JW💓QQ - The Lights of the Light Grand Ballroom

Ching Jin Wei💓❤️Shevin Teoh Qingqi
The Lights of the Light Grand Ballroom
The beautiful decorations at the hotel wedding reception hall duly done by the bride's sister Carolyn Teoh, brother Zeeson Teoh, relatives and friends. Many thanks to all who passionately decorated the reception place at The Light Hotel Grand Ballroom, Level 1.

The well lighted Grand Ballroom at The Light Hotel Level 1.

The pillarless Grand Ballroom with a banquet capacity of up to 1,200 provides the perfect backdrop for a day to remember.

It would create precious moments that last forever with your loved one in this grandest of setting in the northern region.

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1.1 - The Wedding (JW💓QQ)
1.2 - The Betrothal Gifts 娉礼
1.3 - The Family Ancestor Honoring
1.4 - The Pre-wedding Photo-shoot
1.5 - The Wedding Eve in Penang
2.1 - The morning photo-shoot for bride and groom
2.2 - The Groom meets the Bride at Suffolk House
2.3 - The R.O.M at Suffolk House, Penang
2.4 - The Tea Ceremony at Suffolk House
2.5 - The Luncheon at Suffolk House
Video: Garden Wedding at Suffolk House
3.1 - The Lights of Light Grand Ballroom
3.2 - The Tea Ceremony at The Light Hotel
3.3 - The Wedding Dinner at The Light Hotel


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  1. All the very Best to the Bride & The Groom.