2014 - In memory of the late Bernard Lee Kar Giap

Gunung Suku 1,797m / 5,896 feet
A trekking misadventure on 09.02.2014

2.37pm - the last photo taken by Lee Kam Boon of Bernard Lee descending Gunung Suku at halfway point.
Medical Officer explained that Bernard’s sudden cardiac arrest was not the same as a heart attack. “A heart attack is when blood supply to your heart is blocked. Many have heart attacks and survive. “Sudden cardiac arrest is a malfunction in your heart and it stops beating. You lose consciousness without warning and the survival rate in Malaysia from that hovers at only 1%,” he said.


As I was the organiser of this outing to Gunung Suku, it is with deep sorrow that I have to inform that Bernard Lee Kar Giap (aged 61), a very special family friend who had always led and travelled together with me since 2006 on many back-packing adventures to China and South East Asia had passed away today at about 3.35pm whilst trekking at Gunung Suku, Cameron Highlands, about 31km from Simpang Pulai.

My group of 27 pax had commenced trekking from the car park at 9.30 a.m. and arrived at the summit at about 12.30 p.m. to take our lunch. At the summit, we met another 11-member Malay trekking group from Seri Manjung. After an hour, at 1.40 pm we were all on the trail again back- trekking downhill passing through the halfway point at about 2.35 p.m. We had a short rest of about 10 minutes at the halfway point next to a stream before continuing the back-trek.

It was after a further 50 minutes of trekking downhill that the freak accident happened at a height of 3,550 ft. above sea level and about only 600 metres away from the tar-road. Mr. Lee Kam Boon, Dr. Ian Goh and I were about 2 minutes behind Bernard Lee when he collapsed and rolled down the trail for a distance of about 30 ft. Upon hearing people shouting that someone had fainted, we quickly rushed forward. Lee Kam Boon who was in front of me recognized the familiar greenish T-Shirt that Bernard was wearing and started shouting to me, "It's Bernard! It's Bernard!". To my shock and disbelief, it was indeed Bernard lying on the ground.

My nephew, Dr. Ian Goh, Lee Kam Boon and I immediately performed CPR on Bernard for more than 10 minutes. We refused to give up. However, En Ibrohim from the Malay trekking group who came to assist us said that after 4 minutes, it was of no use performing CPR anymore. Yet, we still continued for a further 5 minutes - all the while hoping and praying inside for a miracle to happen.

After 15 minutes of performing CPR, we still failed to revive Bernard. About 20 minutes later Dr. Ian Goh Hong Siang then pronounced Bernard Lee dead. During the 20 minutes in time, I was crying deep inside me, devastated, heart-broken with extreme emotional pain to see my best friend passing away right in front of my very eyes whilst both my hands were still on his chest. We all felt extremely sad, disappointed and physically exhausted.

By this time, the Malay trekking group had already managed to contact the Bomba, the Ambulance and Police Department for us. Mr. Lee Kam Boon thanked them on our behalf for their kind and sincere assistance.

Our trekkers then started to prepare a stretcher to bring Bernard's body down the hill. We were very fortunate then to meet En. Ibrohim bin A. Hamid, a Bomba personnel from the Manjung District who was with the 11-member group. He said that it would be very difficult to carry Bernard's body down the narrow and steep hill slope using the stretcher. He then kindly volunteered to carry Bernard's body down the hill on his back. I followed closely right behind En. Ibrohim, holding on to Bernard's legs and arm to help to lessen the weight. En. Ibrohim also asked for a person to be in front of him to be an "anchor". It was extremely difficult to carry a person down the hill. Thus, he had to take a rest twice on the way down for about 250 metres with another 350 metres to go. By this time, two ambulance personnel had arrived to confirm the demise of Bernard Lee. About 15 minutes later, the Rescue Team from Bomba Simpang Pulai arrived to take the body down to the awaiting ambulance. Lee Kam Boon and I then personally thanked En. Ibrohim for his utmost kindness and compassion in carrying Bernard's body down the hill.

