1975 - Penang Adventurers' Club Taman Belia

It all started from the Recreation Leadership Course (HRL) at Taman Belia-Youth Park in 1975.

(L-R) Standing: 1, 2, 3, Pauline Lim, 5, 6, 7, Ching Neng Bin, 9, 10, 11, Ong Lye Hin, Peter Chow Foong Cheong, 14, 15,
Sitting: Chang Sah Li, Jeffrey Lim, 3, 4, Hoon Joong High, Wee Teow Soon, Tan Kok Hoe, 8, Hashmukhary, 10.
Squatting: Aishah, Ng Poh Geok, Lee Kwan Meng, Lee Kong Kiang
1975 - (L-R) Ching Neng Bin, Lee Kwan Meng, Teoh Eng Soon

1975 - Teoh Eng Soon and Ching at the Penang Snake Temple

1975 - Ching & Lee Kwan Meng at the Penang Snake Temple

1975 - Hashmukhary and Ching Neng Bin at Balai Ra'ayat, Patani Road

1975 - Hoon Joong High and Ching at the Penang Youth Park

1975 - HRL Course graduation party at the Youth Park
(L-R) Standing:1, 2, Lee Kong Kiang, Chow Foong Cheong, 5, 6, 7, Lee Kwan Meng
Squatting: Hashmukhary, 2, 3, Ching Neng Bin

1975 - Ching Neng Bin performed a short humorous play at the HRL graduation party, Youth Park.

1975 - Fancy dress at the HRL graduation party, Youth Park 1975

1975 - Penang Youth Park dragon boat team

1975 - Batu Ferringhi beach camp
1975 - Batu Ferringhi beach camp 


The Adventurers' Club, Taman Belia, Penang
Patron: Dr. Ronnie Ooi Oon Seng, PJK, JP
Adviser: Wee Teow Soon, PJM
Founded on 24.04.1976

1st Annual Report

The Management Committee takes great pleasure in presenting its 1st Annual Report for the year 1976. This is accompanies by the statement of accounts for the period ending 31st December 1976.

The formation of the adventurers club marked another significant development in the Youth Park to augment the other activities that are carried out by the Youth Park for community participation and recreation. The Adventurers' Club was first founded on the 24th April 1976 by three energetic and dynamic young men namely, Mr. M.Pasupathy (Chairman), Mr. Ching Neng Bin (Hon.Secretary) and Mr. Hoon Joong High (Treasurer) who happened to share a common interest - a sense of adventure, and a dream to initiate a club whereby other people especially young men and ladies can get together and plan outdoor activities conducive for themselves and at the same time render whatever community services they could to the community for the betterment of society.

It was a mammoth task initially for the three persons who worked unceasingly to get the Club's constitution ready and at the same time to draw new members into the club. The work had been, thus far, rewarding and exhilarating for us. The seed sowed had now matured into a young plant and is still growing.

The objectives of the Club are mainly to inculcate a spirit of adventure among its members, to develop self reliance, good character and citizenship, through the following activities:

1. Exploration, 2. Excursion, 3. Camping, 4. Hiking, 5. Tracking, 6. Rambling, 7. Mountain Climbing, 8. Boating & Sailing, 9. Fishing & Abseiling, etc.

The Club has now entered into the threshold of a new era 1977. The Committee is proud to expound some of its past daring adventurous activities that had been successfully carried out during the course of eight months:

  1. Maxwell Hill Climb
  2. Motorcycle trip to Kangar
  3. Motor cycle trip to Pangkor Island
  4. Hike cum camping at Pantai Keranchut
  5. Night hike cum camping at Bukit Chindana

Besides our adventurous activities the Club also had joint projects with other organization, aimed at fostering better understanding and inculcating a sense of fellowship among members of both organizations and at the same time providing community services. Some of the community projects are as follows: 

  1. Gotong Royong at Bayan Baru
  2. Helping at the Penang Pesta Orchid Show
  3. Old Nicholites Variety Show at Dewan Sri Pinang
  4. Opening up of a New Adventure Trail at the Youth Park
  5. Collecting of newspapers for the Rifle Range Residents Association for their Students Scholarship Fund
The Adventurers' Club had improved tremendously during the year, but not without the concerted efforts and scarifies put forth by a nucleus of dedicated members who strive for the continued advancement of our Club. Credit is given to all our enthusiastic supporters and active members who have never failed to answer the call-of-adventure.

