2016 - JW💓QQ The R.O.M Luncheon at Suffolk House

Ching Jin Wei
💓❤️  Shevin Teoh
R.O.M. Luncheon on 26 Nov 2016

Attire: Cocktail Dress
Venue: Suffolk House, Penang
Theme: Christmas Garden Wedding
Food type: 3 Course Western Dining

After a long distance 12 years relationship, finally they are tying the knot! The couple has extended invitation specially to family and friends to the exclusive ROM luncheon. It is certainly more meaningful and honored to have our presence to witness the day the couple would step into the next chapter of their lives.

The bride and groom: Shevin Teoh Qingqi ❤️ Ching Jin Wei

The bride and groom: Shevin Teoh Qingqi ❤️ Ching Jin Wei

The bride and groom: Shevin Teoh Qingqi ❤️ Ching Jin Wei

The bride and groom: Shevin Teoh Qingqi ❤️ Ching Jin Wei

The 1st Course Western Dining: Chicken and Almond Terrine, Pickled Green Apple, Walnut and Shallot, Cider Vinaigrette.

The 1st Course: Leek, Potato and Fennel Soup, Sour Dough Crouton, Grana Pardano, Thyme.

Teoh Chin Thai and Sheirly Teoh.

C.C.Lim and Janet Lau

Johnson Lim and Goh Lee Ling

Tina Teoh and Sam Lee

PE Teoh and Sim Phaik Lun

Goh Chooi Beow and Ching Meei Jin

Ching Meei Jin and Ching Bee Geok

Ching Neng Shyan and Judith Khoo

Ng Chee Kian and Nadira

Naresh Alagappa and Darmandran Sivapathasundram

Naresh Alagappa and Darmandran Sivapathasundram

Winnie, Isabelle and Ching Jin Yuan

Xuan Yui, Xi Ying, Xinyi and Randy Lim

Kevin Chong and Su Ann

Mervin Gan and Rainee

Aaron Chen and Karmen

Ching Sze Lin and Ching Sze Yin

Lim Wei Han, Lim Shi Wei and Dino Saw

Elyn Yong and Patrick Kim

Delon Koay and Carolyn Teoh

Loo Joel and Tan Huay Woon

Koh Saw San and Cyndi Chew

Priscillia Chew and Javent Tay

Jason Lim and Peggy Lee

Lee Li Ling and Lim Soo Heng

Yuping Tiang and Zeeson Teoh

Song Lee Ching, Alecia Lam and Fifi Cheong

Sharon Lai, Lim Thing Ni and Ooi Jing Jing

The first speech delivered by Ching Jin Yuan.

Main course: Baked Sea Bass, Green Pea and Lemon Puree, Roasted Baby Potatoes and Cauliflower, Caper and Raisin Relish.

Main course: Roasted Chicken Thigh and Drumstick with Vadouvan Spice, Sweet Potato Chip, Cumin Roasted Beetroot and Rocket, Confit Garlic and Bread Sauce.

Second speech delivered by Carolyn Teoh.

Third speech delivered by Suzie Lim.

Fourth speech delivered by Naresh Alagappa.

Speech by the groom Ching Jin Wei.

Speech by the bride Shevin Teoh.

Orange and Cinnamon Pudding, Almond and Strawberry Crumble, Toasted Coconut Ice Cream. Coffee or Tea.

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  1. We flew home to book this venue in June last year. Absolutely loved event venue here and I'll be certainly waiting to go back there for more events. Regardless of the time of your event, you always get the same thing: reasonable drink prices, great decoration, & friendly staff.