2016 - Ching Jin Wei 💓 Shevin Teoh Qingqi

Ching Jin Wei💓❤️  Shevin Teoh Qingqi

26.11.2016 - The Garden Wedding at Suffolk House, Penang
(L-R) Kevin Chong, FiFi Cheong, Naresh Alagappa, Song Lee Ching, the bride and groom: Shevin Teoh Qingqi💓Ching Jin Wei, Alecia Lam, Mervin Jared Gan, Darmandran Sivapathasundram, Suzie Lim
After a long distance 12 years’ relationship, my youngest son Ching Jin Wei (aged 32) finally decided to tie the knot and humbly gave up his life freedom to the one and only one he met during his college days. Both he and his sweetheart took about a year to prepare for the big day on 26.11.2016, that both would step into the next chapter of their lives. In the process, both of them decided on the date and the type of wedding preparations to be held. List below are the events:

The Bride and Groom's family giving a toast to relatives and friends at the wedding dinner on 27.11.2016 at The Light Grand Ballroom, Seberang Jaya, Penang.

27.11.2016 The Bride and Groom's family at the wedding reception.
(L-R) Ching Bee Geok, Winnie, Ching Jin Yuan, Teoh Sau Jin, Ching Neng Bin, Catherine Oon, Ching Jin Wei, Shevin Teoh, Teoh Chin Thai, Sheirly Teoh, Ching Meei Jin, Goh Chooi Beow, Ching Sze Yin, Judith Khoo, Ching Neng Shyan and my grand-daughter Isabelle Ching.

27.11.2016 - The Bride's family at the wedding reception.

Kissing Couples in Action
Bride’s parents: Teoh Chin Thai💓Sheirly Teoh (right)
Groom’s parents: Ching Neng Bin💓Catherine Oon (left)
Bride n Groom: Shevin Teoh Qingqi💓Ching Jin Wei (center)

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  1. William Toh04 January, 2017

    Mr Ching Neng Bin,
    Congratulations to you and your wife for having a new daughter-in-law. May this year 2017 brings you and your family much blessings in all aspects in Jesus Christ. Thank God for you for all the beautiful scenery from your travels.

    Warmest Regards,
    William Toh

  2. Walking Tall Liew M. K.04 January, 2017

    Dear Neng Bin,
    Happy New Year to you and your family! May you have another exciting year ahead which will be full of trips and tours and exploration!

    Congratulation is in order for the new Father-in-law! Now you have an additional member joining the family and, possibly, your future trips. All the best for a happy 2017!

    MK Liew @ Walking Tall

  3. Harban Singh05 January, 2017

    Neng Bin,
    Congrats. Awesome pics. Fantastic. It captures the moments. Wonderful moments.
    Happy new year.

  4. Justin Hong05 January, 2017

    A very Happy New Year to you and congratulations on your son's wedding.

  5. Neng Bin,
    Congratulations on your son's wedding and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your Family! Many happy adventures for 2017 as well!

  6. Koay Bee Lee06 January, 2017

    Mr Ching, Congratulation to you, last night I went through the photos of your son's wedding, they are all very nice, very unique, very romantic. Happy New Year 2017 to you & your family, my regards to Catherine.
    B Lee

  7. Jeremy Chan06 January, 2017

    Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs Ching on your happiest day on your son's wedding.

  8. Khoo Angelynn06 January, 2017

    Happy New Year, congratulations Mr Ching and thank you for sharing this wonderful photos of your son's wedding.

  9. Hi Ching, Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to u! As usual, very nicely taken. Cheers!

  10. Christine LsLee07 January, 2017

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. Congratulations to you and wife. Wishing you and family a blessed New Year 2017.
    Best Wishes. Jane

  12. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
    Happy New Year.

  13. Congrats Neng Bin on the occasion of your son's wedding.
    Have a Blessed & Happy 2017.
    Best regards.

  14. Sia Chengho08 January, 2017

    TQ. All the best to you and your family. Must still be travelling extensively. I also travel madly at times. Till then.

  15. Chow Francis08 January, 2017

    Congratulations & Happy & Blessed New Year 2017.

  16. Congratulations to you Ching! Beautiful couple and a lovely wedding reception!

  17. Teo Chiang Wee10 January, 2017

    Dear Neng Bin,
    Thank you for sharing with us the beautiful event of your son’s wedding to Shevin. Wish your family all the best for the 2017. May there be many joy and happy moments to your family.

