Day 05 Trekking ABC in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) - 07 to 21 October 2013

Day 05 (11.10.2013) Trekking day 03 Chomrong to Bamboo (7,240ft, 775.hPa)
The trek: Chomrong > Sinuwa > Bamboo

Today we are supposed to stay at Doban, but, because we were not able to get rooms at Doban, we have to stay at Bamboo.

07.00 am breakfast
08.00 am depart Chomrong
10.08 am arrived at Sinuwa (7,320ft, 773.hPa, 26C) for lunch at Hill Top Lodge 
12.00 pm depart Sinuwa
01.30 pm arrived at Bamboo (7,240ft, 775.hPa, 24C)
06.30 pm dinner at Bamboo Guesthouse & Restaurant

The night temperature was about 8C
Sleeping: Bamboo Guesthouse & Restaurant, Bamboo
Charges for a hot water shower was R1,500

Note: hPa is the atmospheric pressure force exerted on a surface by the weight of air. 
The average sea level air pressure is 1013.hPa.

Our breakfast this morning was good - plain toast with fried egg.

Vegetable spring roll plus fried egg.

Gurung bread with jam/honey plus fried egg.

Gurung bread cheese.

As usual after breakfast, we started to pack our baggage.

Another good view of the Annapurna Mountains.

One good shot for the album and ready to go.

There are also many guesthouses in Chomrong with decent facilities.

Walking through the village of Chomrong - it has two sundry shops on the trek.

It was all the stone staircase down the valley until we reached the New Bridge.

Very steep decline of about 300m to the suspension bridge over the river.

Descending out of Chomrong, we were on the trek that leads to another steep ascent to Sinuwa after crossing the bridge.

From the bridge up about 500m to Sinuwa, but good trail and not too steep.
The Chomrong village as viewed from the Lower Sinuwa.

This is at the lower Sinuwa and the real Sinuwa is actually another 30min uphill.

Clear and spectacular views from the restaurant's terrace.

The Hill Top Lodge is at the upper Sinuwa (7,320ft)

10.08 am arrived at Sinuwa (7,320ft, 773.hPa, 26C) for lunch at Hill Top Lodge & Restaurant.
Fried rice and fried egg.

I had plain rice with vegetable curry for lunch.

The trail steadily climbs over a 8,335ft pass, and then it's downhill to Bamboo (7,240ft) - an impressive stretch as the mountain rolled through the dense bamboo forest.

01.30 pm arrived at Bamboo (7,240ft, 775.hPa, 24C) - there are 5 guesthouses here and the facilities become more basic.

Machapuchre turned golden when strikes by the setting sun.

It was dinner time with all the trekkers sitting together.

Sleeping: Bamboo Guesthouse & Restaurant, Bamboo

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