2013 - Shangri-La the last frontier day 21 to 25

Backpacking Adventure to ShangriLa China the Last Frontier
30 March to 23 April 2013 (25 days)

morning view of the spectacular Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang

Day 21 (19.04.2013) Lijiang (丽江) to Lugu Lake (泸沽湖)

For today and the next 3 days were actually the long way return journey back to Chengdu then to Malaysia. We have to return to Lugu Lake by bus first then to Xichang by bus and to Chengdu by overnight train.

We took the 7.10am bus from the Lijiang new bus station for a 6 hour journey to Lugu Lake. The normal bus journey is 8 hours, but this crazy bus driver did it in 6 hours. It was hell of a ride as the driver was speeding all the way and taking corners without slowing down. We were all very distress in the bus, however, we were lucky that we still alive to tell the story.

We all had a good rest after lunch, but, Lim Cheng Tee rented a new bicycle to cycle across the lake vide the marriage wooden bridge to visit the villages there. He however, came back at 8.45pm after our dinner at 7.30pm and got us all very worried. We had wanted to report to the police and rent a van to look for him. Lily Yap had prayed very hard for his safe return and her prayer to our relieved was answered.

Sleeping: Wind’s Guesthouse (湖畔宾馆) in Lugu Lake
from Lijiang we travelled by bus for 6 hours to Lugu Hu and the main attraction here is the stunning beauty of this forest-lined lake with sapphire blue water as viewed from the hill

the view of Lugu Lake from the mountain road on the way down to the lake

the bus stopped here to pick up more passengers at Loshui (落水) town the northern part of the Lugu lake

the home made rice wine on the house during lunch at a restaurant beside Wind’s Guesthouse (湖畔宾馆) in Lugu Lake

the field is ready for replanting around the lake area

another field is ready for replanting around the lake area

this spectacular sight will cut into your mind forever, attesting to the beauty of God's creations

another field is ready for replanting around the lake area

Lugu Hu is home to several Tibetan, Yi and Mosuo tribes and many of the Naxi customs lost in Lijiang are still practiced here

the Mosuo tribe is one of the last practising matriarchal societies in the world

this spectacular sight will cut into your mind forever, attesting to the beauty of God's creations

Lugu Lake jetty

Day 22 (20.04.2013) Lugu Lake (泸沽湖) to Xichang (西昌) to Chengdu (成都)

When we left Lugu Lake in our bus at 8.30am we heard that there was a massive earthquake in Ya’an. We had actually passed by there on our Day 2 (31-3-2013) on our way to Hailuogou (海螺沟), otherwise we would have experienced the earthquake. We were all glad that the earthquake happened now or we will be trapped and unable to continue our adventure.

It was an 8 hours bus journey from Lugu Lake to Xichang arriving at 4.30pm. At the bus station we took taxi to the Xichang train station and were relieved that the train service was on. The train departed at 9.46pm for Chengdu. While waiting for the train we had nice local beer sponsored by Mr. Ng.

Sleeping: overnight train
a long wait here due to the road work after a landslide
a long and winding road through the pine forest up in the mountain

at the Xichang train station VIP lounge

at the Xichang train station VIP lounge

our soft bed sleepers
Kam Boon checking the reading lights

Lily Yap and Lim Sok Bee are happy with the sleepers

Lim Cheng Tee taking a photo with the train lady inspector

Day 23 (21.04.2013) Chengdu

The train supposed to arrive at Chengdu at 8am but was delayed by 5 hours arriving at 1pm. The delay was due to inspection of the railway track as a result of the earthquake at Ya’an near Chengdu. We had very good farewell dinner at Chengdu Kwong Chow restaurant and I was presented with a birthday gift by fellow team members with a small cake and a big candle to blow.

Sleeping: Traffic Inn (交通背包客栈)
a farewell dinner at Kwong Chow restaurant in Chengdu

view of Jinjiang River by night

view of Jinjiang River by night

Day 24 (22.04.2013) D7-327 Chengdu to K. Lumpur (2355 – 0430)

Today is basically a rest day and some last minute shopping. We took 2 vans to airport at 9.15pm for our 11.55pm flight back to Malaysia.

Sleeping: on-board AirAsia D7327
photo taken with the friendly staffs of Traffic Inn

Day 25 (23.04.2013) 25 23/04 Arrival at K. Lumpur: 0430 hrs

The plane touchdown at 4.30am and we all bid goodbye to each other before arranging our own transport back home. Lim Sok Bee's brother from Klang came to pick four of us ( Lim, Ng, Chew, Ching) and dropped me in my son's house in Subang Jaya.


