1995 Fishing Safari Pulau Sembilan

Fishing Safari 1995 Pulau Sembilan - Ching Neng Bin driving the boat and Ong Chew Yet sitting behind.

The call of adventure has always appealed to Public Bank, Seri Manjung, branch manager, Ching Neng Bin, or better known as the Marlboro Man ever since he won the Great American West Adventure in 1994. This time around, the call of adventure has brought Ching Neng Bin to the Pulau Sembilan Fishing Safari.

Four hundred adventure-loving individuals under the deep-sea fishing category and about 70 teams comprising of three to four members each in the trawling category took part in the event.

Though the thought of relaxing on a boat and being lulled to sleep from the soothing and rhythmic rocking motion of the waves, added with the warm breeze blowing, beneath the canopy of the boat, would appeal to great many city folks, who spend most of their time surrounded by concrete jungle, not many would actually seek out such an experience and adventure at six o'clock in the morning.

However, not one to ignore the call of adventure, Ching spent nine hours at sea until 4 p.m. in the evening when the sun is at its blistering best, where he managed to catch a total of 15 kg of fish to be shared out by his team. His biggest catch was 3.46kg barracuda, which was only 4 grams short of winning the consolation prize.

Though he did not win any prizes under the trawling category, the experience of being at the wide-open sea with its untamed moods alternating between tranquility and stormy, for ten hours is an experience not to be missed. Well, Ching has once again added to his store of adventure stories for the rainy day... until of course, another adventure beckons to him once more.


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