2014 - Peak 300 @ Teluk Batik, Lumut

Peak 300 @ Teluk Batik, Lumut, Perak on 03.02.2014

Behind L-R: Leong Siek Hing, Ucon Liew, Sunny Guok, Walter Chia, Bro. Kuan, Ching Neng Bin 
Front: Jeffrey Ong, Yeoh Ping Hui, Yeoh Sam Heng, Janet Teoh, Ian Goh Hong Siang, Choo Min Yee at Peak 300 Teluk Batik, Lumut, Perak on 03.02.2014

The entrance of Peak 300 trek is sandy.
The Peak 300 is the hill named by a group of trekking enthusiast lead by Mr Yeoh Sam Heng a retired banker. Twice a week the group would trek up and cook lunch for all trekkers. The hill is located at Teluk Batik and right in front of the public car park. After numerous invitation by Mr. Yeoh, I decided to trek and it was my first hill hike for this year of the horse. I have actually been up there many times when I was involved in the Malaysian Outward Bound Youth Association Children Camp in the 90s.

Looking good and fresh, and ready to hike up the Peak 300 trek in Teluk Batik, Lumut.

Trekking 2.2km to Peak 300 - The hill is just over 300m high, but could be challenging for the inexperienced. It is part of the Teluk Murok Forest Reserve and has a pretty dense forest vegetation. Twelve of us met at the Teluk Batik car park and started trekking at 8.45am. The jungle trail up to the Peak.300 was easy and pleasant (ladies trek) which took us almost an hour. The trekkers helped to carry water-bottles and for the heavy food stuff we took turns to carry. At the beginning of the trek Ms. Choo Min Yee came across a 3ft long snake passing by while the rest were literally chased by large mosquitoes. The moment you stop walking, the mosquitoes would settle on your skin and bite. I had several bites as I only wore shorts – next time must wear long.

Peak 300 trek. The half-way change over in helping to carry the heavy load uphill.

Yeoh Sam Heng @ Peak 300 trek posing for a shot at the 'Deer Head'.

Ian Goh @ Peak 300 trek. Ian Goh Hong Siang is Ching Neng Bin's nephew, and at aged 23 just graduated with a medical degree from Monash University (MBBS Honours) awaiting for his posting - am very proud of him.

Ching Neng Bin @ Peak 300 trek. This look alike 'deer's head' is the most photograph thing along the trek up to Peak.300 - Mr Yeoh said that somebody initially placed a small stone as the eye, later he got hold of a plastic eye and fixed on it to look real. We should have fed the deer with some grass.

Peak 300 - The moment we arrived at Peak.300, we started to prepare for lunch – Yeoh Ping Hui would start the fire, Yeoh Sam Heng would wash the chicken, Choo Min Yee would cut the vegetables and Janet Teoh would oversee and supervise the whole cooking operations while the rest would go for another one and half hour trek down to the waterfall and back on another trail.

Mr Yeoh and his trekkers had cleaned up the peak.300 and put up some tents and slowly furnished the camp site with the basic cooking facilities.

A job very well done for the benefit of all trekkers.

A big water tank used for collecting rain water at Peak 300.

Trekkers Boeng Leong and Sunny Guok helped to cut the special home grown red onions and some sugar-cane.

Trekker Yeoh Ping Hui has started the fire at Peak 300.

Yeoh Sam Heng cleaning the chicken before trekking to the waterfall.

Trekking down to waterfall and back to Peak 300 - We spent about an hour at Peak.300 which is an open area with not much of a view. Mr. Yeoh then got us to trek downhill westward towards the waterfall on another trail. It took us actually all the way down to the beach main road. From the waterfall area it was all the way up on a very steep slope to Peak.300 and it was only on this one and half hour trail that I sweat a lot. 

This is the most dangerous down hill trek to the waterfall from Peak 300. 

This is the most dangerous down hill trek to the waterfall from Peak 300.

This is the most dangerous down hill trek to the waterfall from Peak 300.  

A photo shoot and water break at the Y-junction on route C-right (waterfall).

Lunch break - The best moment in this trip was the lunch break with plenty of fruits to eat while waiting for lunch to be served. After lunch, we had to trek another hour back to the car park.

The smiling Ms Choo Min Yee taking out the fruits to serve.

We also had hot Chinese tea after the hike - looking on is Jeffrey Ong and Ian Goh.

All sweaty and looking hungry - we were waiting anxiously for lunch to be served.

At Peak 300 Choo Min Yee is busy cooking instant noodle to go with Chic-Kut-Teh while Bro.Kuan collecting small dry branches as fire starter to be used next week.