Bernard Lee our team leader
Lee Kam Boon our official interpreter
Chew Leng Soon our treasurer cum accounting
All team members for their photographs and good team spirit

I quote: "It will be one of the pleasures to recall about the many unforgettable backpacking trips to China".

Total Grand Per Pax

21 a. 3 taxi - Zhuhai inn to Lijiang New bus stn 40.00

b. Bus - Lijiang to Luguhu 950.00

c. Entrance fee - Luguhu 550.00

d. 2 vans - Marriage bridge to Wind GH 50.00

e. Room - Wind's GH 5 X rmb88 440.00

f. Lunch 130.00

g. Dinner 200.00

2,360.00 236.00

22 a. 2 vans - Wind's GH to Luguhu Bus stn @ rmb10 100.00

b. Bus - Luguhu to Xichang rmb82 X 10 820.00

c. 3 taxi - Xichang bus stn to xichang train stn @y15 45.00

d. Train - Xichang to chengdu 2,226.00

3,191.00 319.10

23 a. MRT - Chengdu North train stn to Linjiang Hotel stn 20.00

b. Room - Traffic Inn 620.00

c. Birthday gift - Ching 118.00

d. Small cake 3.00

e. Dinner 361.00

1,122.00 112.20

24 a. 2 vans - Traffic Inn IYH to airport rmb80 X 2 160.00

160.00 16.00

Total for 10 pax for 24 days 46,641.15    4,664.15

click below:
Day 01 (30.03.2013) AirAsia D7-320: K. Lumpur to Chengdu (成都), Sichuan (四川)
Day 02 (31.03.2013) Chengdu to Hailuogou (海螺沟) (296km/7.5hrs bus)
Day 03 (01.04.2013) Hailuogou (海螺沟) Red rocks @ Swallow Gully (燕子沟)
Day 04 (02.04.2013) Hailuogou (海螺沟) Luding (泸定) Kangding (康定) to Xinduqiao (新都桥)
Day 05 (03.04.2013) Xinduqiao (新都桥) to Danba (丹巴) Land of thousand watchtowers

Day 06 (04.04.2013) Danba – day trip to Jiaju Tibetan Village "the most beautiful ethnic town
Day 07 (05.04.2013) Danba (丹巴) – staying in Jiaju Village
Day 08 (06.04.2013) Jiaju Village (甲居藏寨) to Xiaojin (小金) to Rilong (日隆)
Day 09 (07.04.2013) trekking up Changpinggou (长砰沟) middle gully of Siguniang (四姑娘山)
Day 10 (08.04.2013) Rilong (日隆) to Chengdu (成都)

Day 11 (09.04.2013) Chengdu (成都) day trip to Huanglongxi (黄龙寺)
Day 12 (10.04.2013) Chengdu (成都) to Xichang (西昌)
Day 13 (11.04.2013) Xichang (西昌) to Lugu Lake (泸沽湖)
Day 14 (12.04.2013) Lugu Lake - cycling around Lugu Lake
Day 15 (13.04.2013) Lugu Lake (泸沽湖) to Lijiang (丽江)

Day 16 (14.04.2013) Lijiang (丽江)
Day 17 (15.04.2013) Lijiang (丽江) to Shangri-La (香格里拉) (Zhongdian (中甸)
Day 18 (16.04.2013) Shangri-La (Zhongdian) - day trip to Potatso National Park
Day 19 (17.04.2013) Tiger Leaping Gorge (虎跳峡) / Bai Shui Tai terrace waterfall(白水台)
Day 20 (18.04.2013) Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lijiang (丽江)

Day 21 (19.04.2013) Lijiang (丽江) to Lugu Lake (泸沽湖)
Day 22 (20.04.2013) Lugu Lake (泸沽湖) to Xichang (西昌) to Chengdu (成都)
Day 23 (21.04.2013) Chengdu
Day 24 (22.04.2013) D7-327 Chengdu to K. Lumpur (2355 – 0430)
Day 25 (23.04.2013) 25 23/04 Arrival K. Lumpur: 0430 hrs

      RMB        RM
Total Costs per person excluding Air fare    4,664.15      2,360.06

Return Airfare per pax incl. insurance, meals   1,632.41    826.00 

Total Cost Per Pax incl. of Airfare    6,296.56 3,186.06


  1. thank you Ching for the good write-up ! I remember celebrating your b'day too somewhere near the Dragon Terrace ...

