Day 06 Trekking ABC in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) - 07 to 21 October 2013
7am breakfast at Bamboo Guesthouse & Restaurant, Bamboo

Day 06 (12.10.2013) Trekking day 04 Bamboo to Deurali (10,020ft, 698.hPa)

The trek: Bamboo > Doban > Himalayan > Deurali

07.00 am breakfast
08.00 am depart Bamboo
08.46 am arrived at Doban (7,840ft, 757.hPa, 18.6C) noted that this is a better place to stay a night than Bamboo – it has good view and the place is neat
10.35 am arrived at Himalayan (8,920ft, 727.hPa, 24.7C)
11.00 am depart Himalayan
12.23 pm arrived at Deurali (10,020ft, 698.hPa, 24.6C) and had our lunch at Dream Lodge

The night temperature was about 6C
Sleeping: Dream Lodge & Restaurant, Deurali
Charges for a hot water shower was R1,500
Heater charge was R100 & battery charge was R200

Note: hPa is the atmospheric pressure force exerted on a surface by the weight of air.
The average sea level air pressure is 1013.hPa.

An easy one hour hike from Bamboo via long steep stone staircase, we hit Dovan.

Beautiful forest walk and many waterfalls.

8.46 am arrived at Doban (7,840ft, 757.hPa, 18.6C)

Good view of Machapuchre peak from Dovan.

Great view of Machapuchre peak - Machapuchare has never been summitted.

One of the several waterfalls on the mountain side.

Easy going uphill with splendid views, many waterfalls, and a little temple right on the trail opposite a mountain wall with many waterfalls.

These are beautiful wild plants found along the trek.

From Dovan it was another 2 hours trek on the muddy trail to Himalaya.

An hour after Himalaya, we started to break out of the forest and transition into alpine meadows.

The trail climbed into Duerali over large rocks and boulders.

One of the many dangerous wooden bridges filled with stone along the trek.

There are only four lodge buildings in Deurali.

12.23 pm arrived at Deurali (10,020ft, 698.hPa, 24.6C) and had our lunch at Dream Lodge

In the dinning room, we met 5 Chinese graduates sponsored by Chinese govt. to teach Chinese language in Nepal.
We also met new friend from Singapore sitting on the right:  Mr Raymond.

There is a ram/sheep farm beside our lodge.

Amazing sight - looks like the sky has fallen down into the valley.

Amazing sight - looks like the golden rock upon sunset.

In the kitchen we have just cut up a ram - it was supposed to be for dinner, but, unable to cut into pieces, so it was kept for the next day.
The left over of a ram.

All waiting anxiously for our dinner.

Fried potatoes cheese with 2 fried egg top.
Sleeping: Dream Lodge & Restaurant, Deurali
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Day 15 (21.10.2013) Kathmandu to KL


  1. hot water shower R1,500 per person? It's quite expensive. Any alternative? haha ...

  2. yes, it is very expensive, cos'
    they have to carry up the gas
    tank. Actually you don't have
    to take shower as the weather
    is cold and you don't sweat
    that much either.