2016 - Cosmic Cowboy Country Band

L-R: Ching Neng Bin, Tan Lean Khiong, Alias Santana, Tan Keng Hui, Frankie Yap.

Cosmic Cowboy Country Band performed at Rotary Club of Sitiawan 56th Installation Dinner. Tan Keng Hui and Frankie Yap on rhythm and vocal, Tan Lean Khiong on drums, Alias Santana on lead guitar and Ching Neng Bin on bass. Some of the songs recorded on tape as follows:-

Songs by Tan Keng Hui
 01. The room at the top of the stairs

02. Just another day in paradise

03. Help me make it through the night 

04. California Blue 

05. Casablanca 

06. You are my best friend 

07. I don't want to talk about it 

08. If I said you had a beautiful body 

09. More than I can say 

10. Take me home country road 

11. The sensitive kind 

12. Sha la la la

13. Pun kan pat leong

14. Chine chine chine

15. The young ones and Oh carol

16. The room at the top of the stairs

17. Okie from Muskogee

18. Kwai ma sheong seng

19. Black magic woman

Songs by Frankie Yap

20. When it’s springtime in Alaska 

21. Judy 

22. Here I am Acapulco 

23. Anita you're dreaming 

24. Save the last dance for me 

25. Cher tau 迟到 

The moon represents my heart 

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