2011 - China Part 6 - Guangxi Province

Backpacking Adventure
26 days through 6 Provinces in China
Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Guizhou, Guangxi 
and 3 days in Hanoi, North Vietnam
29th Mar <> 26th Apr 2011
(L-R) See Beow Aun, Cindy Chong, Bernard Lee, Chan Meng Fye, Peter, Chew Leng Soon,
Lim Peng Peng, Gan Choi Geok, Ching Neng Bin, Lee Kam Boon at Longji Rice Terrace
Day 19 (16.04.2011) Congjiang > Sanjiang > Longsheng

We took the 8.30am bus (Y32) to Sanjiang, arriving at 10.30pm. From here we took another bus (Y19) to Longsheng arriving at 1.40pm. We called up the guesthouse and the owner of Dazhai Tavern was kind to sent 2 vans (Y160) to pick us up at Longsheng City.

The entrance fee to Lonji Yao Village is Y60 and for senior citizen Y50. In the afternoon we went for a short trek and came back at 7pm for a good dinner prepared by the family of the Tavern.

In the evening, the group members celebrated my birthday with a birthday song, good food, beers and a T-shirt present.
the locals still continue to dress in their ethnic clothes
our backpacks piled high up behind the driver
there are also many birds seating with us in the bus
the whole route from Xijiang to Longsheng took a long long way because the road meanders along the river

arrived Sanjiang, then switch to another bus towards Longsheng

Longsheng city arriving at 1.40pm
a row of double storey terrace houses by the road side hill slope
entrance to Lonji Yao Village at Dazhai - our van can't pass beyond the entrance to allow these long hair women to earn some porter fees of Y5 per bag

a 400m walk to the village

JinKeng terrace fields comprise DaZhai village, as well as 5 smaller hamlets, including TianTou village higher up the mountain. JinKeng is predominantly or completely Yao minority inhabited.
at our lodging Dazhai Tavern a family operated business
the wooden 4 storey spiral stairways - hot shower uses gas cylinders
a very clean comfortable room with good view out to the rice terrace
a hill view from my room window
a patio for resting and all to meet and discuss our next move
the Dazhai Tavern neighboring houses
Dazhai main street
a late afternoon stroll up a hill opposite our Dazhai Tavern

a view of the Dazhai village from the hill
Cindy bought some souvenir from this long hair lady

we continued to circle the terraces as we went higher and higher
the view of the 300 years old rice terraces in simply majestic
at the Dazhai's No. 2 scenic spot - "Seven stars around the moon"
a Yao lady
team members celebrated my birthday on 16April with a gift - "many thanks to all mates"
delicious home cooked dishes
a Yao specialty... chicken cooked in bamboo
Chew Leng Soon taking a picture with the longhair landlord lady
Day 20 (17.04.2011) Longsheng
This morning we engaged a tribal lady guide (Y80) to take us for a 4.5 hours trek to Ping Aun Village and had lunch there. Returning back was by taking 2 vans (Y80 each).

This Yao ethnic village is also nicknamed Long Hair Village, because most women in the village have very long hair and some even as long as two meters.

Longji Rice Terraces was initially built in the Yuan Dynasty (1206 – 1368) from river valleys up to 900 meter tall peak. The terraces look like great chains and ribbons as they wind from the foot to the top of the hills.
egg, pea and noodles for breakfast

single file up the terraces as the ground is wet and slippery

beautiful scenic shots of the rice terraces - the green hill top know as star

it was a bad weather day - raining and very misty

our guide Ah Ee giving a helping hand to Peng Peng
walking through a small village

the thick mist descended on us

we arrived at Ping'an village for lunch

Ping'an gate entrance - Ping'An terrace fields are comprised of Ping'An village, and two smaller hamlets, and is a Zhuang minority inhabited area.
these are lady porters waiting for customers
a typical baby face taken at the gate entrance

guess what this? it's a table converted to some-kind of smoker to dry our clothes! dried well, but the clothes smelled of smoke!
A better route would be to take a van to Pin Aun Village and trek back to hostel.

