2015 - Ladakh India Adventure Day 10

Ladakh the Land of High Passes in the Himalayas
The 4th International Festival of Buddhist Heritage of Ladakh from 21 Aug – 01 Sep 2015 (12D/11N)

Morning view of Namra Hotel Camping, Tingmosgang

Day 10 (30.08.2015) – To Bodhkharbu (60km) on the way to Lamayuru Monastery

In the morning, we visited the Mahabodhi branch school and hostel at Bodhkharbu which was established in 2004. Bodhkharbu is a very remote village at a distance of 170km in the west of Ladakh which is a part of Kargil District. With a population of over a thousand, it had only one Government High School, where the teachers and facilities existed only on papers. For many years the children from all the surrounding villages had access only to this School. At the request and participation of the local villagers, Ven. Sanghasena, decided to open a Mahabodhi Branch School in Bodhkharbu which was much needed for the basic education of children in that neglected area between Leh and Kargil district. The Mahabodhi School was finally opened in 2004 and presently there are 150 students pursuing their education.

The students and parents performed Ladakhis cultural dances for us followed by student award ceremony by Sanghasena.

Visited the 11th century Lamayuru Monastery surrounded by mountains and Moon Land landscape. Visited the old fortress and Maitri Buddha Temple at Tingmonsgang, and ancient capital of Ladakh. Sleeping at Namra Hotel Camping, Tingmosgang
Crossing the Indus River in the morning.

This place is known for its spectacular moon land landscape.

An ideal place for meditation with the moon land landscape.

Passing through a village on the way to Bodhkharbu.

The winding road all the way up to the highest point of the road.

At 13,479ft, this is the highest point along Srinagar - Leh road.

From the highest point we walked down the trek to the road below.

The cars were waiting for us down the road.

Arrived at Mahabodhi branch school hostel at Bodhkharbu which was constructed for students coming from far-flung villages like Hinaskut (8 kms), Kanji (12 kms), Kundik (2 kms), FotolsLok (8 kms) and Kukso (12 kms).

Ven. Bhikkhu Sanghasena briefed us on the set up of the school and hostel.

Arrived at Mahabodhi branch school, Bodhkharbu which was established in 2004. Noticed the school teachers, students and parents were welcoming us.

Students line the road to welcome us.

Bro. Jerry Ong walking in as parents welcoming him.

Poh Wee Fah and Datuk Seri Victor Wee.

We joined in for the Ladakhe dance.

We had our lunch here at the school.

Presentation of certificates to student of the school.

We also visited the classroom.

I was testing the drum set.

Sis.Tai Yoke Lin with a student, a teacher and parents.

Datuk Seri Victor Wee with the students.

Lamayuru is home to one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh, dating back to the 10th century. Local legend has it that the place was once a lake that dried up. The village has around 100 houses scattered around the Lamayuru Monastery.

The beautiful Lamayuru village just below the Lamayuru monastery.

At the entrance of the Lamayuru monastery.

View of Lamayuru Gompa (monastery). Fringed in by a moonscape mountains, the whitewashed medieval monastery towers above a cluster of tumbledown mud-brick houses from the top of a near-vertical, weirdly eroded cliff.
Wall painting of Chanme Zang, one of the four Cardinal Kings, at Lamayuru Monastery.

We were all invited by the chief monk to have tea at the monastery.

Workers seen carrying stone for reconstruction at the monastery.

No matter how difficulty the job is you always see them smiling.

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Day 01 (21.08.2015) – Kuala Lumpur flight to Delhi, India
Day 02 (22.08.2015) – Delhi domestic flight to Leh, Ladakh (3,524m / 11,562ft)
Day 03 (23.08.2015) – Thicksay and Shey Monastery, Leh, Ladakh
Day 04 (24.08.2015) – Leh to Hemis Monastery (41.2km) Ladakh
Day 05 (25.08.2015) – Leh to Nubra Valley (136km) via KhardungLa Pass

Day 06 (26.08.2015) – Nubra Valley to visit Disket Monastery (14.5km)
Day 07 (27.08.2015) – Nubra Valley returned to Leh, Ladakh (136km)
Day 08 (28.08.2015) – Visit Devachan Campus, Leh, Ladakh
Day 09 (29.08.2015) – Leh to Tingmosgang (90km) Ladakh
Day 10 (30.08.2015) – Bodhkharbu on the way to Lamayuru Monastery

Day 11 (31.08.2015) – Basgo Monastery, Tekchen Chosling and Alchi Temple
Day 12 (01.09.2015) - Leh fly to Delhi to catch the night flight back to KL
Day 13 (02.09.2015) - Arrived KLIA at 6.55am



  1. Datuk Victor Wee09 November, 2015

    Dear All,

    Actually, I'm inspired by the wonderful account and pictures that Bro. Ching placed on his Blogsite. Please give him some feedback when you read his detailed daily account.

  2. Dear Datuk Victor Wee,

    It was my sincere pleasure to tell the whole world what a wonderful place like Ladakh can be in my blog. With its beautiful landscape and monasteries it will attract more tourist to visit Ladakh and would be good for their economy in particular and Buddhism in general.

    And just today, a lady from Penang saw her photo in my blog, (remember on day 9 when we visited the school in Tingmosgang, the two ladies who went up to receive a token of appreciation from Ven. Bhikkhu Sanghasena for their kind services to the farmers in Ladakh). Her name is Oon Lay Kim and her sister Oon Kim Suan. (photo attached) The sisters is in the process of setting up a skin care product called "Idemo" using natural resources from Ladakh. The brand name "Idemo" is a Ladakhi word meaning “Beauty of nature". It is made from 100% organic apricot and walnut from Ladakh and then cold press in Penang so that the oil is fresh when blend into skin care. The profit made will be used to help the children education in Ladakh. What a small world after all! We should help the sisters in their undertakings to help the farmers and the school children in Ladakh.

    I would like to thank you for taking us to Ladakh and be looking forward to your next trip to the China Silk Route.

  3. Dear Bro. Ching

    We are all deeply appreciative with all the scenic pictures of Ladakh taken by Bro Ching. Without all those awesome pictures we will not be able to refresh the beautiful memory that we have travelled. On behalf of Singapore Buddhist Fellowship, Thank you and with much gratitude.

    With metta