At Peak 300, Mr Yeoh Sam Heng is reminding us that lunch is almost ready.

Happy cooking @ Peak 300. Left pot is the Red Onion Chicken soup, middle is soya bean milk and right is the Chic-Kut-Teh.

The best Chic-Kut-Teh in Lumut at Peak 300.

Yes! The best Chic-Kut-Teh in Lumut and is ready to be served.

While waiting for lunch, I was playing with this baby 'kuku' bird that belongs to Ms Choo who took her in and feed her. I believed her parent must have discarded her or been trapped by Indonesian laborers.

Lunch is finally served! Yeoh Sam Heng distributing Red Onion Chicken Soup equally into 12 bowls.

Yeoh Sam Heng said; "If anyone wants to taste the food, please come for the trek."

This is the best soya bean milk (tau-chooi) in Lumut prepared by Janet Teoh the wife of Mr Teoh.

This is the Red Onion Chicken soup with Tu-Chung herb.

This is the sumptuous 'Chic-Kut-Teh Mee" served at Peak.300 and no where else in Perak.

This is the GPS map provided by Loi TC and marked by Jeffrey CK Ong.

In conclusion....

We had trekked a total of about 8 km. Many thanks to Yeoh Sam Heng and family for the wonderful lunch at Peak.300. And to the rest of the trekkers, I must say that it was such a cheerful fellowship with all of you and hope that there are many more to come in this year of the horse.

And for all the people out there, Peak.300 is still the best bet to keep up our fitness level and to pump up our heart on a very good cardiac exercise.

We shall meet up on 09.02.2014 for the first trekking assault of Gunung Suku (1,797m / 5,896ft) at Cameron Highland. The GPS Coordinate: N4.54271 E101.33395. Usually it takes 3 to 3 1/2 hours ascent and 2 1/2 to 3 hours descent - so see you there, ya!


  1. Hi Ching,
    Happy CNY. You and your fellow trekkers celebrated the CNY in style to climb the Bukit Batik in the district of Lumut. (Had been there but not doing the trekking)
    Great company to see you fellas sweated it out by taking turn to carry the food stuff and cooking utensils; and further sweats ensued while going down hill through another trek route. Chic Kut Teh was rewarding enough with plentiful fruit as appetizers. How nice. It's the companionship that matters apart from the toiled effort going up hill. Friends are abound and NB is never short of that. Hear from you again for your next adventure. Have good times ahead.

    Alan K.

  2. Nice to be with friends spending time at natural environment.

  3. Alistair McCulloch05 February, 2014

    Hi Ching,
    I enjoyed watching your pictures at Teluk Batik which cheered me up during a dark, driech, wet, windy and miserable afternoon here at home.

    These are very steep and difficult hills to climb with all the thick jagged undergrowth. Quite nostalgic for me as I used to walk up there passed the waterfall and up to the ridge at the top with Col. Cheng when he was warden at OBS. Quite a network of paths on the ridges on the hills down to Teluk Rubiah. I am not fit enought to attempt it now.
    Good on you.
    Best wishes.

  4. Greetings Ching,
    Wow! You sure kick-started the new year in style, trekking up Peak 300 in Teluk Batik. The camaraderie and the food sure put everyone in a very relaxed mood after the trek. Congrats again. Avery interesting article indeed. I enjoyed reading as well as looking the the pics.



  5. Hi Ching,

    Happy New Year. That is a good start!!

    Capt Wong

  6. Happy New Year to you Pheng Koh & your family. Good to have you sharing your adventure with me.
    Best regards,
    Ah Hooi

  7. Tai Thean Yen Tiennie07 February, 2014

    Dear brother, Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family. Thanks for sharing of all those photos ...
    Really nice your trip ... I wish one day can join your group ... can I?

  8. Neng Bin, I always enjoyed reading your adventures. You are a lucky and truly amazing person. Publish a book.
    Philip Ting

  9. Veeramohan Supramaniam08 February, 2014

    Keep up your adventurous spirit my friend... I am retiring end of March 2014 at 58... see you one of these days...Happy New Year.

  10. Thanks Mr Ching, that was so impressive. How I wish I can join you people to enjoy the fellowship and the fun plus the chic Kut Teh hahaha! Yes we must enjoy life.

  11. Hi Neng Bin, Happy New Year. It was a good viewing. May the horse year bring all to a greater height
    Warmest regards.

  12. Hi,
    Cool outings out there. Nice to see nature lovers enjoying their hiking adventure. Just an advice to all including myself, we need to be reminded that the area is belong to a private company. Maybe it is wise in future to talk to them first before any hiking activities. For our safety and precaution.