2013 - Shangri-La the last frontier day 20

Backpacking Adventure to ShangriLa China the Last Frontier
30 March to 23 April 2013 (25 days)
(L-R) Ching Neng Bin, Grace Ong Siew Hua, Ng Peng Kim, Lim Cheng Tee, Lim Sok Bee, Chew Leng Soon, Lily Yap, Lee Kam Boon, Bernard Lee, Teh Soon Shoei at Tiger Leaping Gorge

Day 20 (18.04.2013) Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lijiang (丽江)

This morning appeared bright and clear and with renewed strength and vigor after a good breakfast at Tina’s Guesthouse we all set our descent to the Leaping Gorge. It took us about an hour to get down to the gorge. We have to pay entrance fee as we passed through private properties. The first entrance fee of Y10 per person belongs to the Zhang family. As we reached the gorge, we still have to pay Y5 per person to walk to the rocks for the best view of the white water. Spring is the best time to visit, as melting snow flowing down from mountains makes the river turbulence at its peak.

We had lunch at Tina’s Guesthouse before departing for Lijinag. We took the 3.30pm bus back to Lijiang arriving at 6.30pm.

Sleeping: Zhuhai Inn (竹海客栈) in Lijiang Old Town (丽江古城)
the Tina’s Guesthouse as viewed from the village

we had to start our descent in early morning as the strong breeze in the afternoon could be fatal

as for the first part we walked along the paved road to the village below

we took this quite dangerous short-cut down to the village

a closed up view of the village below and part of the Jinsha River

at the edge of a cut out steep slope, I helped to assist team members from falling over

at the main entrance stone gate constructed by the Shang's Family who owns this trek

for now, everybody is safe - we are also guided by the iron chain down the trek

Grace Ong paid the two porters (Kam Boon and I ) to carry her on a sedan chair for a short distance down the trek

a breathtaking view of the valley with the river below

do not let go of the chain until you are at the bottom, shouted Bernard

looking up the valley slope we could see people trekking down

view of the the Jinsha River from above

the stone hut along the trek

a closed up view of the the Jinsha River

the trek is not to be taken lightly as some stretches are steep and slippery as 6 people have died in the gorge

a very narrow and dangerous stretch here

Grace Ong is risking her life by standing on the edge

a good view from above of the stone where the tiger leapt on the right side

it was Teh's turn to sit on the sedan chair - sorry for the two unpaid porters!

finally we reached the middle rapids and soon the famous Tiger Leaping Stone

legend has it that a tiger leaps across the Yangzi River, thus giving the gorge its name

another good view of the stones where the tiger leapt

once at the gorge we scouted around and took photographs of its pristine beauty

this is the most narrow part of the gorge where a tiger can easily jump over the Jinsha River

look at the majestic rock cliff

wishing good-bye to Tiger Leaping Gorge before returning to our guesthouse

another good view of the stones where the tiger leapt

spring is the best time to visit, as melting snow flowing down from mountains makes the river turbulence at its peak

that is the bridge beside Tina's Guesthouse

saying goodbye again

on our trek up we saw this huge python sleeping on the rock wall

again, we took this short cut back

our 1 hour ascent up the gorge which was equally a test of our endurance and resilience

the bridge beside Tina's Guesthouse

after a 3 hours of trekking we reached our guesthouse to refresh ourselves for lunch and later took a bus back to Lijiang to recuperate before taking a bus to Lugu Hu the next day

a group photo with the proprietress of Tina's Guesthouse (standing 3rd from left)

Total Grand Per Pax

20 a. B'fast @ Tina GH 246.00

b. Entrance fee-Teacher Zhang's lower gorge  @rmb15 150.00

c. Photography fee rmb2 X 10 20.00

d. Lunch @ Tina GH 242.00

e. Bus - Tina GH to Lijiang rmb55 X 10 550.00

f. Room - Zhuhai Inn rmb150 X 4 600.00

1,808.00 180.80

click below:
Day 01 (30.03.2013) AirAsia D7-320: K. Lumpur to Chengdu (成都), Sichuan (四川)
Day 02 (31.03.2013) Chengdu to Hailuogou (海螺沟) (296km/7.5hrs bus)
Day 03 (01.04.2013) Hailuogou (海螺沟) Red rocks @ Swallow Gully (燕子沟)
Day 04 (02.04.2013) Hailuogou (海螺沟) Luding (泸定) Kangding (康定) to Xinduqiao (新都桥)
Day 05 (03.04.2013) Xinduqiao (新都桥) to Danba (丹巴) Land of thousand watchtowers

Day 06 (04.04.2013) Danba – day trip to Jiaju Tibetan Village "the most beautiful ethnic town
Day 07 (05.04.2013) Danba (丹巴) – staying in Jiaju Village
Day 08 (06.04.2013) Jiaju Village (甲居藏寨) to Xiaojin (小金) to Rilong (日隆)
Day 09 (07.04.2013) trekking up Changpinggou (长砰沟) middle gully of Siguniang (四姑娘山)
Day 10 (08.04.2013) Rilong (日隆) to Chengdu (成都)

Day 11 (09.04.2013) Chengdu (成都) day trip to Huanglongxi (黄龙寺)
Day 12 (10.04.2013) Chengdu (成都) to Xichang (西昌)
Day 13 (11.04.2013) Xichang (西昌) to Lugu Lake (泸沽湖)
Day 14 (12.04.2013) Lugu Lake - cycling around Lugu Lake
Day 15 (13.04.2013) Lugu Lake (泸沽湖) to Lijiang (丽江)

Day 16 (14.04.2013) Lijiang (丽江)
Day 17 (15.04.2013) Lijiang (丽江) to Shangri-La (香格里拉) (Zhongdian (中甸)
Day 18 (16.04.2013) Shangri-La (Zhongdian) - day trip to Potatso National Park
Day 19 (17.04.2013) Tiger Leaping Gorge (虎跳峡) / Bai Shui Tai terrace waterfall(白水台)
Day 20 (18.04.2013) Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lijiang (丽江)

Day 21 (19.04.2013) Lijiang (丽江) to Lugu Lake (泸沽湖)
Day 22 (20.04.2013) Lugu Lake (泸沽湖) to Xichang (西昌) to Chengdu (成都)
Day 23 (21.04.2013) Chengdu
Day 24 (22.04.2013) D7-327 Chengdu to K. Lumpur (2355 – 0430)
Day 25 (23.04.2013) 25 23/04 Arrival K. Lumpur: 0430 hrs

      RMB        RM
Total Costs per person excluding Air fare    4,664.15      2,360.06

Return Airfare per pax incl. insurance, meals   1,632.41    826.00 

Total Cost Per Pax incl. of Airfare    6,296.56 3,186.06


  1. Jacey Yew26 July, 2013

    Dear Ching,

    Wow...you really travelled a lot these past years. Really great to see you enjoy your hobby...you certainly know how to live life !! And the photos were great!! Very sharp and beautiful...what's the camera brand? Nikon or Canon. You are also a good cameraman as well as the person taking the shots.

    Thanks for your sharing, really appreciate it very much and may spend time to view the lovely sceneries.

    Take care
    Lay See

  2. Dear Ching,
    Thanks for emails about your travels, the views are fantastic, God's beautiful creations. My regards to you all, and Chew and Bernard. You all look great.

  3. Yee Long Sing10 August, 2013

    Mr. Ching. Thanks for sharing with me,I think your journey must be very interesting and I like the view very much .May be I will make a plan to those places one day.