Management Committee 1976

Chairman: M.Pasupathy
Hon. Secretary: Ching Neng Bin
Hon. Treasurer: Hoon Joong High

Committee Members:
Ms. Tajma Bee
Ms. Rosalind Chan
Mr. Huan Jin Kooi
Mr. Tan Kah Kheng
Ms. Choong Sau Hoe
Mr. Terry Khoo Khay Hock

The Management Committee held a total of four meetings during its term of office. Many informal meetings were held to review programmes for our members and most of these meetings were normally held at our members' homes, which we felt would also go a long way towards fostering better ties of friendship and understanding amongst our members.

The Club has a total of 23 registered members. Eleven new members were recruited after an interview held on the 28th Dec.'76. This led to the considerable increase of registered members to thirty four. There was no resignation during the year.

This year, activities have shown a great success for the Club. these activities would not have been undertaken without the constant assistance and participation of our members.

The management Committee would like to express its sincere thanks and heart felt gratitude to:
Dr. Ooi Oon Seng, PJK, for being our Club's Patron.
Mr. Wee Teow Soon, Leisure & Recreation Officer Youth Par, our Hon.Adviser for his kind assistance and advise.
Municipal Council Penang Island for the loan of camping utensils from the Youth Park.
All members and supporters for their active participation and assistance.
Press for their publicity.
All those who have helped us in one way or other but whose names have not appeared in our acknowledgment list.

The end of the first term of office marked an end of a period but a beginning of a new year for the Club. The activities organized within our Club and in association with other organizations evidently, show that the committee had endeavored their very best to fulfill the ideals of the Club. However, the Management Committee felt, it was also through the constant and enthusiastic participation of our members that kept the surviving flame of the Club burning -


Our Club looks forward to another exciting year and it is hoped that more 'new blood' will come forward to hold the reins of leadership and perpetuate the existence of the Club.
1976 - Teluk Bahang Beach
1976 - A birthday party for Jessie 
(L-R) Standing: Lena, Ching Neng Bin, Pat, Huan Jin Kooi, Francis Kow Hock Soon.
Sitting: Veronica, Margaret Chan, 3 , Jessie, Pasupathy, Rosalind Chan.

1976 - A birthday party for Jessie

1976 - A birthday party for Jessie

1976 - A 5 days camping trip to Pangkor Island (25-29 Sep.1976)

1976 - A 5 days camping trip to Pangkor Island (25-29 Sep.1976)
(L-R) Squatting: Pasupathy, Lim Keng Beng, Ching Neng Bin, Hoon Joong High, Tan Kah Kheng   
Standing: 1.2. Jessie, Madeline Goh, Gark Boey, Margaret Chan, Rosalind Chan, Huan Jin Kooi, Francis Kow Hock Soon, Terry Khoo.
1976 - A fishing trip to Pulau Song Song. 
(L-R) Choo Cheng Heng, Teh Keng Loon, Tan Heng Jin, Ching Neng Bin, Lim Keng Beng

Management Committee 1977

Chairman: M.Pasupathy
Hon. Secretary: Ching Neng Bin
Ass. Secretary: Ms. Paulette Yeoh
Hon. Treasurer: Terry Khoo Khay Hock
Hon. Auditor: Ms. Ruby Eu Suan Sim
Log Keeper: Huan Jin Kooi

Committee Members
Ms. Tajma Bee
Ms. Rosalind Chan
Tan Kah Kheng
Hoon Joong High
PAC anniversary celebration at Penang Youth Park 1977

Fancy dress by Ching Neng Bin at PAC anniversary celebration 1977
PAC dragon boat team 1977

PAC dragon boat team 1977

PAC dragon boat team 1977
PAC fund raising project at Dewan Pulau Pinang 1977

PAC fund raising project at Dewan Pulau Pinang 1977
PAC fund raising project at Dewan Pulau Pinang 1977

Management Committee 1978

President: Terry Khoo Khay Hock
Vice President: Hoon Joong High
Hon. Secretary: Pasupathy
Ass. Secretary: Ms. Rosalind Chan
Hon. Treasurer: Francis Kow Hock Soon
Hon. Auditor: Ms Ow Yong Fong Har
Log Keeper: Ms. Lily Lim

Committee Members
Ms. Paulette Yeoh
Ms. Tajma Bee
Lim Kheng Beng
Ng Yoon Meng
Omar Saibu
Ahmad Saibu

1982 - PAC members 
(L-R) Standing: Ahmad Jaffar, Ching Neng Bin, Lim Kheng Hock, 4., 5, Hoon Joong High, Terry Khoo, Lim Kheng Beng   
Squatting: 1, 2., Ow Yong Fong Har, 4., Rosalind Chan, Pasupathy

