2014 - Dr. Ian Goh Hong Siang

Dr. Ian Goh Hong Siang
Congratulations on graduation!
Sunway Hotel & Resort on 06.04.2014

My nephew: Dr. Ian Goh Hong Siang at aged 23
Dear Dr. Ian Goh, we are all so proud that your dedication have enabled you to accomplish great things. Well done and Congratulations! We all celebrate your success on your graduation from Monash University Malaysia on getting your MBBS degree with honours! 

Education in Sitiawan
Primary school: St Francis from 1997-2002, UPSR 5A's
Secondary: SMK ACS from 2003-2007, PMR 7A's, SPM 10A's 1B3

Tertiary education
Pre-u foundation: Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) from March 2008 - November 2008 (Score of 345/400)

Monash University Malaysia from 2009 - 2013, MBBS honours
L-R: my niece Goh Hong Suan, my sister Ching Meei Jin, my nephew Dr. Ian Goh Hong Siang and my brother-in-law Dr. Goh Chooi Beow

Pre-clinical years: Year 1 & 2 in Monash University Malaysia.
Clinical years: Year 3, 4 & 5 in Clinical School Johor Bahru (CSJB), 
Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru (HSAJB), Hospital Permai/Tampoi, 
Melbourne, Australia - Alfred Hospital & Caulfield Hospital 
Sri Lanka - National Hospital of Colombo
Father and son: Dr. Goh Chooi Beow and Dr. Ian Goh Hong Siang.

Mother and son: Ching Meei Jin and Dr. Ian Goh Hong Siang.

Ian's Mother and sister: Ching Meei Jin and Goh Hong Suan.

L-R: Ian Goh Hong Siang, Tan Jin Ern, Nicholas Chai.

L-R: Ian Goh Hong Siang, Ng Chor Yang, Lam Jeng Hwan, Fuad Farouk.

L-R: Ian Goh Hong Siang, Ng Chor Yang, Lee Pik Yin, Lam Jeng Hwan
A long wait for photography session.
L-R: Lee Phey Chien, Lim Li Tatt, Caroline Wong, Tin Yee, Loo Ching Mei, Kieron Lee, Ian Goh.

L-R: Lee Phey Chien, Lim Li Tatt, Ian Goh Hong Siang.

Professor Dr Parasakthi Navaratnam (microbiology), Ngim Chin Fang (consultant paediatrician).

Mr Khairul Nizam - best admin - in charge of students.

This convocation day belongs to Ian's beloved parents and sister for their encouragement and support.

L-R: Ng Chor Yang, Ian Goh, Lee Phey Chien, Lim Li Tatt, Ooi Bai Han, (standing - Ong Xin Wei, Nabeela Ahmad).

Muhamad Aizuddin, Nabila Beylala (standing - Gayathri).

Graduation ceremony in
Sunway Hotel & Resort on 6 April 2014

Prof. Paul Fullerton, ?, Kah Wai's mum, Kah Wai, Li Tatt, Jun Beng, Jasmine, Jesslyn, Sisith, Jia Rong, Joe Jin.

Dr. Lim & Mrs Lim, Lim Li Tatt - Dad's senior from Malaya.

Sam Wong, Tin Yee, Ching Mei, Irene Fong

Ian Goh, Ong Xin Wei, Irene Fong

Jesslyn, Kah Wai's mother, Kah Wai, Joe Jin

Lim Li Tatt, Ian Goh, Jasmine Chan
Chia Huay Ann - housemate - also in Tasmania

Kieron Lee and Ian Goh

Ian Goh and Sam Kah Wai

Lai Kee Hao and Ian Goh

Joe Jin, Jeng Hwan, Choon Sam, Jia Rong, Jung Beng, Xin Yi, Jin Ern, Lim, Wen Jye, Nicholas,
Sara, Jasmine, Serene, Kee Hao, Jesslyn, Pik Yin, Joanna, Carrmen, Irene, Tin Yee, Ching Mei,
Tim, Nizam, Kah Wai,
Joe Jin, Jeng Hwan, Choon Sam, Jia Rong, Jun Beng, Xin Yi, Jin Ern, Li Tatt, Wen Jye, Nicholas Chai,
Sara Lee, Jasmine, Serene, Kee Hao, Jesslyn, Pik Yin, Joanna, Carrmen, Irene, Tin Yee, Ching Mei,
Timothy Wong, Khairul Nizam, Kah Wai

Nicholas, Wen Jye, Matthias, Gaythri, Rebekah, Timothy, Kieron, Sam Wong, Kee Hao,
Carrmen, Huey Ting, Joanna, Pik Yin, Sara, Ching Mei, Tin Yee, Irene, Xin Wei

Kiern, Sam Wong, Kee Hao,Wen Jye, Huey Ting, Joanna, Pik Yin, Sara, Ching Mei, Tin Yee, Irene, Xin Wei

National Hospital of Colombo - Sri Lanka
Congratulations again on your acceptance to the Department of Human & Health Services Tasmanian Government. Ian Goh is currently based in Mersey Community Hospital in Latrobe, Tasmania for 3 months until July 2014. Then will be based in North West Regional Hospital in Burnie, Tasmania (until April 2015).

