2013 - Viper Challenge in Sepang F1

Viper Challenge 2013 at Sepang F1 International Circuit on 18th August 2013
Viper Challenge is a 20km Obstacle Course Challenge, which is predominantly filled with man-made 18 obstacles that will put both heart and spirit to the test. It is Asia's first and largest obstacle challenge, like no other. Imagine obstacles designed to take you out of your comfort zone, you will enter the challenge either as an individual warrior or as part of a team...  Whichever way you enter, you will finish understanding that cooperation and teamwork will be the likely factors that will help you to get across that finish line, without it you are unlikely to succeed.
The grueling 20km route which goes around Sepang F1 International Circuit.
Photo taken after the challenge with our medal. Our 6 member team: (L-R)  Mervin Jared Gan, Ching Jin Yuan, Darmandran Sivapathasundram, Logendran, Ching Jin Wei, Ching Neng Bin (team captain).

At the starting point. We were suppose to start at 6.40am for the first wave, but, due to the heavy rain this morning, we were delayed till 7.10am. Viper Challenge is not a race but it is a personal challenge where the participant will aspire to complete each obstacle set out successfully and make it to the finish line with a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Organised by Original Bootcamp, the event is expected to attract more than 10,000 participants for the two-day challenge, starting on Aug 17. Its director, Selva Kumar, said the challenge was aimed at creating sustainable, community-driven outdoor experience for Malaysians. The obstacles had been carefully designed and built by a team of Australian specialists.

Gathering at the paddock.  L-R: Darmandran Sivapathasundram, Mervin Jared Gan, Ching Jin Yuan, Ching Jin Wei, Logendran.

My two children: Ching Jin Wei and Ching Jin Yuan wanting to be part of History and became a victim of Malaysia's Largest Challenge.

The final briefing and flag off by this marshal at the start of this 20km trail run with the 18 obstacles below at 7.10am.
Obstacle 01 - Netting Crawl
This is the 50 feet netting crawl.

This 1st obstacle was easy for all.
Obstacle 02 - Eight Feet Vertical Wall
Ready to take on the 8 feet vertical wall with high team spirit.

Ching Jin Yuan is at the top with just one pull and push.

No sweat for Mervin Gan, Jin Yuan and all team members.
At the 1st Syabas water station
Left: Surprised to meet the son of Mr Yew Thean Lye (my Taiping friend) as volunteer in the water station.
Obstacle 03 - Ice Jump

Getting ready to jump into the icy water and dip under the wall to get to the other side.

Mervin Gan is feeling the chill as submerged from under the wall and to get across as quickly as possible.

It was easy, but, the muddy icy water treatment is torturing.

Ching Jin Wei was seen running on the spot to warm up the muscles and Ching Jin Yuan behind was seen leaping like a frog out of the icy water.
Obstacle 04 - Tyre Run
This is running through a field of tyres which is quite easy.

Obstacle 05 - Hill Slide A
With the help of a rope, you just pull yourself up the muddy steep slope.

Obstacle 06 - Hill Slide B 
This time there is no rope to climb, just make your way up.

Obstacle 07 - Barb Wire Crawl
This is a muddy barb wire crawl.

Ching Jin Wei is fully covered with mud except his face.
Obstacle 08 - Muddy Trench Pool
This is wading through a pool of muddy water.

Obstacle 09 - Muddy Nine Holes
This is getting down into the hole and climbing up for another hole.

Obstacle 10 - Muddy Trench Crawl
This is getting into the trench and crawl through the muddy water to the end.

Obstacle 11 - Narrow Log Crossing
This is one of the toughest obstacles - 20 feet narrow log crossing.

Many were successful and many also fell into the waist deep water.

Mervin Gan on the right followed by Ching Jin Yuan behind.

Slow and steady, Ching Jin Yuan did it.

The bottleneck here - Jin Wei in yellow was seen smiling waiting for his turn.

Ching Jin Wei did it on his first attempt.
The toilet station
Just before the Monkey Bar, every team member went for a pee.
Obstacle 12 - Monkey Bar Over Water 
This is the toughest of all obstacles in this challenge.

In my team only Darmandran and Logendran made it through, and the rest fell into the water.

The trail through oil palm plantation.

Banana for lunch along the trail.

The panorama view of the surrounding.
Obstacle 13 - Cargo Net

Another water station.

At the lake view.

Obstacle 14 - Water Slide
This is the most thrilling obstacle of all.
Just slide down the hill slope with water on plastic ground sheet.