After Bernard's body was taken away by the Police at about 6 p.m., Silvarajo and I made an official Police Report at the Simpang Pulai Police Station at 6.58 p.m.

It is very hard to imagine that Bernard had carried out his last trek with me on that ill-fated day. I was unable to sleep that whole night reflecting on his sudden demise as we still have so many back-packing trips planned for the near future. In fact during this trek, he told me that on 18th February, he will be back-packing alone to Thailand for more than a month. After that, he will be going to China for a month to recky the Silk Route. He had already purchased his air-tickets to those two countries. Furthermore, in September 2015, he was supposed to lead my group on the Silk Route and then return to Malaysia via Thailand - a journey which would take us at least 60 days and within a budget of about RM8,000-00 each.

10.02.2014 - This morning at about 10 a.m., Lee Kam Boon, Silvarajo and his sister Elizabeth, my wife Catherine and myself were all at the Ipoh GH Mortuary. We waited till 1 p.m. for Bernard's sister and nieces to arrive from Penang to claim the body.

The Ipoh GH postmortem confirmed that Bernard's death was due to a sudden cardiac arrest, (not the same as heart attack) and not due to his fall because they found some blockages. In the afternoon, as required by the Police Inspector, all of us went to the Simpang Pulai Police Station again to give our reports as witnesses.

Wake held at St. Ignatius Church, Jalan SS25/23 PJ on 10th and 11th. February 2014.

Bernard Lee Kar Giap
may your soul rest in peace...
14 October 1953 - 09 February 2014
9.30am - a group photo taken at the Gunung Suku car-park open space (GPS:N04.33346 E101.19353)
Everybody at the Gunung Suku car-park area getting ready to go for the 5km return trek in about 6 hours.

Ching Neng Bin was at the start of the Gunung Suku trail conducting a body count and following behind the group.

The vertical climb of Gunung Suku.
10am - Leong Kwong Seng and daughter Leong Li Shan at vertical climb of Gunung Suku.
Bernard Lee in front of Leong Kwong Seng of Gunung Suku.
10.30am - Silvarajo and Ching Neng Bin taking a rest after an hour of trekking Gunung Suku.

The gigantic aerial root on the Gunung Suku trail.

The gigantic Gunung Suku mushroom on a dead trunk.

The gigantic Gunung Suku mushroom on a dead trunk.
11.00am - Silvarajo, Lee Kam Boon and Dr. Ian Goh arrived at the Gunung Suku false peak.
The view of the main road to Cameron Highlands from Gunung Suku.
11.19am - everybody arrived at the half-way point by a small stream on Gunung Suku.

Taking a rest at the half-way point by a small stream on Gunung Suku.
Silverajo distributing some nuts bought in Nepal to all at the half-way point.
11.32am - the group continued trekking up Gunung Suku.

(L-R) Bernard Lee, Nga Seong Tong and Leong Kwong Seng at Gunung Suku trail.

11.50am - taking a rest for photo shoot at Gunung Suku.

11.50am - taking a rest for photo shoot at Gunung Suku.

Lee Kam Boon (center) said that we are almost there!
11.55am - getting into the mossy forest of Gunung Suku.
The beautiful trail into the Gunung Suku mossy forest.
Reached T junction, turn left to summit and right to camp site.

The beautiful trail into the Gunung Suku mossy forest.

Dr. Ian Goh and Ching Neng Bin standing on the Gunung Suku soft mossy ground.
The beautiful trail into the Gunung Suku mossy forest.

The beautiful trail into the Gunung Suku mossy forest.

12.30am - everybody duly arrived at the summit of Gunung Suku.

There is also a trail to Gunung Irau at the Gunung Suku summit.

Silvarajo and Ching Neng Bin at the Gunung Suku summit.  (GPS: N04.32558 E101.20029)
Dr. Ian Goh and Ching Neng Bin at the Gunung Suku summit.
Ching Neng Bin took down this signboard for photo shoot and later everybody used it to take photograph.