    Warmest regards,
    Chiang Wee

  18. Happy New Year to u n yr family Ching, congratulation on your promotion n so happy to share yr joy. wow! such cozy setting n lovely for yr son s wedding, so lovely, very lovely indeed. thanks for sharing. Congrats again. n have a great year ahead. Tan Agnes

  19. Mindy Benvait10 January, 2017

    Hello Ching a very happy and prosperous New Year to you and your family. Congratulations on your son's wedding. Regards minderjit.

  20. Anne M. Ngalim10 January, 2017

    Dear Mr Ching. Congratulations on your son's beautiful garden wedding! It was like a dream comes through.... May the lovely couple be blessed with all the good things in life till eternity!
    Best regards

  21. Cynthia Yap10 January, 2017

    New Year begins with a new story of everyone's life. May every day of the year glow with good cheers and continued happiness for you and your family. Happy New Year !! Cynthia

  22. Yu Cheng-Sun10 January, 2017

    Thanks, the photos are all nicely taken and very meaningful. Congratulations!

  23. Leong YewJoo & Annie10 January, 2017

    CONGRATULATIONS Ching! We're very happy for you & family.
    May the Triple Gem Bless the lovely couple happily ever after. Best wishes to 2017!
    Leong & Annie

  24. Woo Ning Hoe10 January, 2017

    A very blessed and happy new year to you and your family too.
    Congrats on your son's wedding. Thanks for sharing with us the auspicious and wonderful wedding.
    Ning Hoe

  25. Ramakrishna Ramachandran11 January, 2017

    Thank You Ching. Wish you and your family a blessed New Year and 2017 year. I got all your messages.
    Rama & Family.

  26. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Ching Neng Bin, Congratulations to both of you, happy parents on the occasion of your son's Ching Jin Wei marriage to Shevin Teoh.
    Warmest Regards from
    Yong Liew

  27. Wishing you and family a joyous and fruitful new year 2017, a prosperous Chinese new year and an eventful and memorable year ahead.

  28. Neng-Hau Ching11 January, 2017

    Hi Neng Bin,
    Wish all a Happy New Year, and congrats on Jin Wei’s wedding!!!!! Best regards, N.H.Ching

  29. Ramesh Hughes11 January, 2017

    Hi Ching, Happy New year!!! Thank you very much for sharing, it is very lovely.

  30. Happy new year to u n family. Awesome occasion Mr Ching, congrats!

  31. Tay Siok Eian15 January, 2017

    Dear Ching,
    Happy New Year !
    Congratulations to u & d new couple.
    TQ for sharing d photos.

  32. Kelvin Keegan15 January, 2017

    Hi Ching, Happy new year to you too and Congratulation to you and your son.

  33. Happy New Year Mr Ching! Congratulations on your son's wedding and thanks for the Facebook add. I enjoy reading your travel blog too. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes,
    Francis Ng

  34. Shirlee Poel15 January, 2017

    Thank you for sharing Ching.. and congratulations !!
    Wish them many many many years of wedded bliss...

  35. Hi friend, congratulation and may the year 2017 be a more prosperous and happy new year to all folks at home. Please give us more reading material at the internet.

  36. Thanks for sharing the video of your son Jin Wei's wedding. Many congratulations to you and Catherine as proud parents. Congratulations to number 1 son Jin Wei and Shevin for 'tying the knot' The video depicts a glorious day for such a wonderful occasion. The groom's choice of sartorial outfit was rather unconventional but what do I know? I guess in this modern age anything goes. Nonetheless the groom looks very trendy. The beautiful bride appears glowing with joy. The video compilation was superb and captured the whole proceeding in only five and a half minutes.

    Best wishes to you and family for an auspicious, healthy and happy New Year 2017.

    Gary Ong

  37. Rosalind Chan Yee Fong15 January, 2017

    Dear Neng Bin, Congrats to you and wife Catherine and your son and daughter-in-law. Happy New Year.

  38. Sim Meng Hong20 January, 2017

    Mr Ching,

    Happy New Year!
    Congratulations on your son's recent wedding.
    Many thanks for sharing your backpacking and other travelling experience and beautiful photographs. Please keep them coming.

    By the way, my name is Sim Meng Hong. I am one of Tee Sze Peng's classmate in KGV in 1968/9.

    Happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Fire Rooster may Joy, Happiness and Good Health to you and your loved ones. May you enjoy many more years of safe and fun-filled journeys, backpacking and all.


  39. Ann Tan Hoo Eng17 February, 2017

    Neng Bin, My heartiest congratulations to you and your family. Its truly a lovely event of one's lifetime. Treasure and have an everlasting memory of all the happiness.