Internship acceptance process by Ian Goh. Quote "Was advised that there were vacancies for internship positions for the NW regional hospitals. Emailed resume to HR on 3 February 2014, response received on the 6 February to organise a telephone interview. Telephone interview conducted by Dr Corinne Ginifer - Director of Clinical Training on 10 February (the day after our Gunung Suku hike) at 10 am (AUS time, 7 am Malaysian time). Interview went for over an hour.

One hour after the interview at around 10am, sent a thank you email to thank the Medical Recruitment Support Officer, Shauna Cole and 10 minutes later, was offered an internship position.

Flew to Melbourne on 12 March and flew to Devonport on 16 March. Started induction on 17 March till 2 April 2014 in Mersey Community Hospital. Officially start work on 13 April 2014." Unquote.

Celebration Dinner at Restaurant Michelin Star Sitiawan on 7th April 2014. The dinner was hosted by my sister, Ching Bee Geok to celebrate; (1) Dr. Ian Goh's graduation, (2) Dr. Ian Goh's acceptance to the Department of Human and Health Services Tasmanian Government, Australia and (3) both me and my sister Ching Meei Jin's birthday. After dinner we all adjourned to the house to cut our birthday cakes.

Happy Birthday to myself and my sister Ching Meei Jin



  1. Thanks for the compliments & blog entry. Couldn't have done it without my parents' support & encouragements, inspiring lecturers (Dr Rafidah, Dr Azim, Dr Punna Wong, Dr Ngim, Dato Veloo, Dr Khor to name a few) & friends Chia Huay Ann from Monash.

    Special thanks to Dr Han Seong Yap, who has guided me throughout my clinical years and is currently pushing me for my post-grad membership exams. Not only has he imparted a vast amount of knowledge to all his students but also displayed humility, kindness, compassion & care that should be emulated by all budding doctors. Thanks for all the ecgs & questions sent over the years... easily able to publish a book by now, not forgetting all the words of encouragement too.

    Three pieces of advice he has given me upon graduation are:

    - maintain good level of knowledge
    - optimise patient management
    - optimise patient satisfaction

  2. Yong Keong Choon17 April, 2014

    Congratulations for attaining an outstanding result. Adelaide is another good location to consider after your internship.

    Malaysia's lost is Australia's gain!
    We wish you a successful and enjoyable profession and hope you have time to visit the 'old' country.


  3. Another pearl shines in the Ching clan! Too bad the country does not value and cherish the ever ready service of non-bumiputras. Now there're more than 15 universities and uni.colleges in the country that churn out medical graduates every year by the tens of hundreds.
    According to my niece at KLH, there're already too many doctors in the country. Regards,

    Alan K.

  4. Another human capital flight for Malaysia. My nephew Dr. Ian Goh Hong Siang, graduated from Monash University Malaysia in Oct. 2013, MBBS degree with honours. He waited for 3 months and still no internship offer from the Malaysian Hospital, so he applied to do it in Australia.

    Guess what, three days from the date of his application, he has got Acceptance to the Department of Human & Health Services Tasmanian Government.

    He is currently based in Mersey Community Hospital in Latrobe, Tasmania for 3 months until July 2014 and then to North West Regional Hospital in Burnie, Tasmania (until April 2015).

  5. Rosalind Chan Yee Fong18 April, 2014

    God bless Dr Ian. Better opportunities in Aust.

  6. Lai Chakming18 April, 2014

    To see this positively, this is Malaysia's contribution to the world at large!

  7. Dear Ching
    Well, it took most BolehLanders years to find out how bloody corrupted, racist, and 4th class mentality the country is. As I always say, the intelligent and smart people stay on to dream, hope and fight for change. The W I S E people just move on with their legs and start again. They know that their next generations would be must better than staying on to fight a losing battle with those fake Malays, la. Anyway congratulation to your nephew who woke up from his sweet dream. Go la and pay your respect to the Tiger of Jelutong, ma.
    Kind regards

  8. Pearly Wong19 April, 2014

    Thank you for sharing. Your nephew makes a right move. I wish him all the very best in whatever he undertakes.

  9. Neng Bin congrats on your nephews internship in Tasmania. Malaysia's loss is Australia's gain. That's how they want it and don't look at it as a loss.

  10. Mr Ching, Congratulations 2 u n yr sister's son on his radiant achievements. We, Malaysian Chinese should b proud of him! Cheers! 😀😀😀👍👍👍👏👏👏

  11. Jeremy Lim19 April, 2014

    Hi Neng Bin, my heartiest congrats to your nephew Dr. Ian Goh on his brilliant medical studies. I could feel how frustrated many talents from this country have gone through. I pray that given time Dr Goh will return to this land we all call Home, together with many other brain drains now serving worldwide... God certainly has His plan for many brain drains. Patience and Perseverance and Faith in Him will see miracles .... Amen !


  12. Hi Neng Bin
    Not something new at all. Even SM Lee Kuan Yew said that Malaysia is prepared to loose talent for the sake of preserving one race. The lack of justice, fairness and transparency has resulted in dick heads at the top turning the country backwards. The tragic MH 370 event is also the result of an unprecedented screw up over the years and sadly will continue to be.