For lunch, I was sharing my bread with Bernard Lee, standing at the far side with me.

The happy trekkers taking a good rest after lunch at the Gunung Suku summit.

We waited for Jeffrey CK Ong to boil water to make some coffee at the Gunung Suku summit.

Jeffrey CK Ong had to boil more water for everybody to make coffee at the Gunung Suku summit.


A group photo - Bernard and Silvarajo standing behind at the Gunung Suku summit.

The 11 Malay trekkers from Seri Manjung - En Ibrohim the fireman squatting on the left at the Gunung Suku summit.

Bernard Lee (2nd from left) looks so cheerful and happy at the Gunung Suku summit.

L-R: Bernard Lee, Lee Kam Boon, Ching Neng Bin. I remember this photo taken just before trekking downhill.

1.30pm  - Bernard Lee (left) checking his belt and getting ready to trek downhill at the Gunung Suku summit.

Mr. Lee Kam Boon with these cow horn driftwood.

I was playing Tarzan swing on the trail.

It was fun playing Tarzan swing.

Bernard Lee descending Gunung Suku at halfway point
2.37pm - the last photo taken by Lee Kam Boon of Bernard Lee descending Gunung Suku.

03.39 pm - everyone was helping to do CPR on Bernard after he collapsed (GPS: N04.33120 E101.19561).


En Ibrohim carried Bernard's body down piggy-back and I was holding on to his leg behind.

Nga Seong Tong (right) also helped to carry the other arm of Bernard Lee.

Ambulance personnel arrived to confirm the demise of Bernard Lee.

The ambulance and bomba were waiting at the foot of the hill.

Bernard's body was finally brought down at 5.33pm.

The photos below of beautiful wild flowers and fruits taken on the track of Gunung Suku are in remembrance of the late Bernard Lee Kar Giap and in the sincere tender of our sympathies to his relatives - from backpackers: Ching Neng Bin, Lee Kam Boon, Chew Leng Soon, Chan Meng Fye, Cindy Chong, Lily Yap and Silvarajo.

14.02.2014 - at Balai Bomba Seri ManjungTay Seok Khim and Tay Seok Hooi presented gift vouchers to Ibrohim bin Abdul Hamid and his trekking friends as a token of appreciation for their help at Balai Bomba Seri Manjung, Fire and Rescue Station Seri Manjung, Jalan Dato Seri Kamaruddin, 32040 Seri Manjung.

24.03.2014 - Our prayers at Gunung Suku
This morning at 9.30am my wife Catherine and I trekked up Gunung Suku to the very spot where the late Bernard Lee collapsed. To mark the spot we did a tripod stand by the track using cut trees. I then nailed a small cross on the tree marker. Finally, we prayed for the soul of the late Bernard Lee before trekking back.
Along the track just before we arrived to the spot, we saw these strange flowers, maybe this flowers is to welcome us to Gunung Suku to pray for Bernard Lee R.I.P. - this is the first tree.
This is the first time we have seen such flowers on the main tree trunk instead of branches -  can anybody give me the name of this tree?
A close-up view of the flowers at the base of the tree.
This is the second tree on the track, very near to the place where Bernard collapsed.
Catherine sat on the very spot where the late Bernard Lee collapsed.

To mark the spot, we did a tripod stand by the track using cut trees and then nailed a small cross on the tree marker.
I will be taking friends of the late Bernard Lee to Gunung Suku on 12th April, 9am at the car park. All friends are cordially invited to this track up to the summit of Gunung Suku and also to pray for the soul of the late Bernard Lee RIP.

if you have a GPS device, these are the readings:
at the carpark (GPS:N04.33346 E101.19353)
at the summit (GPS: N04.32558 E101.20029)
at Bernard's spot (GPS: N04.33120 E101.19561)

Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Heart Disease 
Video: Learn Chest-Compression - CPRFrom Gordon A. Ewy, MD,


  1. I knew Bernard from a previous life, when we both worked in Malaysia Airlines. And he introduced the joys of mountain climbing and hiking to my sister, who has now done Killimanjaro, Fuji and Kinabalu. Bernard was going to be my sister's go-to person for her Everest base camp in September this year. Very sad.

