08 (06.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) - by train to Nanjing

Day 09 (07.12.2011) Nanjing
Day 10 (08.12.2011) Nanjing by train to Taian (Shandong)
Day 11 (09.12.2011) Taian (Shandong) - day trip to Qufu
Day 12 (10.12.2011) Taian (Shandong) - day trip to Mt. Taishan
Day 13 (11.12.2011) Taian by train to Shanghai
Day 14 (12.12.2011) Shanghai - day trip to Suzhou
Day 15 (13.12.2011) Shanghai - day trip to The Bund
Day 16 (14.12.2011) Shanghai - day trip to Zhujiajiao the ancient water village
Day 17 (15.12.2011) Shanghai - Tian Zi Fang, Yuyuan garden & shopping

Day 18 (16.12.2011) Shanghai by train to Hangzhou AirAsia D7-303 to K Lumpur 14101910 hrs

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