Day 21 (18.04.2011) Longsheng > Yangshou

This morning at 9am we took a direct bus (Y65) to Yangshou passing through Quilin city and arriving at Yangshou at 1.30pm. We stayed at Holiday Inn (Y100 a room for 2) on the West Street.

Evening was attending the “Impression of Sister Liu San Jie”. The performance which was directed by the world famous director Chang Yimou uses part of the Li River as the stage, mountain the background, local people as performers, and the legend of Sister Liu as script. A fantastic sound and light effects combining live performance in natural surroundings provide a unique experience (Y150). We stayed at Holiday Inn (Y100 a room for 2).

our farewell to our landlady

the West Street of Yangshou
our hotel

showing off the things we bought in Yangshou - a shopping paradise

fantastic sound and light effects combining live performance in natural surroundings
Day 22 (19.04.2011) Yangshou

This morning was the half-day Li River boat ride (Y100). Evening was shopping and eating around the famous West Street. Stayed at Holiday Inn (Y100 a room for 2).
an eye in the bridge
the starting point of the boat ride

visited the fruit orchard - oranges and "peipa" below
peipa tree and young fruits - is used in Chinese Pei Pa Koa cough syrup
Day 23 (20.04.2011) Yangshou

This morning was the cycling (Y10) with a lady guide (Y20) beside the Yulong River and then got into a bamboo raft (Y60) to go down the river. As you sit on the bamboo raft along the river, you can totally relax in nature, while you enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides; experience the excitement of plunging the raft passed 9 rapids and also touch the clear water of the river.

Afternoon was happy hour at a pub on West Street – local beer for Y6 a big bottle. We stayed at Holiday Inn (Y100 a room for 2).

Day 24 (21.04.2011) Yangsou > Quilin

Took the 10am bus (Y15) 70km to Quilin arriving 11.35pm. We stayed at Riverside Hostel (Y90 a room for 2). Afternoon was taking a half day city tour on a returned bus fare (Y10) for the river boat trip (Y65) up the Li River and as well as a visit to the Reed Flute Cave (Y60). We had a farewell dinner as six members will be flying back to Malaysia the next day. The other four including me would continue our journey to Hanoi and will fly back to Malaysia on 26th April. After dinner we walked around city centre and visited the Sun and Moon Towers and the Glass Bridge.
Quilin City
Riverside Hostel
the friendly staffs of Riverside Hoste
our beautiful room
the Reed Flute Cave entrance
the special lighting effect inside the tunnel
limestone cave with impressive stalactite and stalagmite formation
the Li River boat ride
this is the Elephant Trunk Hill
Ms Gan pointing to the hole of the Elephant Trunk Hill
the night market
beautiful lanterns at the restaurant
the changing colours of the Glass Bridge
we walked through this bridge made of glass
a walk-way under the bridge
wall carving under the bridge
the water fountains in the river
the Sun and Moon Pagoda
Day 25 (22.04.2011) Quilin > Nanning > Pingxiang

This morning, we bid farewell to each other as six members took a van to the airport, while four of us (Lee, Chan, Chew, Ching) took the 8.30am VIP bus (Y105) for a five hour journey to Nanning arriving at 1.30pm. At Nanning we changed to another bus (Y70) for a 3 hour, 170km to Pingxiang a Chinese border town to North Vietnam. We stayed at a local hotel facing a canal at Y70 a room for 2.
bid farewell to each other as six members took a van to the airport
at Nanning City bus station
Pingxiang bus station
Pingxiang City by day
Pingxiang City by night
peipa fruit used in Chinese Pei Pa Koa cough syrup
peipa fruit is very sweet and juicy - took the seed back for planting

Total expenses in China to-date is RM2,702 per person

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