  2. It is indeed very sad and shocking news to my friends and I. Such a short yet memorable time - I knew Uncle Bernard during our recent trip to Nepal - Langtang trek last Oct. That was when he showed us photos of his latest China trip and shared about your blog Mr. Ching. He was my go-to person for my Mt. Kinabalu trip this May. Such an adventurous, knowledgeable, funny and awesome man. He will be deeply missed.

  3. Leong Li-Shan10 February, 2014

    Dearest Uncle Ching, how are you? I browsed through Uncle Bernard Lee’s facebook profile and found out that he is a very very close friend of yours from the numerous trips that you guys had together for many years. I am sure that this unfortunate incident will have a deep impact on you however I hope that it does not affect you badly. He is indeed a very nice man despite the fact that I had only known him for several hours. It is a blessing that I was allowed the opportunity to meet and chat with such a friendly, full of joy and caring person like Uncle Bernard. I look forward to future hiking trips with you and do take care too.

  4. Indeed shocked to hear of this, I knew him pretty well when he was with MAS and when my daughter was working together with him. Pray for his soul, and may he rest in peace, in the Heavenly Home.

  5. Helen LayKuan10 February, 2014

    Though I dont know Uncle Lee. But i am sure he had inpired many in hiking community.. RIP!.. May comfort be with his family members.

  6. Jimmy Oddstuff10 February, 2014

    R.I.P. Uncle Lee.
    You'd done your best Uncle Ching Neng Bin.

  7. Anang HanaFi10 February, 2014

    Hi Uncle... I'm the organizer for the 11 Malay hikers at Gunung Suku yesterday.. When uncle Bernard collapsed and rolling down the slope, we were there in front of them. We already tried our best to do what we can in that situation. It's a big shock for us also as we were sharing our joyful moment at the summit... We are really sorry for what happened. plz send our regards to the late uncle Bernard's family...

  8. Hi Anang HanaFi, I want to express our heartfelt thanks to you and all your 10 trekkers for your unselfish assistance, in particular to En Ibrahim for carrying the body down. Thank you again. Hope to meet up one day for a trek soon...

  9. Koay Saw Hoon10 February, 2014

    Ching, we are saddened too. Bernard was well remembered even though we were with him for only one trip - Gopeng-Cemeron Expedition. May he rest in peace.

  10. Ching Neng Bin, Thank you for your post. Condolences to the family and friends.

  11. Read about it in the papers but it is good to know what really happened ... thank you Mr Ching Neng Bin. I got to know Mr Bernard Lee while trekking Gunung Angsi some time ago. Though I do not know him very well, it is always sad to hear unfortunate incidents of fellow trekkers. R. I. P. Mr Bernard Lee.

  12. Condolence to his family & loved ones. Noting also that Bernard died of sudden heart attack and not due to his fall as reported in The Star Paper.

  13. Kim Kheng Cheng11 February, 2014

    So sad to hear that. But I believe he has lived the life that he chose to live! Good example to people like us who enjoy outings.

  14. Condolence to his friends and family, but he died doing what he loved, and that's kinda awesome

  15. My condolences to you and all of Mr Lee's family and friends. Its good to know the real story, thanks...

  16. May his soul rest in peace. I was with Bernard at St Xavier's Institution, Penang and later at Malaysia Airlines. It is indeed sad but Bernard passed away doing what he truly loved. My deepest condolences to his grieving family.

