2016 - Tasik Temenggor Fishing Adventure day 3

3 Days Temenggor Lake Fishing Adventure, 19th to 21st August 2016
One last group photograph taken before saying goodbye to our hosts, Mr Liman Cama Kawei and his wife Ms Lim (林彩英).

Day 03 (21.08.2016) – Temenggor Lake back to Sitiawan

It was indeed an interesting night fishing with the Orang Asli boys with their homemade spear guns and also sleeping under the thousand stars on the ground in a deserted island.

Sleeping at 2am and waking up at 6.30am to see the beautiful site of this island (N5.45466 E101.31846). Two of us slept on hammock and the rest on the ground sheets beside a small campfire.

7.01am - We departed the island for the one hour journey back to the jetty.
8.03am - Arrived at the jetty.
9.30am - What about durian for breakfast?
10am - We departed Liman's house for Sitiawan. However, we had one last drive around the Kemar settlements for more durians to buy.
1pm - Stopped at Restoran Dong Jing, Sg. Siput for lunch. It was home sweet home after the lunch. Two vehicles to Sitiawan and one each to Ipoh and KL.

Total expenses excluding transport for the 3day adventure was about RM60 per pax. I must say it was a very very cheap and memorable adventure. Looking forward for another adventure in the near future.

To the four drivers: Boss Ng, Tan Yoke Tian, Ah Hoon and Francis Choong (Ah Fatt), we would like to salute and thank you for your safe driving up and down the dangerous 54km mountain dirt road.
6.30am - Both Ah Thai and Boss Ng slept on hammock while I slept on the ground with my floor mat.

6.35am - Ah Thai just woke up and still looking quite sleepy. On the left is where I slept on the ground.

The five Orang Asli boys still sleeping soundly on their ground sheet. They must be very tired diving.

6.53am - Oh My God! I suddenly realised that we were all sleeping on the ground beside this dead tree. Luckily there was no strong wind or thunderstorm to bring down the branches. Otherwise it would be a one way ticket for us.
7.01am - Getting ready to go back which was an hour journey to the jetty.

The Orang Asli boys in their boat.

We camped on this small island for the night.

It is always safer to stay on small island as it does not have animals. I am not sure about snakes.

Boss Ng holding his camera is a professional photographer from Sitiawan. Hi likes to take scenery and small rare insects.

7.15am - We could see the Temenggor dam at a distance.

Another beautiful small island with chalets.

7.17am - The Temenggor hydro electric power plant. This Hydro Power Plant with a design capacity of 348 MWe has 4 unit(s) commissioned in 1978. It is operated by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

There was slight rain and we could see the thick mist on the hills and as well as above the water.

With slight rain we could see the clouds above the water. This picture was well taken by Boss Ng.

7.55am - We drove through these gigantic dead trees still standing tall in the water. It was an eerie feeling among the dead trees.

8.03am - Approaching the jetty and trying to park our two boats.

8.14am - We were unloading our gears and the icebox of fishes onto our pickup truck parked nearby.

The is the first 3.5kg Kaloi fish speared by Orang Asli.

This is the second 3.5kg Kaloi fish speared by Orang Asli.
A box full of fishes speared by Orang Asli.

We would like to thank this five Orang Asli boys who were with us for the overnight fishing. They caught all the fishes for us to take home while we caught nothing.

Its confirmed, a total of 7kg for the two fishes.

9.30am - What about durian for breakfast? We practically had durian for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What a durian adventure!

I took a picture with Mr Liman for remembrance. Mr Liman has only one leg as he lost a leg during the Malayan emergency in the 60s.

All the sisters were getting ready for the long journey home.
9.45am - Never leave the place without taking all the durians home.

Everybody helped to carry the durians into the vehicles.

Saying goodbye to Mr Liman and wife 林彩英 Ms Lim . It was really hard to say goodbye to them not knowing when we will be back again. 

Dear Liman (Cama Kawei) and Ms Lim (林彩英), we sincerely like to thank both of you for hosting us in your house for the three days adventure. We would like to come back again to your place for fishing and the fruit festival in future. Once again thank you very much.

10am - We departed Liman's house and had one last drive around the Kemar settlements for more durians to buy.

10am - We drove around the Kemar settlements for more durians.

A good bargain for RM1 a durian and we took it all.

10.29am - The river crossing on the journey back.

11.11am - Arrived at the timber logging camp.

1pm - Stopped at Restoran Dong Jing, Sg. Siput for lunch.

Lunch was sponsored by Mr Tan Yoke Tian. Thank you very much.

Our 3.5kg Kaloi fish on the table. I must say that the restaurant fried the fish very well as it tasted very good.

It was home sweet home after lunch. Two vehicles to Sitiawan and one each to Ipoh and KL.
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  1. Harban Singh19 September, 2016

    Hi Ching,
    Such an interesting journey & well documented with wonderful pictures. I enjoyed the reading & imagined I was there. Many thanks & say hi to all yr comrades & intrepid.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful escapades CNB. May God bless you and your family with all the good health to continue with your adventures and sharing with those who can still be able to enjoy on the arm chair. Cheers....Hew..

  3. Thank you Mr Ching for sharing all your exciting adventurous photos. I enjoy them all.

  4. Thank you for sharing your interesting trip. How about Tasik Kenyir? You could hire a houseboat that comes with a cook for a leisurely trip. You could overnight near a beautiful waterfall and also make a visit to a cave inhabited by albino crickets, crabs etc. There is also an access point to Taman Negara.

  5. Leong Kwok Seng21 September, 2016

    Hi Ching, as always, love your sense of adventure and the detailed narration of your trips. Keep them coming.

  6. Chan Nam Hong21 September, 2016

    Thanks for sharing. How I wish I was there too. Adventure with fresh fish is one of the best.

  7. Wu Chee Thutt22 September, 2016

    Mr. Ching, that was a wonderful write-up! Congratulations!

  8. Ching, Thanks for sharing such wonderful adventure trips you have! Really nice photos and good sharing!

    Susan Lim,
    Managing Advisor,
    Manulife Asset Management Services Bhd'

  9. Ching,
    Exciting trip n by reading your journal is good enough to pump up old heart. Thank u.

  10. Walking Tall Liew M. K.23 September, 2016

    Dear Mr. Ching,

    Thank you for sharing your fishing trip at Temenggor Lake. Your detailed explanation with pictures have made me feel as if I was there with you. This is a trip that I will not likely to make and your report has kind of provided the experience for me. I am not sure I can rough it out like you guys but this was one good way to go back to nature. Thanks once again for sharing the experience, and God bless !

    MK Liew.