2015 - Ladakh India Adventure Day 8

Ladakh the Land of High Passes in the Himalayas
The 4th International Festival of Buddhist Heritage of Ladakh from 21 Aug – 01 Sep 2015 (12D/11N)

L-R: Datuk Seri Victor Wee, Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena and Jerry Ong.

Day 08 (28.08.2015) – Visit Devachan Campus, Leh, Ladakh

At 9am the bus drove us to visit the Mahabodhi Residential School, the Mahabodhi Karuna Charitable Hospital and the Maitri Old Age Home. From here we adjourned for lunch at Mahabodhi Sambodhi Retreat Centre. After lunch, we walked around the rock garden beside the Retreat Centre. Visited the comfortable meditation kuties and later had tea at Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena's residence. We then walked to the beautiful meditation hall for the video presentation about MIMC and its founder. We were then entertained by the novice monks and nuns with Buddhist hymns and songs.

At this Devachan campus in Leh, we witnessed the incredible work of Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena who translates Compassion into Action for the Himalayan people. He started several schools for underprivileged girls and boys taken from the isolated villages in the Himalayas, and established training for young monks and nuns and a home for the aged. Sleeping at Global Family Home
This is what I take for breakfast and I loved the apricot jam.

Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena having a chat with visitors from Bhutan.

Visitors from Bhutan were on a study tour of the Campus.

The Mahabodhi Residential School

The Mahabodhi Residential School was established in the year 1992 with just 25 girls selected from the most remote and ignored regions of Ladakh. Today the school has grown huge and has a total of 510 students pursuing their studies from class nursery to 10th standard.

I was sitting with the school children.

The lady school principal delivered a speech.

Datuk Seri Victor Wee also delivered his speech.

The Bhutan team leader also delivered his speech.

Mahabodhi education programme aims to reform the existing information and job-oriented education in such a way that the students grow physically strong, mentally brilliant, culturally rich, morally lofty, spiritually enlightening, environmentally friendly, and globally peaceful.” - by Chairman, Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena

The Malaysian school teachers taught the children for a few minutes with some songs and action dancing.

A very cheerful face indeed.

Sara Alina Trett
The Mahabodhi Karuna Charitable Hospital 

Our arrival at the Maitri Old Age Home

The Maitri Old Age Home

Plenty of apples and apricots in the garden of the Maitri Old Age Home.

And beautiful flowers in the garden.

The purposes and objectives of the home has now become more accommodative and are to provide the aged, destitute and handicapped people with a homey, peaceful, secured, healthy and spiritual-worshiping environment.

Faces of the elderly Ladakhe residents.

We had lunch at Mahabodhi Sambodhi Retreat Centre.

Ching Bee Geok and Lina Tan.

Devachan Campus is a beautiful Dharma based Community  where nearly 500 people – monks, nuns, boys, girls, and volunteers, meditators, visiting guests, elderly and children, students and teachers, all live together in harmony as big family. They pray, meditate, study, serve and practice Dharma together.

Lead by Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena we prayed for the four Malaysian who lost their lives in an accident on 25th August 2009 near Saspol Village.

The stupa was erected by MIMC to honour the service of the four departed: Julie Ang Ee Lee (52), Tan Guat Gnoh (50s), Jennie Cheong Swee Chun (42) and Lee Ah Yem (59).

The accident occurred on August 25, in the mountainous Himalayan region in Ladakh, when the four-wheel drive vehicle they were traveling in, hit a rock and plunged into the fast flowing Indus River.

Visited the comfortable meditation kuties.

We had tea at Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena's residence.

The beautiful meeting hall at the residence.

We then walked to the beautiful meditation hall for the video presentation about MIMC and its founder.

We were then entertained by the novice monks and nuns with Buddhist hymns and songs.

The spectacular sunset view from Mahabodhi Sambodhi Retreat Centre.

The spectacular sunset view from Mahabodhi Sambodhi Retreat Centre.

Dinner time.

Sleeping at Global Family Home

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Day 01 (21.08.2015) – Kuala Lumpur flight to Delhi, India
Day 02 (22.08.2015) – Delhi domestic flight to Leh, Ladakh (3,524m / 11,562ft)
Day 03 (23.08.2015) – Thicksay and Shey Monastery, Leh, Ladakh
Day 04 (24.08.2015) – Leh to Hemis Monastery (41.2km) Ladakh
Day 05 (25.08.2015) – Leh to Nubra Valley (136km) via KhardungLa Pass

Day 06 (26.08.2015) – Nubra Valley to visit Disket Monastery (14.5km)
Day 07 (27.08.2015) – Nubra Valley returned to Leh, Ladakh (136km)
Day 08 (28.08.2015) – Visit Devachan Campus, Leh, Ladakh
Day 09 (29.08.2015) – Leh to Tingmosgang (90km) Ladakh
Day 10 (30.08.2015) – Bodhkharbu on the way to Lamayuru Monastery

Day 11 (31.08.2015) – Basgo Monastery, Tekchen Chosling and Alchi Temple
Day 12 (01.09.2015) - Leh fly to Delhi to catch the night flight back to KL
Day 13 (02.09.2015) - Arrived KLIA at 6.55am



  1. Dear DSVW,

    Thank you for capturing all the pictures and it reminds us of the enriching trip in Ladakh.
    For your info, Datuk I will tt the cost of the bus for Tingmosgang to MIMC. I will update you once it is done.

    With metta

  2. Datuk Victor Wee09 November, 2015

    Dear Bro. Jerry,

    Yes, pictures can bring back all the memories of the Ladakh trip. We experienced so much, and the cameraman could only capture very tiny snippets of the fleeting moments that passed by as we were experiencing Ladakh as a group, with its rich culture, towering landscape and beautiful people. We also come to know Ven Sanghasena's acts of compassion for the Ladakhis. It is a trip which brings the Malaysians and Singaporeans so much closer together.

    Thank you for the good news. That's is really wonderful to hear the great act of compassion from our group, which is donating a school bus for MIMC Tingmosgang. Sadhu to all.

    With Mega Metta,
    Bro. Victor Wee