  17. When a person passes away when doing his favourite activity, its good. C'est la vie. Rest in peace Bernard.

  18. When a person moves on when doing his favourite activiry, its d best. Rest In Peace Bernard. C'est la vie.

  19. Ching, on behalf of Bernard's ex colleagues, thank you very much for the post and the full story. We are all truly saddened by his sudden demise. He was very well liked & respected in MAS and was indeed an inspiration to many. I think you said it best, "...he died doing what he loved, and that's kinda awesome!" Rest in peace, my friend.

  20. Thank you for this post. Last Friday, I talked to him for the first time at a Yoga class though I see him quite frequently at the class. So sad to hear this news. RIP Bernard.

  21. I am also a former colleague of Bernard's in MAS. Known him for over thirty years and one cannot easily find a guy like him - unassuming, humble, the kind who wouldn't hurt a fly. I am just glad to know he was with a bunch of guys like you all when he passed on. Rest in peace my dear friend, and may angels look after you hereon ..

  22. Deepest condolences to Bernard's family and close friends. Thank you for sharing the real story to us.

  23. deepest condolences to Bernard's family and close friends. Thank you Ching for letting us know the real incident.
    May he RIP.

  24. Thanks Ching for this report. It really clear the doubt of what happened to all Bernard's friend.

    I knew Bernard in 1993 while climbing Mt. Kinabalu and has been his hiking/ biking friends since.

    Last week Sunday i invited him to climb Mt. Kledang having nothing to do on 3rd day of CNY. It was one of those rare outing of only 2 of us hiking together. He was really happy to have gone for this trip to warm up for gunung Suku climb, a true mountaineer.

    No where on earth would i imagine it will be the last time i see him. He will be truly missed by all his friends.

    Really sad but i believe we will meet him in the next world for more wonderful mountain climbs.

  25. Very sad to hear the demise of my good friend Bernard. The first time we met him was the 2006 backpacking trip through 4 countries which was the 1st and last trip with him. May his soul rest in peace.

  26. It was sad to lose a friend, even more sad to lose a close friend of the same interest. Hope his depart did not stop your on-going will to keep the adventure spirit on.

  27. James Kok-Wai Chee12 February, 2014

    May his soul rest in peace. He died doing what he loved .... enjoyed the great outdoors.

  28. Ching, even though we have never met him, we share our sorrows with you and your friends. It is not easy to accept this sudden loss. May his Soul rest in Peace.

  29. Sorry to hear that! You have done your best at that point of time... may time heals...

  30. Very sorry to read about the death of your dear friend. He died doing what he loved most. Condolences to his family and friends.

  31. Sorry to read about the death of your best friend. Condolences to his family and friends.

  32. Connie Foong12 February, 2014

    May Mr.Bernard Lee rest in peace n God will take him in his good hands !!

  33. Jeffrey Cheng Ck12 February, 2014

    Read your write up. Sad that a man who had such an active healthy lifestyle could die of heart attack. This is indeed a wake up call for me as well.

  34. Diong Kee Onn12 February, 2014

    Only met him once in Dec 2013 and find him a very nice and sincere guy. May the Lord bless his soul.

  35. Rosalind Wls12 February, 2014

    It's sad to witness a special friend passed away. Ching, you have tried your best. My condolence to Bernard's family and may his soul RIP.

  36. You have showed us what to do with life, how to live life, your depart is not to be sadden but to celebrate and understand that "Life is about moments, don't wait for them, create them." RIP Bernard, my cycling buddy. May your soul rested in the arm of God.

  37. Our friendship started back in 1993, while we on our way up to mount KK together with Thomas Fong Choon Tuck. Bernard Lee Kar Giap, you will be missed. Really sad of your departure.

  38. May Uncle Bernard rest in peace. I believe Uncle Bernard has lived life to the fullest! My deepest condolence to Tay Seok Hooi, Tay Seok Khim, Tay Kean Peng.

  39. Keng Hui Tan12 February, 2014

    My deepest condolences. Though I met him only once on the Betong trip, he was a very easy guy to talk to, humble and modest. RIP.

