Day 02 Trekking ABC in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) - 07 to 21 October 2013
(L-R) Wong Kok Seong, Lim Min Heng, Andrey Avtukh, Lim Ka Tin, Sitta V.Kanagasabai, Song Poh, Datin Yogaranee Balaratnam, Tan Kim Chan, Mohd. Shahrul Mohana Dass, Ching Neng Bin

Day 02 (08/10/13) Kathmandu to Pokhara (823m / 2,700ft)  

We had hotel breakfast at 6am and left the hotel by van at 8.30am for a 210km road journey to Pokhara along Prithvi Highway arriving at 5.30pm. Along the way we had tea at the famous Hamlet Restaurant. We came across two accidents that caused us about two hours delay. The first accident was a lorry that got into the drain and the second was an overturned bus. 

We had Thali set lunch at River View Hotel at Ramailo Dada. We passed by the Mugling town where two rivers meet – the Marsyangdi and the Trisuli Rivers which are good for white water rafting. In Pokhara after dinner we walked along the streets and I bought two Mammut trekking pants at R1,300 (RM45) a pair and a T-shirt for R300 (RM10). 

Sleeping: The Lake Side Retreat, Pokhara – US100 a room
These are duffel bags given free to each of us - very useful for the porter to carry it.

Right in front of the hotel there is a big kukri knife shop.

The kukri is designed primarily for chopping and the shape varies a great deal from being quite straight to highly curved - from the remote Himalayan regions are the Mustang, Gurungs and Magars, who have earned world-wide fame as fierce Gurkha warriors who used the kukri knife.

The two smaller blades are used for sharpening and maintaining the kukri.

An enjoyable experience driving through the streets in Kathmandu and to Pokhara.

The first accident was a lorry that got into the drain along Prithvi Highway.

An old Coca Cola lorry - may be considered vintage.

Along the Prithvi Highway we had very good hot tea at the famous Hamlet Restaurant.

A colorful well decorated truck caught in the traffic jam.

The massive traffic jam after the accident along Prithvi Highway.

This stupid boy was seen crossing the Trisuli River on a wire cable meant for pulling basket across.

Without any safety body harness and if he were to fall it is going to be more than 100 feet below.

Looked like a bazaar along the highway with so many people.

The happy smiling faces that we see.

A coconut vendor along the road side.

The second accident was an overturned bus - it could be one of the most dangerous road in the world.

We had Thali set lunch here at River View Lodge and Restaurant.

True to its name with great view of the Trisuli River and the beautiful rice field terrace.

Delicious Thali lunch set with a choice of chicken or vegetarian with a perfect combination of home-made yogurt, freshly baked naan and basmati rice.

Sleeping: The Lake Side Retreat Pokhara – US100 a room

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Day 15 (21.10.2013) Kathmandu to KL


  1. Allan Hot Bod Too04 November, 2013

    Thank you for these photos, I have just been to Nepal myself for two weeks, I left Kathmandu on Oct. 30th and arrived in Australia at night on October 31st 2013. I went to Kathmandu, Bodhnath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple. Did a flight to Mt Everest, then drove onto Chitwan National Park, Bandipur, Pohara, and fly back to Kathmandu and spent a night at Bhaktapur.

    It was an interesting trip, and I enjoyed seeing your photos.

    Thanks again

  2. Thanks for sharing, Ching. Trip of a life time I bet.

  3. Tee Wah Kuang04 November, 2013

    Hi Ching, you are really something lah! Still going on so strong! Very good, keep going on my friend. Thanks for sharing your experiences!....Tee

  4. Mr. Ching, I just retired this year and would like to join your group for future tours. Appreciate u can contact me how should l go about.
    Thanks n best regards
    Simon Looi HP: 018-216 1628

  5. Thanks for sharing, hope to make it there one day. Elaine and Guan

  6. Sia Cheng Ho05 November, 2013

    Hy Ching, great trip. How I wish I can join your group, but I am still working. Can only go when I don't have any jobs. Till then.

  7. Pupalasingam05 November, 2013

    Thanks Ching, you appear to have inexhaustible stamina.
    Best regards

  8. Wong Wen Fatt05 November, 2013

    Thanks for sharing! Nice scenery....

  9. Harban Singh05 November, 2013

    Great reading. Wonderful pics. Thanks

  10. Hi NB,
    It's the mishaps that one dread to see or encounter when travelling oversees. Overturned truck and buses would remind you unfortunate incidents along GH-Karak highway back home. Looks like you fellas really enjoyed good hot tea at the roadside and in restaurants, that good? Kukri curved knives appeared to be like those blades owned by Punjabi, maybe they're acquainted with similar cultural origin. Terrain rice farming reminds oneself that Asian people are rice-eating people. Lakeside Retreat Pokhara looks distinctly Nepalese and rooms are clean and comfortable looking. Hope you fellas had good rest.
    Regards, Alan Kok