2016 - South Peninsular Malaysia Road Trip - Intro

Malaysian Outward Bound Youth Association
A 4day road trip from KL > Kukup > Mersing > Sg. Lembing > KL
The 1,316km South Peninsular Malaysia Road Trip - 15 to 18 July 2016

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Day 1 Fri. (15.7.2016) - KL to Kukup (445km)
Day 2 Sat. (16.7.2016) – Kukup to Mersing (293km)
Day 3 Sun. (17.7.2016) – Mersing to Sg Lembing (282km)
Day 4 Mon. (18.7.2016) – Sg Lembing to Subang Jaya (296km)

The eleven traveler in 4 cars on this road-trip:
Car No.1 (WXC 1082) L-R: Catherine Navamani, JP Anandan, Mohd Shahrul

Car No.2 (AKL 1502) L-R: Ching Jin Wei, Catherine Oon, Ching Neng Bin with the 7day old Subaru XV.

Car No.3 (WNM 2277) - George Ling and wife Wei Wei

Car No.4 (WQM 8014) L-R: Song Poh, Chan Nam Hong, Ray Lee Chow Foh
A trip not to be missed!
The Association (MOBYA) would like to thank the program coordinator En. Mohd Shahrul for mapping the road trip and Mr Ray Lee for keeping the trip accounts. Last but not least, appreciation to all eleven participants for the fantastic cooperation shown on the drive and glad that everyone enjoyed very much.

As all of us were glad to be part of this great team, we are now looking forward to the North Peninsular Malaysia Road Trip in October 2016. See you then, ya!

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South Peninsular Malaysia Road Trip - Intro
Day 1 Fri. (15.7.2016) - KL to Kukup (445km)
Day 2 Sat. (16.7.2016) – Kukup to Mersing (293km)
Day 3 Sun. (17.7.2016) – Mersing to Sg Lembing (282km)
Day 4 Mon. (18.7.2016) – Sg Lembing to Subang Jaya, KL (296km)


  1. Phill Tinkler21 September, 2016

    As always you do wonderful trips.

  2. Tang Hong Keat21 September, 2016

    Hi Ching, I am a regular visitor to your blog, and I must say I am very impressed with your travels. Your blog is excellent!

    I just read your post on the South Peninsular Road trip you did recently, and I am keen to do the same road trip. I would like to enquire further details from you, for example, a little more information on the route you and your group took ie which trunk road and highway, passing through which town etc. With this, I would be able to map out the route. Perhaps for your next trip (the Northern Peninsular Road trip), you can provide some details of the route you will take?

    By the way, I too am ex-PBB; worked in Head Office from 1979 to 2012 before I retired. Thank you for maintaining such a great blog; keep up the good work! I look forward to hearing from you. Regards to you and your family.
    Tang HK

  3. Kelvin Keegan22 September, 2016

    Hi Ching, Thanks for the sharing, you did a great adventure around Malaysia.

  4. Thank you for sharing your interesting journey south of the peninsular.

  5. Christine LsLee23 September, 2016

    Ching NB, thanks for sharing your Backpacking Adventures. Love your posts. Very interesting and comprehensive narratives .

  6. Walking Tall Liew M. K.23 September, 2016

    Dear Ching,
    Just had time to read through your South Malaysia Road trip. Very interesting indeed. While we often chose to travel overseas, many of us, me included, are not aware that we have our own beauty and places of interest locally. Thanks for sharing !

    Warm regards,
    MK Liew @ WT