  40. Sorry you lost a dear friend Ching Neng Bin. He has departed but not gone. He is safe in the Heavenly Realm.

  41. God is not fair to him. He waited till he is 60 years old to enjoy senior citizenship. He has not accomplished his dreams. He has not finished his travel itinerary for year 2014.

  42. Tay Seok Khim12 February, 2014

    RIP Dearest Uncle Bernard. You always show us the very sunshine spirit, positive attitude, be grateful be happy be humble... let's live life to fullest! Thanks Uncle Bernard Lee Kar Giap for all the sharing, teaching, caring and love! You will always be missed! May God be with your soul. May you re-unite with the late parents, brother and sister aka our mama in Heaven. How we wish the mission to Silk Road continues, by relatives or friends! Thanks Uncle for everything... from Nieces & Nephew Tay Seok Hooi, Tay Seok Khim & Tay Kean Peng. We will surely carry your teaching and spirit go on... You know us well. AhFu, no worry be happy Everything happened for a reason, and it surely for good.. Miss you, RIP.

  43. Ching, I feel rather strange that for someone whom I had only just met on that trip, his last few words was with me. He was happy and jovial descending alongside me telling me stories of his adventures.He also helped to take some pictures of me wth my iphone. He revealed his age to me and when I complimented him of his youthful look, he was so happy and took his cap off to show me his grey hairs. He said there was no secret recipe to his good skin complexion though his friends have kept asking him. Till now I still find it difficult to hold up that seconds later he was rolling down right in front of me.To his family and loved ones, I would like to say that he passed on doing what he liked and enjoyed most and he did not suffer a bit and was not in pain. He was happy and in high spirit till the very end. May he RIP.

  44. Uncle Ching, thanks for your post in your blog, now I know how my uncle died in details. I am Uncle Bernard's niece, Daphnee Ooi. I cannot sleep after I went home. I am disappointed because I won't be able to go for adventure with my own uncle. May I go trips with you if you organize outings and I am affordable?

  45. it was a shocking news 4 me when i received the sms @ 12 :00 midnite 10th feb 2014. i was in disbelief n i resend the sms back 2 Mr Selva asking " is it our BENARD of TG TUAN. He was my mentor and best buddy. At least 3 times a week i ' ll meet up wit him.
    I am very sure not only his freinds misses him. infact the tree. and the ground especially in TG TUAN PORT DICKSON will miss him dearly .
    :( :( :(

  46. Tay Seok Khim14 February, 2014

    RIP Dearest Uncle Bernard. You always show us the very sunshine spirit, positive attitude, be grateful be happy be humble... let's live life to fullest! Thanks Uncle Bernard Lee Kar Giap for all the sharing, teaching, caring and love! You will always be missed! May God be with your soul. May you re-unite with the late parents, brother and sister aka our mama in Heaven. How we wish the mission to Silk Road continues by relatives or friends! Thanks Uncle for everything... from Nieces & Nephew: Tay Seok Hooi, Tay Seok Khim & Tay Kean Peng. We will surely carry your teaching and spirit on and on... You know us well. AhFu, no worry be happy Everything happened for a reason, and it surely for good.. Miss you, RIP.

  47. Thank you for the vivid description of the ill fated day when Bernard left us so suddenly. I first read the tragic news in the paper but did not realize it's Bernard until I heard from a trekker friend during a CNY trekkers gathering last Saturday. It was real shocking and I just could not believe it. I first met Bernard during our hike about about 2 years to Mt Rinjani, Lombok; that was his second attempt as he told me. He did not make it to the summit due to the unexpected eruption. I admire his strong determination and he had inspired me to reach the top followed by my subsequent trips to other mountains. We met again during our local trekking and gave him a lift back to his relative's home in Kelana Jaya. Bernard, R.I.P. You will be dearly missed by all your friends.
    P K Chan/18th Feb, 2014

