2011 - Backpacking to Shanghai day 7

Backpacking to Shanghai
18 winter days in China
29 Nov - 16 Dec 2011
(L-R) Ching Neng Bin, Bernard Lee, Chen Qing Zhu, Chew Leng Soon, Tay Seok Hooi
at Hongcun Ancient Village
Day 07 (05.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) day trip to Hongcun and Xidi 

After breakfast we took a taxi (Y9) to the long distance bus station to take the bus (Y17.50 pp) to Hongcun. The entrance fee is (Y104 pp). We had lunch at the village before taking another bus (Y4 pp) to Xidi. The entrance fee is also Y104 pp. At 4pm we took the last bus (Y13.50 pp) back to the long distance bus station. Had very good noodle at one of the side street and bought bread for next day breakfast.

Temperature: 5°C (min) and 15°C (max)
Accommodation: Huangshan Old Street Youth Hostel (Y140 a room for 2)

had very tasty wonton for breakfast here along the Old Street

bus journey to Hongcun through the country side

Hongcun Village is built in the shape of an ox. The Leigang Hill as the 'head', two huge trees on the hill as the 'horns', the residences in the village as the 'body', a winding stream as the 'intestines', a crescent pond as the 'stomach' and the four bridges as the 'four feet'.

has about 137 Ming and Qing style residences

The ancient residential structures are in good harmony with the surroundings. The village is praised as a beautiful village in a Chinese painting.
Hongcun Village enjoys the reputation of 'a village in the beautiful Chinese picture' because of its bridge, flowing water and residential houses make up a traditional Chinese picture.

narrow alley preserves its peace

narrow alley preserves its peace
at the crescent pond as the 'stomach'

the main greeting hall

The main greeting hall, the peeping hall, the formal dining hall with the ancestral altar after the air-well, etc. Four huge bedrooms upstairs with the windows of bedrooms 2 and 3 opening into the air-well for ventilation.

exquisite carvings on door frames, lattice walls, columns and beams

the Hall of Chengzhi tells the glory of the past

the bed room
Built with pink walls and black tiles, all the residences are better arranged. Among them, the Chengzhi Hall is the most representative and is praised as the 'Folk Imperial Palace'. Numerous varieties of figures and patterns are carved on the columns, beams and door frames and are gilded with gold.
we were fascinated by its wood carvings

the guide told us that, all funeral possession will circle this old tree 3 times before being buried
and all wedding procession will circle 3 times this maple tree

Ms Chen Qing Zhu a local tourist and I at the lake
entrance to Xidi Ancient Village
Construction of Xidi Village began during the Song Dynasty (960-1127). It has a history of over 900 years and is famed as being the 'Ming and Qing Dynasty Local Residence Museum'.
Encircled by green hills, two streams flow through the village from north and east converging at Huiyuan Bridge. The village has two main streets and about 99 lanes.
It has about 124 ancient residences and three ancestral halls, including an archway, Linyun Pavilion, Eastern and Western Gardens, Ruiyu Courtyard, Taoli Garden, Da Fu Grand House and Lvfu Hall. Da Fu is an official title reserved for high ranking government officials in ancient China.
all the streets and lanes are paved with cobbles or black stones
this is the public toilet

EXPENSES . . . .RMB . . . .RM . .Total Per pax

a. B'fast - Wan Tan Restaurant 58.00 29

Day 7
b Taxi to Tunxi Long distance bus station 9.00 5

c. Busfare - Tunxi to Hongcun 70.00 35

d. Entrance fees - Hongcun village 416.00 208

e. Lunch at Hongcun 227.00 114

f. Tips for tour guide 20.00 10

g. Busfare - Hongcun to Xidi 18.00 9

h. Entrance fees - Xidi Cultural village 416.00 208

i. Xidi to Tunxi long distance bus 54.00 27

j. Busfare - bus stn. To Lao Jie street 8.00 4

k. Bread - Superbakery 48.00 24

l. Dinner - Noodles & fried rice 55.00 28

m. Room - Old Street IYH 278.00 139

1,677 419.25

Total expenses for day 7 per person is Y419 or RM209

Day 01 (29.11.2011) AirAsia Kul - Hangzhou D7-306 17552225 hrs
Day 02 (30.11.2011) Hangzhou (West Lake walking)

Day 03 (01.12.2011) Hangzhou (West Lake cycling)
Day 04 (02.12.2011) Hangzhou by bus to Qiandao Lake (Thousand Island Lake)
Day 05 (03.12.2011) Qiandao Lake - ferry - Shendu - bus - Tunxi (Huangshan City)
Day 06 (04.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) - day trip to Mt.Huangshan
Day 07 (05.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) - day trip to Hongcun & Xidi
Day 08 (06.12.2011) Tunxi (Huangshan City) - by train to Nanjing

Day 09 (07.12.2011) Nanjing
Day 10 (08.12.2011) Nanjing by train to Taian (Shandong)
Day 11 (09.12.2011) Taian (Shandong) - day trip to Qufu
Day 12 (10.12.2011) Taian (Shandong) - day trip to Mt. Taishan
Day 13 (11.12.2011) Taian by train to Shanghai
Day 14 (12.12.2011) Shanghai - day trip to Suzhou
Day 15 (13.12.2011) Shanghai - day trip to The Bund
Day 16 (14.12.2011) Shanghai - day trip to Zhujiajiao the ancient water village
Day 17 (15.12.2011) Shanghai - Tian Zi Fang, Yuyuan garden & shopping

Day 18 (16.12.2011) Shanghai by train to Hangzhou AirAsia D7-303 to K Lumpur 14101910 hrs

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