2011 - China Part 3 - Hubei Province

Backpacking Adventure, 26 days through 6 Provinces in China
Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Guizhou, Guangxi
and 3 days in Hanoi, North Vietnam
29th Mar <> 26th Apr 2011
(L-R) Gan Choi Geok, Lim Peng Peng, Cindy Chong, See Beow Aun, Chan Meng Fye, Bernard Lee, Ching Neng Bin at the Three Gorges Dam

Day 08 (05.04.2011) Yangtze River Cruise - day 1

Morning was walking along the river and bought sundries for the river cruise. Pick-up from hostel at 3.30pm by van to another pickup point. From here a big bus took us to port city of Wanzhou along the mighty Yangtze River. At Wanzhou we got on the cruise boat at 7.30pm. We then had late dinner at 9pm on board Yun Chun Cruise boat. At about 11pm, we visited the famous Zhangfei Temple (optional Y40) for an hour. Stayed overnight on the boat.

narrow streets and hilly terrain allows these porters to make a living
a road side medical practitioner
baby eels head is first spiked onto the board by a nail, then the skin is just torn off!
rabbit meat for sale
road side market
a very strong looking old lady taking her breakfast in the market

ready to roll; waiting for our pick-up van to take us to the coach pick-up point
this big bus took us to port city of Wanzhou

the mighty Yangze River

arrived at the Wanzhou pier for our river cruise boat: MV Yun Chun
this is the 4-pax cabin, I am at the top bunk
a night view of Wanzhou City from our boat

at 11.30 pm before we could close our eyes, a voice over the PA announcing that we have arrived at our first sight - the Zhangfei Temple

a scene depicting the court of ancient times

skyline of Zhangfei Temple
Zhangfei himself - he is a character from the Three Kingdoms
returning to Yun Chun at 12.30 am to get some sleep
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Day 09 (06.04.2011) Yangtze River Cruise - day 2

We woke up at 6am for breakfast. From 7am to 9am visited the White King Town (optional Y90). From 12 noon to 5pm visited the lesser three gorges in Wushan (included Y190). We had to get into a tourist boat to go upstream. We returned to our cruise boat at 5.45pm. However, the Yun Chun Cruise boat continued with the journey at 6.15pm. Stayed overnight on the boat.

the tram on the right offers alternative to climbing the steps
a flotilla of tourist boats

entrance to the White King's City
the bridge across the Yangtze to the island White King's City

the Ba Kingdom began here over 2,000 years ago
this Qutang Gorge crossing is famous for the Battle of Red Cliffs
horse service is available for those who can't do the steps
the entrance inscribed with White King's City
scene depicting the King on his death bed appointing his successor

a much bigger luxurious boat than Yun Chun
a window in our cabin
taking a beer on deck after returning from White King's City

from Yun Chun, we were transferred onto a smaller boat up the Lesser Gorges
passing through the Lesser 3 Gorges

the stair-ways in heaven

we were onto small boat up the narrow river

I was dressed up as a local fisherman

notice a coffin up in the cave

the guide was talking about the various rock formation resembling this and that - you have to stretch your imagination to see the resemblance

a serene sunset view on deck

Day 10 (07.04.2011) Yangtze River Cruise - day 3

We woke up at 6am for breakfast. From 7 to 9am visited the Jiuwan River. At 2pm arrived in the small town named Maoping and got off the cruise boat. From Maoping to Xiling by tourist bus to visit the 3 Gorges Dam and by the same bus to Yichang arriving at 5.30pm.

An agent who bought the middle sleeping berth train ticket (Normal Y59 but we were charged Y100) which included transport from Yichang Port to restaurant in town for dinner and then to train station for train to Zhangjiajie). At 12.25am train left Yichang to Zhangjiajie. Sleeping – overnight train.
the big drums to welcome us all

onto long dragon boat up the Jiuwan River
interesting material for the wobbly pontoon bridge at Jiuwan Stream
high wire acrobatic performance

aerial view of the pontoon bridge
end of walk and back to the jetty

got off the cruise boat at Maoping to take a bus to Xiling for the 3 Gorges Dam

one of the flooded locks to allow boats to pass through

the lookout point for the whole area - especially the dam
a large book singing praises of the benefits of the dam
a good view of the dam

gigantic equipment on display at the museum park

cherry blossoms in abundance

at Yichang train station waiting for 12.25am train to Zhangjiajie

Total expenses in China to-date is RM1,584 per person

Please take note of this while traveling in China:
To wear face mask in China as it is very dusty and smoky.
Never ever pay any hotel booking deposit through a 3rd party.
Never ever accept any deal as proposed by tout or individual acting as agent of hotel or travel agency at airport, bus or train stations and along the road. Always go to a reputable travel agency or in hotel.

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