Washing up in the "longkang" drain

Obstacle 15 - Over a mound of Tyre 
This was an easy crossing over an artificial heaped pile of tyre.

Obstacle 16 - Incline Wall

Obstacle 17 - Bales of Hay Climb

Ching Jin Yuan gave a helping hand to Mervin Gan who had a bad leg cramp.

Obstacle 18 - Ten Feet Vertical Wall 

The hydrant wash at the finished line.

We are looking forward to the next Viper Challenge 2014.
Having paid RM102.00 each for participating, it was suffering all the way. Only at the finished line, we got happiness. That was the Gruelling Viper Challenge features 20km trail run with 18 obstacle course. Right now, my arms and legs have minor cuts and several abrasions from the rope burns and stumbling on the rough surfaces of the tyres, but, the happiness of completing the challenge in 4 hours and 10 minutes, has never been sweeter!      "WE SURVIVED!"


  1. Hi NB,
    You'll never know when to stop accepting challenges when life itself is already a major challenge. Bravo for putting up a great feat together with your son in Viper Challenge 2013.

    Best regards from
    Alan CY Kok

  2. Koay Bee Lee19 August, 2013

    Hi Mr Ching, you really fantastic, age is no barrier, father & son team, good. To all participants, thumbs up. Keep up the spirit!

  3. Lim Ka Tin19 August, 2013

    Dear Ching,
    You are really a tough guys by competing with those half of your age and the greatest thing is you completed all the challenges.
    Best regards.

  4. Capt. Poon Voon Heong19 August, 2013

    Thank you for sharing. I really admire your strength and fitness in you. Regards.
    Capt. Poon

  5. Well done Veteran Ching, great to see you having fun and games in your retirement. You're really a tough cookie roughing it in this gruelling circuit with all the young 'uns.
    Best wishes
    Gary Ong

    1. min heng lim19 August, 2013

      Congratulation you bloody tough guy. I salute you and keep it up.

  6. wow ... you are really fit for this challenge....

  7. Chan Nam Hong20 August, 2013

    Wow, must be one huge challenge,
    I'm proud for you. Well done NB

  8. Frankie Yap20 August, 2013

    Ching, you're truly as fit as a fiddle at your age.

  9. Amelia Allan22 August, 2013

    Hi Ching, thank you for sharing the pictures. My salute to you for going thru the challenge... just reminded me of my time in OBS but that was just the mini compare to the Viper challenge. Thanks again:-)

  10. Wong Mun Heng22 August, 2013

    Congrats ! Definitely there is life (in fact, much more) after retirement !

  11. Hi Ching, Great ! I really admire your strength to compete the challenges. Give you " Likes " . Cheers! Thanks for sharing.
    Warmest Regards, Cindy

  12. Allan Hot Bod25 August, 2013

    WOW! It looks like a big event, I would not be able to do it.

  13. Dato Sarjit Singh Sekhon25 August, 2013

    Dear Ching,
    Thanks for the nice shots. You guys must have had hell of a wonderful time. Great Malaysians and send my regards to the others.

  14. Thanks Ching for the updates! All of you were superb and congratulations! Hope you have recovered and well rested after the challenge. Take care

  15. Tee Sze Peng27 August, 2013

    Hi Ching,
    Looks like you have lots of steam in you post retirement. Envy your strength and energy going through the challenge which you must have found it to be enjoyable. Some of those obstacles are though and interesting.
    Warmest regards
    Tee SP

  16. Baidu Mong27 August, 2013

    Hi Ching,
    Thanks for sharing. Trust you have fully recuperated. Simply awesome to see you and your two sons participating in this challenge. Your team did great. Keep it up!
    Best regards,
    Bai Du

  17. Dear Ching,

    Thanks very much for sharing. This should be a great outdoor challenge for us and I really would like to give it a try, that is if it is going to be held again. If it is an annual event, please keep me informed so that I can get a team to partake.

    Hats off to you Ching. You are truly a great outdoor sportsman.

    MK Liew @ WT

  18. Dear Mr Ching,

    You have so much fun.... I'm envy of you. My friend and I did think about joining Viper Challenge but we learned about it at the least minute .. doesn't matter, next year, hopefully. Love to hear about your other adventures, your life is so much exciting than mine... Keep going !!! Can't wait to hear about your next adventure.
    Do take care!! Regards, Ms Moh

  19. Hi Mr Ching,

    Enjoyed reading your account of VP especially the great pictures! you must be the only one who made the effort to take a pic of every single obstacle. Well done! I took part myself on first day...not as much water puddles so looks like 2nd day was more challenging! Next year again!