2011 - Backpacking to Shanghai day 3

Backpacking to Shanghai
18 winter days in China
29 Nov - 16 Dec 2011

(L-R) Bernard Lee, Tay Seok Hooi, Wong Lai Van, Christine Leong, Ching Neng Bin
Day 03 (01.12.2011) Hangzhou (cycling round West Lake)

Breakfast was at 8am with our own coffee and bread. We enquired at the nearby post office regarding our bus fare to Thousand Island Lake (Qiandao Wu). We were informed that the bus service from Hangzhou to Qiandao Lake departs every half hour. We decided to buy our tickets at this bus station.

Back at the hostel, we rented 6 bicycles from the bicycle shop nearby for RMB20 each per day. The cycling trip took us 3 hours round the West Lake. The first stop was at the Orioles Singing in the Willows Garden. The second stop was at the Leifeng Pagoda. We then continue on to Sudongpo Memorial Hall. From here, we cycled to Beishan Road via the 3km Su Causeway and then turned right to Hubei Road. We continue our cycling journey towards Nanshan Road, which lead us all the way back to the bicycle shop. For lunch, we had tea eggs and rice dumplings.

We took K504 bus (Y2) to the Songcheng (Song Dynasty Cultural Village) for one of the world’s famous cultural show – The Romance of The Song Dynasty. Show starts at 7.20pm (RMB80 for entrance and RMB200 for centre seat show). We had noodle and ‘siao long pau’ for dinner. We also had taufufar, ginger tea and lormaichee with sesame and peanut topping. After the one hour superb cultural show we took the same bus back to our hostel arriving at 9.10pm.

Temperature: 5°C (min) and 10°C (max)
Accommodation: Hangzhou International Youth Hostel at RMB65 pp twin room

Christine and I getting ready on bicycle while Bernard and Lai Van checking their bicycles
1st stop at Orioles Singing in the Willows Garden along the lake

2nd stop at Leifeng Pagoda garden
huge Dragon Boat for boat-ride at the lake
3rd stop at Sudongpo Memorial Hall
cycled from Beishan to Nanshan Road via this 3km Su Causeway built in 1189
willows and peach trees along Beishan Road and goes all the way to Nanshan Road
overlooking West Lake from the causeway
oops! Lai Van lost control on the down-slope and fell, luckily she wasn't hurt
our team leader, Bernard Lee rushed over to rescue her
we continued our cycling round the West Lake
The Song Dynasty ruled China from 1127 to 1279, moving their capital to Hangzhou in 1129. In dedication to its rich history, 50 million RMB was invested to set up "the Song Dynasty Town" in Hangzhou. There are five parts inside the town: The Celebration Square, Old Handwork Shop area, Odd Street and Haunted House, Buddhism Mistery World, Romance of Song Dynasty, among which the Romance of Song Dynasty is the most amazing part in the whole park.
the main entrance of Song Dynasty Town, No.148 Zhijiang Road, Hangzhou
classical Chinese musician at the Celebration Square

costume fit for the emperor

street performance at the Old Handwork Shop area

helping to make soya milk at the food corner
a wedding function at the Celebration Square area

look at the huge axe at the Odd Street
oops! my head was cut off by the axe and placed on the table

Wong Lai Van and I standing upside down on the ceiling

Bernard and Christine collecting gold coins
all went in except Chew Leng Soon at the Haunted House
the Buddhism Mistery World garden
the cormorant fishing birds and the fisherman taking time off
brilliantly colorful costumes, blinding laser lights, excellent stage props, and magnificent dancers and actors. The performance starts with entertainment by two clowns, followed by an acrobatics show of the "Legend of the Ancestors"

The first scene is "The Banquet Dance in the Song Palace", with exceptional traditional costumes of the emperor and empress, palace officials, and palace entertainers, all dancing to ancient Chinese music.

The second scene is "the Battle", this scene is performed in honor of the much-respected General Yue Fei, a renowned general of the Song Dynasty who fought against invaders.

The next scene is "the Beautiful West Lake and its Beautiful Tales", legends like "The Lady White Snake" and "The Butterfly Lovers" are brilliantly performed by the talented ballet dancers, accompanied by sweet or sorrowful music. In this scene of love, betrayal, and sacrifice, there are water fountains, laser lights, mist, and even drizzling drops of water falling all over the theater like rain.

The final scene of the night is "the World Meets Here & Hangzhou Essence", with dances from all over of Asia.

Ancient Chinese Classical Music

Ancient Chinese Street Performers

Ancient Chinese Wedding Procession

The Romance of the Song Dynasty 1

The Romance of the Song Dynasty 2

The Romance of the Song Dynasty 3

The Romance of the Song Dynasty 4

The Romance of the Song Dynasty 5

EXPENSES ...RMBY . . . .RM . .Total Per pax
Day 3
a. Bicycle rental around West Lake (20x4) 80.00 40

b. Pau, rice dumpling & yogurt 48.00 24

c. Bus to Song dynasty Cultural Village 8.00 4

d. Entrance - Song Dynasty Village (80x4) 320.00 160

e. Show-Romance of the Song Dynasty 800.00 400

f. Tau Foo Fah in village 20.00 10

g. Ginger tea & peanut mua chee 37.00 19

h. Dinner-soup noodle & siew loong pau 93.00 47

i. Bus back to hostel 8.00 4

j. Bread for tomorrow's b'fast 24.00 12

k. Room - Mingtown IYH (65 X 4) 260.00 130 Y1,698 Y424.50

Total expenses for day 3 per person is Y424.50 or RM212-25

Day 01 (29.11.2011) AirAsia Kul - Hangzhou D7-306 17552225 hrs
Day 02 (30.11.2011) Hangzhou (West Lake walking)

Day 03 (01.12.2011) Hangzhou (West Lake cycling)
Day 04 (02.12.2011) Hangzhou by bus to Qiandao Lake (Thousand Island Lake)
Day 05 (03.12.2011) Qiandao Lake - ferry - Shendu - bus - Tunxi (Huangshan City)
Day 06 (04.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) - day trip to Mt.Huangshan
Day 07 (05.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) - day trip to Hongcun & Xidi
Day 08 (06.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) - by train to Nanjing

Day 09 (07.12.2011) Nanjing
Day 10 (08.12.2011) Nanjing by train to Taian (Shandong)
Day 11 (09.12.2011) Taian (Shandong) - day trip to Qufu
Day 12 (10.12.2011) Taian (Shandong) - day trip to Mt. Taishan
Day 13 (11.12.2011) Taian by train to Shanghai
Day 14 (12.12.2011) Shanghai - day trip to Suzhou
Day 15 (13.12.2011) Shanghai - day trip to The Bund
Day 16 (14.12.2011) Shanghai - day trip to Zhujiajiao the ancient water village
Day 17 (15.12.2011) Shanghai - Tian Zi Fang, Yuyuan garden & shopping

Day 18 (16.12.2011) Shanghai by train to Hangzhou AirAsia D7-303 to K Lumpur 14101910 hrs

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