JW💓QQ - The Groom meets the Bride at Suffolk House

Ching Jin Wei
💓❤️Shevin Teoh Qingqi
Ching Jin Wei presented a bouquet of flowers to Shevin Teoh.
The bride presentation by her parents on wedding day is a traditional part of the ceremony that allows both families of the Bride and Groom to be part of the wedding ceremony.

The parents looked on as Shevin Teoh pinned a corsage on Ching Jin Wei.

Getting ready for the R.O.M. Garden Wedding.

As you can see, happiness is when the tears of joy flows down the faces. As the bride and groom walked out of the room, the bride thanked the bridesmaids for helping out the very successful and memorable great garden wedding celebration with dear relatives and friends.

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1.1 - The Wedding (JW💓QQ)
1.2 - The Betrothal Gifts 娉礼
1.3 - The Family Ancestor Honoring
1.4 - The Pre-wedding Photo-shoot
1.5 - The Wedding Eve in Penang
2.1 - The morning photo-shoot for bride and groom
2.2 - The Groom meets the Bride at Suffolk House
2.3 - The R.O.M at Suffolk House, Penang
2.4 - The Tea Ceremony at Suffolk House
2.5 - The Luncheon at Suffolk House
Video: Garden Wedding at Suffolk House
3.1 - The Lights of Light Grand Ballroom
3.2 - The Tea Ceremony at The Light Hotel
3.3 - The Wedding Dinner at The Light Hotel


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