JW💓QQ - The morning photo-shoot for JW and QQ

Ching Jin Wei
💓❤️Shevin Teoh Qingqi
Ching Jin Wei the groom-to-be putting on his best clothes.
25.11.2016 Today was the big day for all of us, especially Jin Wei and Shevin Teoh. We all woke up early at 6am and dressed up for the two photographers who came in at 6.30am. It took us about an hour to complete the photo session before Ching Jin Yuan could send him to Suffolk House at 8am to meet the four best-man for further photo shoot there. The 4 best-man are Jin Wei's very closed friends from KL.
As for the bride Shevin Teoh, she and her family arrived at Suffolk House as early as 6am for facial makeup and dressing up for the photography session with her parents and also her four bridesmaids. The 4 bridesmaids are Shevin Teoh's very closed childhood friends. 

Wearing his new RM500 pair of Hush Puppies shoe for his wedding.

Happy parents helping Jin Wei with his wedding suit.

The family photo.

Wow! Seeing two families in the room.

Bayz Beh the photographer in action.

Are you ready Dad!
The smart Daddy and handsome Ching Jin Wei.
Ching Jin Wei and big brother Ching Jin Yuan.

The happy parents seeing Ching Jin Wei to the car.

At Suffolk House
Arrived at Suffolk House wooden walk-way to reception hall entrance.

All guests are to thumbprint on this "signature poster" as registration to the ROM ceremony. Guests' thumbprints become the "leaves" on this rustic tree branches signature poster - a fun guest book alternative and decoration for the home.

The handsome Georgian country mansion of Suffolk House.

The well decorated chairs and figurines for the Garden Wedding Party.

The well decorated table and chairs for the ROM ceremony.

Ching Jin Wei the groom-to-be.

It took 4 bridesmaids to give a helping hand to Kevin Chong the best man. And another two person below.

Best Man: Naresh Alagappa and Darmandran Sivapathasundram

(L-R) Naresh Alagappa, Kevin Chong, Mervin Jared Gan, Darmandran Sivapathasundram and Ching Jin Wei.

(L-R) Naresh Alagappa, Kevin Chong, Ching Jin Wei, Mervin Jared Gan, Darmandran Sivapathasundram.

(L-R) Naresh Alagappa, Kevin Chong, Ching Jin Wei, Mervin Jared Gan, Darmandran Sivapathasundram.

Shevin Teoh QQ
the bride-to-be at Suffolk House

Shevin and her beautiful mother Sheirly Teoh.

The touch of a loving mother.
The expression and moments of motherly love to Shevin. A mothers love will never end as it is there from beginning to end..

There's no love greater than mothers love, and there's no greater sacrifice than what she does for her daughter Shevin.

Happy parents giving the final touch to Shevin's wedding gown.

The loving parents.

The beautiful Shevin Teoh QQ the bride-to-be.

Taken at Suffolk House first-floor south verandah.

Alecia Lam, Suzie Lim, Shevin Teoh, Fifi Cheong and Song Lee Ching

Alecia Lam, Suzie Lim, Shevin Teoh, Fifi Cheong and Song Lee Ching

Bridesmaid: Fifi Cheong, Alecia Lam, Suzie Lim and Song Lee Ching
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