  2. Tay Heong Kin14 July, 2013

    Dear Mr. Ching,
    Thank you so much for sharing with me again your 25 days adventure photos. I really enjoy to see the Bai Shui Tai Terrace waterfall, it is so wonderful and beautiful, although we have been to Tiger Leaping Gorge we didn't have a chance to get there.
    Tay Heong Kin

  3. Greetings from a fellow Hockchiu (from Sibu Sarawak) and working in PNG.

    It is always enjoyable following you on your trips to China and SEA - plenty of photos to see with just enough text to keep me focused.

    I went to Chendu, JZG, Huanglongxi, Luodai, Emeishan, Leshan, Qingcheng Shan, Dujiangyan, etc and stayed at Traffic Inn like you. Do you know that you were featured in Traffic Inn blog? I have been to Guilin/ Yangshuo and hope to travel to other parts of China (the outback) like you. It would be impossible for me to catch up with you in your travel.

    I went to Myanmar two months ago (in May) and was informed by two Malaysian girl backpackers that the roads to Mandalay, Bagan and Nyaungshwe from Yangon are now all very good (I was flashpacking and flying). It is a lovely country.

    Keep travelling and posting. I have your blog in my bloglist.

  4. Chan Nam Hong19 July, 2013

    Neng Bin
    Thanks for yr great photos. I enjoyed viewing them very much. Have good blessed days to come.

  5. May Cheah19 July, 2013

    Dear Ching Neng Bin,

    Thank you so much for your mammoth effort to pen a most fantastic sharing and posting those awesome pics. I will definitely put aside time to read at a more leisure pace.

  6. MK Liew @ Walking Tall19 July, 2013

    Dear Ching,

    Thanks very much for sharing all the photographs with the many beautiful scenes of the places you travelled. I would love to make a trip up there one day.

    Warmest regards,
    MK Liew @ Walking Tall

  7. Thank you for sharing, Ching. Lovely pictures and it appears all of you had a great time together and adventurous trip. Thanks again.

  8. Chin Tai Tat21 July, 2013

    Hi Ching
    It's nice of u to share your travel with us. May like to join u in your future travel. But, prefer shorter trip. So let me know if u hv future plan. Tks. Sent from my iPhone陈大德

  9. I would like to join you in your future outings. Please keep me posted.

  10. laura@elsoltravel.com22 July, 2013

    Hi Mr Ching,

    Thank you for including me in your mailing list in forwarding & updating us on your trips. I must said you are a good organizer, a good traveler and a good photographer too.

    Well, in life, everyone is a traveler……glad that you are enjoying your life the way it should be. Keep it up. Looking forward to your next update.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kuala Lumpur

  11. Thank you for these photos it looks like a interesting trip.

    I also like to travel, but I do it the easy way and not backpacking. I was in Myanmar (Burma) and Laos early this year, and am looking to plan my next trip which could be to Sabah and Sarawak part of Malaysia.
    I am aged in the late 60s and live in Queensland Australia.

  12. Siak Eoi Chung24 July, 2013

    Lucky you! Thanks for sharing. What an adventure indeed. Cheers, Siak

  13. Jackson Au24 July, 2013

    Received with thanks. Keep journey on and it's getting more interesting. You're simply the best!!

  14. Hi! Ching, thank you to share, good experience, good planing and adventure."Like" so much. I do crazy last 15 year ago. A friend and I backpacking to "Nepal" 3 weeks.:) Still can't forget. [*_*] Have a good trip.


  15. Hi Ching,

    When traveling abroad, one tends to be concerned with safety when riding on public transport. If encountered unconcerned, devil-may-care driver with penchant for fast driving, one tends to say some silent prayers while cursing the speeding fiend. Thank Goodness all of you were safe. Pleasantly serene, placid Lake Lugu scene with backdrops of mountain view and agricultural activities would have rejuvenated your spirits after hours of traveling on bus, on a repeat visit and on the way back. Enchanting lady train ticket inspector posed to be a good traveling pal; surely she has lots of stories to tell. 24-25 days of traveling in China and that cost only RM3, 200, how you fellas made it? Apart from having a capable treasurer, you also need a good financial planning scheme before you embark on a long journey. Weary travelers arrived at home country tired in the wee hours yet spirit remained high – Going places, anyone?

    Regards from
    Alan K. K.L.

  16. Dear Ching,
    Oh, please please do keep me in your communication loop. Whether accidentally registered or not, it's been a delight to read about your interesting sharing of your travels. I don't take people's writings for granted as I know a lot of time, physical and mental effort have been invested to bring such reading pleasures to others. I felt my life enriched and spiced up just reading your entries.... whatmore if get the chance to travel along.

    So thank you once again for the generous sharing.

    Wish you a good day ahead.