PAC members 1982
1982 - Penang Hill trekking trip 
(L-R) Standing: Yeoh Kar Kheng, Ahmad Jaffar, Catheirne Oon, Lee See Chuan, 5.?, Ng Yoon Meng   
Squatting: 1.?, Ching Neng Bin, Ching's son, Ch'ng Cheng Keat, 5.?,

1982 - Penang Hill trekking trip

Overnight camp at Pantai Cempedek, Bayan Lepas 1982

Overnight camp at Pantai Cempedek, Bayan Lepas 1982

Overnight camp at Pantai Cempedek, Bayan Lepas 1982

Overnight camp at Pantai Cempedek, Bayan Lepas 1982   
(L-R) Ahmad Jaffar, Ching Neng Bin, E Boudville, Ch'ng Cheng Keat, 5, Yeoh Kar Kheng, 7, 8, Ng Yoon Meng

PAC Anniversary party 1983   
(L-R) Pasupathy, Dr. Ooi Oon Seng, Ching Neng Bin, Lee Hang Son, Eddy Low Lean Sing

19.06.1983 - Batu Maung trip.

19.06.1983 - Batu Maung trip.  Ching Neng Bin riding a horse. 

1983 - Trekking from Ayer Itam to Balik Pulau

1983 - Trekking from Ayer Itam to Balik Pulau - Ching Neng Bin and Terry Khoo

1983 - Midnight hike to Penang Hill camping from Moon Gate

1983 - Midnight hike to Penang Hill camping from Moon Gate

Club's Logo

Logo designed by Huan Jin Kooi. A man with his hand upright is determined to conquer the world. The colour GREEN represents nature.


"Achievement through conquest." The sheer determination in overcoming a physical challenge will build a person's character and produces a certain joy of achieving a task that seemed impossible in the first place.

The Penang Adventurers’ Club was founded on 24 April 1976 by a group of energetic and dynamic young men in Penang, namely M. Pasupathy, Ching Neng Bin and Hoon Joong High who happened to shared a common interest in their love for nature, outdoor life, and adventure. They had a dream to initiate a club where people from all walks of life can gather for fellowship and to plan outdoor activities for themselves and others.

The club was registered on 6th December 1979. It is a non-profit organization which organizes recreational and leisure activities for members as well as the public. It also renders whatever services it can to the community for the betterment of society. The formation of the club marked a significant development in the Penang Municipal Park. The club has organized successful projects such as the Round Island Walk, Children’s Adventure Camp, Youth Camp, Fun Run, Lantern Night Festival, Hikathon, and etc.

Club's Song
Adventurous Spirit in my heart and in my mind
Adventurous Spirit with me wherever I be
Marching ever forward loud our voices ring
Till we reach our destination
A-d-v-e-n-t-u-r-e ..... A-d-v-e-n-t-u-r-e
A-d-v-e-n-t-u-r-e ..... Adventurous spirit in me

(Sung to the tune of John Brown's Baby)
(Lyrics composed by Mr. Hoon Joong High)
1990 ROUND ISLAND WALK – 76.8 km
Ching Neng Bin completed the Round Island Walk.

The Real Challenge, the Round Island Walk 1990 and also one of the most unique event organized by the Penang Adventurers’ Club with the co-operation of the State Youth and Sports Department and the Municipal Council of Penang.

The Round Island Walk held in conjunction with the birthday of TYT Yang Dipertua Negeri Pulau Pinang was successfully organized for the 7th consecutive year on 14th and 15th July 1990 after months of tedious paper work and planning.

The event was launched on the 4th May 1990 by YB Dr Sak Cheng Lum, Penang State Executive Councilor and also the patron of the walk.

The objective of the event was to encourage the people to participate in sporting, recreational and adventurous events towards a healthy, active and disciplined society.

Certificates and medals will be given to participants who complete the Round Island Walk within 18 hours. Only certificates will be given to those who complete in 15 hours.

The unique event was flagged off by His Excellency, the Yang Di-pertua Negeri Pulau Pinang. A birthday cake in the shape of the Penang Island with the mascot on it was presented to His Excellency.

The success of the Round Island Walk 1990 was combination of the adventures spirit and energy provided by members, friends and public. The organizing committee would like to thank members, individuals, volunteers and organizations who have helped in one way or another to ensure the success of the Round Island Walk 1990.



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