2008 - Kayaking to Leisure Bay

Malaysian Outward Bound Youth Association
Selangor Branch - Youth Holiday Camp
Kayaking to Leisure Chalet, Lumut
21 Jun <> 22 Jun 2008

26 members from Selangor Branch came for the kayaking expedition in Lumut in conjunction with the Youth Holiday Camp, held once a year. It consists of instructors and members preparing for their annual children camp to be held in December.
 Day 01 (21.06.2008)
a view of the waterways from Ching's apartment, Lumut

the river that runs below the apartment

the river running towards Lumut

the waterway in front of apartment at low tide

the waterway in front of apartment at high tide

Arriving at the boat-house in the morning, the group was well received by Mr. Val Allan and Mr. Ching of Perak Branch. With a short briefing on kayaking skill and safety aspect by Mr. Ching and Mr. Allan respectively, the expedition commenced at 9.30 am. It took about 3 hours of hard rowing to reach the camp-site at Leisure Chalet, passing by the Lumut Maritime Club, Lumut Port, Lumut Fishery, Lumut Marine Police and the Kampong Acheh Industrial Park beside the port. Evening was a B.B.Q. dinner and we had good fellowship and chat thought the night. The next morning at 8.30am the team rowed back to the boat-house arriving at about 10.30am.

smiling all the way to carry more kayaks to the water

Chan Nam Hong giving a helping hand in carrying the kayaks

it is not that heavy 

Mr.V.A.Allan giving some tips on kayaking

Ready to go!!

I did it! My way! Well done!

Happy couple - George Ling and wife getting onto the kayak

No problem rowing - hands free la! Its so easy

Lets go! shouted George Ling

last three kayaks to go

rowing the long and winding river ahead

Leisure Bay


sunset at Leisure Bay

Day 02 (22.06.2008)
I reach home first!

Home sweet home

"I can't get out, my leg stuck" said Kaja

washing up and the taste of mud everywhere

we are clean but very wet

a big thank you to Mr.Allan from En.Kaja

last minute debrief and ready to drive back to KL

saying goodbye to Mr Val Allan and Ching Neng Bin of Perak Branch

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