  48. Ching,

    I'm one of the last to learn the demise of your trekking mate and close buddy Bernard Lee. Don't know why when I read my e-mails everyday and only today I notice your mail coming in regarding the tragic trekking event. It's really heart-breaking to be at the site when your good friend closed his eyes right at the time you fellows were around. It's so saddening that after effort were rendered tirelessly by your team-mates and you, Bernard could not be brought back to life.It's heartening to have the members of Bomba from Sri Manjung to lend a valuable hand in bringing Bernard's body down from the trek. My deepest condolence to you and Bernard Lee's family for the immense loss. We humans will sigh: Life is so unpredictable. While we try to live a little bit longer on earth, health care must not be ignored. God bless.
    Regards from Alan Kok, KL.

  49. Dismay to hear one of your back pack partner (Bernard) leaving the group in such a sudden. Though i never met Bernard and back pack with your group, I enjoy reading your group activity, as though I was in it, but a comfort of home. It is God call. So Mr Ching. Keep it up.

  50. Having stated my deepest condolence, I wish to salute all who went out of their way making all efforts to revive Bernard under such adverse conditions. My highest respect to Encik Ibrohim Hamid for volunteering to carry Bernard safely down the hill to the awaiting ambulance. I read that the 11-member Malay group who made the emergency contact and organized the Bomba. What an admirable truly 1-Malaysia spirit !

  51. Thanks for this post and the pictures. Bernard is family to me. Back in the days when i was in Malaysia, we'd meet up weekly and go mountain biking and occasionally hike up Nuang. I don't think there'd be any other way he would have wanted to go. I thank God it was swift and painless. I also thank God for all of you who were there to help in so many ways. May God bless all of you and I pray many more trekking adventures for you in the days and years ahead! I"m sure Bernard will be in your hearts for a long time to come. --- Patrick Lee

  52. Dear Ching. Please accept my deepest sympathy for the sudden demise of your good friend and fellow trekker. Although I have never met Bernard in person, from the numerous letters and accolades coming to your blog he must have been a real inspiration to all who had come across him. Both of you must have shared many a trekking adventures over the years and you would miss him dearly. I believe Bernard would not want it any other way. May his soul rest in peace.... Francis Liew

  53. Moh Lai Meng19 February, 2014

    Dear Mr Ching,
    I really sorry about your friend, Bernard. Such a sad new & I'm sure you are missing him a lot but please be happy that you have enjoyed your friendship & adventures with him. Do take care!

  54. Siak Eoi Chung23 February, 2014

    Dear Ching, I'm so sorry to hear about the late Bernard Lee. If it's any consolation, your buddy passed on while doing something he is totally passionate about. Besides, he went surrounded by the people he loved, including you. Take care.

  55. Tan Chee Hun23 February, 2014

    Hi Ching, I am very sorry to hear about your friend Bernard Lee passing away while trekking in Gunung Suku. At 61 yrs. of age he was not old but I think he enjoy his life very much like U. The Chinese believe that passing away like that show a very good man. It is a blessing to go away like that.

  56. Very surprised to have learnt that Bernard has left us. I know Bernard when we flew together in MAS. A gentleman, a hard worker and somebody you like to work with or just hang around with.

    Thank you for posting all the photos and videos to allow me a glimpse of Bernard's final moments here on earth. I take comfort in that he was doing what he loved till the end.

    Thank you Bernard for taking care if me during our flights.

    My heartfelt condolence for family and friends. Rest in peace Bernard.

  57. Peggy Chee04 March, 2014

    Mr Ching, how are you doing now? So sorry to learn about your best friend ... try to think positive that at least god took him away when he was doing things that he loved best without suffering.... you take care...

  58. sad to read your blog a best friend pass away in mountain hiking.

  59. Chin Tekleong13 April, 2015

    Neng Bin,
    Sorry to learn about your good friend's death. May the good Lord look kindly on Bernard and the heavenly angels will bring him to heaven. Regards, John Chin