1996 - Fishing Safari

Fishing Adventure
Pulau Sembilan 1996
(L-R) Ong Chew Yet, Ching Neng Bin and Hong Eng Koi

The Marlboro Man, Mr. Ching, manager of Public Bank Seri Manjung Branch came back from the Pulau Sembilan fishing Safari with a catch that won him the 4th prize in the deep-sea trawling category. The safari took place on 10th August 1996 in conjunction with the "Pesta Lumut" celebration.

Mr. Ching was happy to give us his story....

"Three of us met at the Lumut International Yacht Club at 6 a.m. It took almost an hour to reach Pulau Sembilan on an 18 feet speed boat belonging to a team member that was powered by a 75 h.p. Suzuki engine. When we reached the island, it was almost a quarter to seven and it was exhilarating to watch the beautiful sight of the rising sun. Seagulls were flying over us looking suspicious, maybe even afraid that we were going to take away their breakfast. We then unpacked our gear and began to prepare the lines for trawling.

A few hours later, at around 12 noon, the sun unleashed its hot fury on us. To me, the crazy angler, the whims of nature just could not diminish the suspense of waiting for a catch and the excitement of the pending tussle. There is a saying that goes "Once a person takes up the rod, he is baited for life - hook, line and sinker-defying storm, mosquitoes and UV rays for the thrill of the struggles with nature." and then, there is also another saying that "If you are a fisherman, you are a stupid dreamer."

At the White-Rock.

After lunch, we got our first strike - a 3.4 kilo Barracuda. Then came the biggest strike from my line a 5.7 kilo Mackerel. The Mackerel proved to be a tough one, showing off spectacular jumps, deep dives and putting up a great fight for almost three minutes before I could reel it in with the line. It was hard fought battle to reel in the fish near to the boat.

All in all, we managed about a 21 kg catch. On our return trip, we talked about how we were going to cook the fish and decided that we should have fish and chips and make the remainder of the fish into fish-balls."


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