Day 03 Trekking ABC in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) - 07 to 21 October 2013
Day 03 (09.10.2013) Trekking day 01 Pokhara to Landruk (1,645m / 5,280ft, 835.hPa)
We had hotel breakfast at 7am and left the hotel by van at 8am for a 45km road journey to the trail-head at Phedi the starting point of the trek. Today was another long journey – an hour by van to Phedi and 7 hours and 20 minutes trekking to Landruk. We had one chief guide with 2 assistance guides and 4 porters.

The trek: Phedi > Pothana > Pittam Deurali > Tolka > Landruk

09.00 am arrived at Phedi (5,420ft, 830.hPa, 28.6C) for baggage packing by porters
09.20 am depart Phedi
10.40 am arrived at Annapurna Nature Conservation tourist check-post in Pothana
10.55 am arrived at Pothana Restaurant (1,890m/6,260ft, 804.hPa, 25.4C) for ginger tea
12.50 pm arrived at Pittam Deurali (6,700ft, 790.hPa, 26.2C) for lunch at Nice View Lodge. I had Tuna Cheese Pizza for R490
02.00 pm depart Pittam Deurali
03.25 pm arrived at Tolka (5,700ft, 821.hPa, 27.3C) for a short rest
04.20 pm arrived at Landruk (1,645m/5,280ft, 835.hPa, 26.6C) after 7 hours of trekking
06.30 pm dinner at Hotel Sherpa & Restaurant, Landruk

The night temperature was about 12C
Sleeping: Hotel Sherpa & Restaurant, Landruk

Note: hPa is the atmospheric pressure force exerted on a surface by the weight of air. 
The average sea level air pressure is 1013.hPa.

Another briefing by our chief guide Lamababu before we travelled 45km to Phedi.

On certain parts of  the highway we were surrounded by these mountain ram, goat or sheep.

Interesting to watch the sheep have right-of-way on the highway.

On the highway we had a glimpsed of Mt. Machapuchre or 'Fish Tail' as known by westerners.

09.00 am arrived at Phedi (5,420ft, 830.hPa, 28.6C) for baggage packing by porters.

Phedi is a small village along the highway and is where the trek starts to ABC.

(L-R) Ching Neng Bin, Wong Kok Seong, Tan Kim Chan, Sitta V.Kanagasabai, Andrey Avtukh, Datin Yogaranee Balaratnam, Song Poh, Lim Min Heng, Mohd. Shahrul Mohana Dass, Lim Ka Tin

Datin Yogaranee Balaratnam is leading the gang and followed by Wong and the rest.

Sitta V.Kanagasabai and KC took a rest for the camera shoot.

The trek immediately started ascending across beautiful cultivated fields - at far end is Phedi the starting point of our trek on the highway.
Each porter carried two duffel bags together with his own - average total weight is about 30kg.

I could easily carry it up, but, unable to walk cos' of the weight.
I am taking a break together with the guides and porters.

Getting up here is truly passing by the "heaven's gate".
10.40 am arrived at Annapurna Nature Conservation tourist check-post in Pothana.

It was a steadily 700ft climb along a high ridge trail up to this Deurali Pass at 6,700ft.

12.50 pm arrived at Pittam Deurali (6,700ft, 790.hPa, 26.2C) for lunch at Nice View Lodge. I had Tuna Cheese Pizza for R490

I am holding these marijuana plant which are grown wild in the mountain.

Do not touch this plant on the trek, very painful when prick - I was pricked twice.

As we crossed the Deurali Pass, we began a slippery descend down hundreds of steep steps to the village of Tolka (5,700ft).
The washed out trek.

The 1st suspension bridge on the trek across the Modi Khola River.

Looked like an enormous landslide happened here recently.

Taking a rest here - we gave some goodies to the children.

I was naked as I gave away my T-shirt to the poor farmer in Tolka - Tolka offered us with fantastic views of Annapurna South, Machapuchare and Hinchuli mountains.

Some beautiful lodges along the trek.

Some beautiful small hamlets along the trek.

The 2nd suspension bridge on the trek across the Modi Khola River.

The trail became exotic where the hills soar up and contours steeply exposing large field of rice.
The path levels out on the way to Landruk and opens up to great views of the adjacent river canyon as you pass through terraced fields. Landruk is a big village and would be good for an overnight stay.

Behind me is Landruk (1,645m/5,280ft, 835.hPa, 26.6C)

Saw this poster at the guesthouse.

Thakalis an indigenous of the Thak Khola region of Mustang are known for their entrepreneurship and run tea houses along the trek routes in the Annapurna region.

Sleeping: Hotel Sherpa & Restaurant, Landruk
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Day 15 (21.10.2013) Kathmandu to KL


  1. Dato' Sarjit Singh Sekhon04 November, 2013

    Thanks Ching. You guys are really enjoying earth. Many people are still sleeping and holding on to their ignorance.

  2. Harban Singh04 November, 2013

    Thanks Ching, nice photos. Was here many years I have a knee problem...over used knee!!
    T Kasih again

  3. Liew Shun Teck04 November, 2013

    Greetings Ching, I must let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your write-up and viewing the awesome photographs taken. Thank you so much. I would be making a trip there with my trekking gang next October and the write-up really fired up our enthusiasm and imagination. Hope to get the whole series from you. Thank you once again. Regards, Francis

  4. Thanks Mr Ching for the very exciting photos and precise description.
    Is the trek dusty?
    Last year we took the Beni - Jomsom trek; for the beginner, it was very dusty as the local council was opening up a gravel road; not good for trekking any more.
    Will try this route one day.

  5. RAJASVARAN NADARAJAH05 November, 2013

    Keep going mate....make the most in life! n.rajas

  6. Yoon Phooi Kwong05 November, 2013

    Dear Ching, Thanks for the kind thoughts to send us details of your adventures which are so beautifully presented. I admire and indeed envy those lovely trips which unfortunately are beyond me in terms of their toughness.

    Best Regards
    Yoon Phooi Kwong
    Tel: +6019-5559095
    189 Pekeliling Rokam Pekan Razaki, 31350 Ipoh Malaysia

  7. Soo Swee Lim05 November, 2013

    I was in Nepal this March. I visited Kathmandu and Pokhara. Some of the paths we took are very rough although it was not a backpacking trip. We were only going down hill. The other places we went were Nagarkot and Chitwan.

    I envy you people taking such trips enjoying the beauty of planet earth.

  8. Hi NB,

    Wow! trekking 7 hrs in a day over rough terrains, rocky path, mountain streams and crossing make-shift type rope bridges is real tough ordeal. Probably reminds one as backdrops of Indiana Jones movies. Fortunately you folks had porters and donkeys to help out. 30 kgs isn't too heavy but NB couldn't walk the length of the trekking journey. Long haired mountain goats have natural body protection against harsh cold weather. Self-less NB was generous to go topless to give away his T-shirt. If known earlier, am sure you folks would have brought more to donate to those needy.
    Alan Kok

  9. Thanks for another wonderful post. Where else could anybody get that type of info in such an ideal way of writing?
    Trekking in Nepal