  13. betty khoo19 April, 2014

    wow ... proud to be Malaysian BUT ... no words to describe ... stay in Australia and don come back ... Malaysia apa pun boleh!
    cheers ...

  14. Pauline Foo19 April, 2014

    Congrats to your nephew Dr. Ian Goh for the wise move .... Australia
    needs many doctors and more so that those who graduated from the
    Australian universities! Well done to our young and budding doctors!!!

  15. Hi Ching

    Congratulations to your nephew. This is truly Malaysia's loss. But, if I may, I would like to tell our youth who are working overseas, the world is yours to conquer, but hold your homeland, Malaysia, close to your heart. There will come a day when Malaysia will need all its sons and daughters who have gone overseas to come back and set it right.

    We don't know when the time will be but I believe that as soon as that mamak kutty drops, we can see a good chance of our country reverting to what it was before that black mamak came into power and that is when we will need our youth to come back to stand behind our old who remain behind to fight for justice and democracy for all Malaysians.

    Where are you off to next ?? Enjoy your back packing trails and stay safe. Best wishes.

  16. Jason Ling20 April, 2014

    Yes, it is the govt. own doing. We need more people like YB Karpal Singh to fight for justice, equality and for nation's progress.

  17. Guess what, a local colorectal surgeon from UK, who married a Hong Kong lady (also a research doctor into cancer) applied for work permit some years back. They were doing their 3 monthly visits to renew her entry by going to S’pore and back to KL decided to apply to S’pore who grab them with no qualms and without question. He is very well known now internationally and she does research for S’pore government. He not only operates but teach younger doctors plus is a world invited speaker. Our loss, so there you are! Occasionally the wife comes down to KL to help in Hospice.

  18. AnthonyWong20 April, 2014

    How can this paradise of a country ever prosper with the "dog in the manger" attitude of the powers that be? My heart bleeds to witness this sheer waste of enviable talent! Good luck Dr. Ian Goh - Malaysia's voluntary loss and Australia's involuntary gain. With best wishes and warmest regards, AnthonyWong

  19. Ramakrishna Ramachandran20 April, 2014

    Ching, thank you. No choice as one has to get the best in life. Best regards. Rama.

  20. Chew Seng Leong20 April, 2014

    Thank you very much for this mail Mr. Ching. I feel very proud of your nephew Dr.Ian Goh Hong Siang. May he have a very Bright future in Australia.

  21. Dear Mr. Ching, Congratulations to your nephew on his new assignment in Australia. Hope many good opportunities will open up for him from there. The best is yet to come.

    I took that same path by taking a leap of faith and coming to the US in 1986. For life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.

  22. Sip Seng Cho22 April, 2014

    That's delightful news, Mike and Ching. It's another gain for Australia but sadly for Malaysians, it is further evidence of government mismanagement.

  23. Congratulations and another gain to Australia. Keep them coming. They don't call us the Clever Country for nothing.

  24. shirleepoel22 April, 2014

    Congrats to you and your family. By not being in Malaysia your nephew has actually nothing to lose ... the sky is the limit...

  25. Cheng Kok Pin22 April, 2014

    Remember the lyric of this song 'those were the days my friend'?
    The crux of the matter is that there is a glut of doctors in Malaysia today.
    Private institutions like Manipal and IMU attract many students as
    parents mostly want their children to be doctors, very prestigious.
    The govt also produce tons of medical graduates.
    The moment the students score all As,
    almost everyone want to apply to do medicine.
    Internship can only be through government hospitals
    and the amount they can take in is finite.
    Naturally the priority is for locally produced medical graduates
    and those on government scholarships.

  26. Eddy Cheong23 April, 2014

    Dear Ching,

    Congratulations indeed to Ian Goh!

    For Malaysia, it is a genuine loss, but racist UMNO -- from party apparatchiks to dickheads from the rest of the PM's cabinet -- are too dumb to realize it represents another costly brain drain to the country. Since Australia welcomes Ian with open arms, am sure he will be happy settling down to know his skills and knowledge will be warmly received.

    Let us welcome another new Australian to our ranks!

    Eddy Cheong
    New Huaren Forum

  27. David KC Foo23 April, 2014

    Congratulations and best wishes, Dr Ian Goh. Malaysia will miss you, but we understand and appreciate your good choice.

  28. Allan Hot Bod23 April, 2014

    I think that there will always be a call for good Doctors from other countries here in Australia. He will find a different climate going from Malaysia to Tasmania as it is the most southern state in the country. I am in Queensland which is much further north. All the best

  29. Thanks for sharing Ching. Well done and heartiest congratulations to your nephew Dr Ian and family, and your good self. Best wishes, Kuan

  30. Minderjit Benvait24 April, 2014

    Many congratulations to your nephew, it is great that he will be in a country which welcomes him and appreciates his potential. It is a blessing he will have a better life. Another big loss to Malaysia. Regards Minderjit .

  31. Smart and clever people have no place in the local civil service.