2013 - Bukit Kledang Ipoh, Perak

Bukit Kledang, Menglembu, Ipoh on 22.09.2013
In preparation for my coming Nepal Annapurna Sanctuary Trek from 7th to 21st Oct.2013, the Kledang Hill is the best place to go in Ipoh. It was my second training hike up to the highest point and that is the RTM station. I would need to have another go on 28th Sep. before I fly to Nepal on the 7th Oct. 2013.

The foot of Kledang Hill is about 15km away from my Ipoh house, and the peak stands at 800m (2,640 ft) high and is located at the Menglembu township. The trails to the hilltop RTM station consist of several jungle treks, including a paved road of about 6.4 km. The four most prominent hiking trails are: (A) No. 4-2 in one hour, (B) No. 4-3 in 1 ½ hour, (C) No. 4-9 in 2 hours and (D) the RTM or river/jungle trek in 4 hours. I have no idea how this numbers came from.

The locals fondly refer to the longest trail as RTM or New Trail as it ends at a broadcasting tower, perched on top of Kledang Hill. This was the trail that I did for the second time with the group that do it every Sunday at 3.30pm.
Bukit Kledang Ipoh - This is the main road up the trail in an housing estate.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - We all met at this ice-kacang store where we had a body count of nine for the hike.

This is Bukit Kledang as seen from this ice-kacang store. The transmission tower on-top the hill.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - We started at 3.40pm. The trail begins by walking on the paved road before turning right onto the RTM trail and is also the 4-3 and 4-9 trails. On the left of the road is the No.4-2 trail.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - On the right is the view of Ipoh town.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - The first 10 minutes walk was hot under the sun as there were no trees.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - There were a total of 3 hills to climb. This was the start of the first hill and was the longest of all the three hills.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - In front is Mr Nathan.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - On the left is the 4-3 trail. Please take the trek on the right down to a small stream and then all the way up.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - Yes, it was a very very steep climb.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - We needed the ropes to help us to climb on certain slopes.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh 

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - We all took a short rest on top of this first hill.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - This first hill trail is about 2km and we took an hour. There are plenty of markings and signage so it is difficult to go off trail.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - This was the start of the 2nd hill climb.
Bukit Kledang Ipoh - Arrived on top of this second hill after another half hour of climbing one km.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - Behind me is Mr Nathan and Tai Kao (big piece) in yellow T-shirt. The hill is rich with an array of flora and fauna. From this point at the height of about 1500 ft. it was again very steep all the way to the peak at 2640 ft. Noticed that most of us had taken off the T-shirt. And as for me, my clothing were fully soak in my sweats.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - Ah Keong said that this way is the start of the third and final hill before reaching the RTM station towers at the peak.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - The trail is very clean and I couldn't find any rubbish.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - Finally, we all arrived safely at the RTM station and this is the path out of the jungle trail beside a tower. I was the last to walked up as I was pretty exhausted.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - Tower 1 at RTM transmission station
Bukit Kledang Ipoh - Tower 2 at RTM transmission station
Bukit Kledang Ipoh 

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - Tower 3 is the highest station tower at the peak.
Bukit Kledang Ipoh - This tough guy, Ah Keong the team leader who is also a marathon runner made it in 1hr. 20 minutes. He had a friend to drive up his old van bringing watermelons for all of us to quench our thirst. After a short rest, we all took Ah Keong's van down to the foot hill to the parking lot in 30 minutes. Happiness is not walking back.

Bukit Kledang Ipoh 

Bukit Kledang Ipoh 

Bukit Kledang Ipoh 

Bukit Kledang Ipoh 

Bukit Kledang Ipoh - In conclusion, I was happy that I made it to the peak through 4.48km of steep jungle trek in 2 hrs 3 minutes and 982 calories burned as shown in my Endomondo GPS tracking. For normal trekkers it would be a 4 hours hike.


  1. Obviously there's a tarred road to the top for those technicians, engineers and contractors/workers to travel up to the RTM communication tower for their chores. You guys made it to the top by going through the tropical rain forest ascent for the preparation for your Nepalese Mt climb in Oct. Gee, great effort! To hear from you further upon your feat on conquest of the North Indian Continental Mountains. Good luck and good cheers, regards from Alan Kok.

  2. ong bee leng24 September, 2013

    Thank you, Mr Ching. I am sure u will enjoy the Annapurna trek in Nepal. I toured Nepal for 8 days in May/June 2013. It was such an experience though didn't do any trekking and pictures of the skies are so blue and bright - lovely country but dirty. Gemstones are so cheap and beautiful and u can find them everywhere. Do enjoy yourself!

  3. I can only look on in admiration - I come from Ipoh and have not done any trekking up Kledang those days, now I only read of others' adventures. But I'm inspired and will take the tarred road next time I'm back in Ipoh. Good luck for your Nepal hike and look forward to read of your postings.
    Poh Lean

  4. Oon Lai Kuan25 September, 2013

    Ching Neng Bin you are a 21 st century Marco Polo by the meticulous way you describe your adventures. I am fascinated by your many travel adventures and hope to join you on one of your adventures soon when I get the chance.

  5. Hi Ching, thanks for the info on the menglembu hill climb. I go there 4 times a a week, twice to 4-9 and twice up "Kong Tau Sarn". I have yet to make an attempt to go right up to RTM. The 4-9 actually refers to a milestone to denote 4.9 miles and 4-2 means 4.2 miles on the milestone. Good luck on your Annapurna Trek. Will be going there in April next year.... Francis Liew

  6. Koay Bee Lee26 September, 2013

    Hi Mr Ching, "Lei Ho Yea" (mean you great ), I like to join but my repair man is coming on this date (28th, Saturday) to replace the doors & grille. maybe next time if you are still going. At the moment I am now in Taiping came back on Tuesday evening going again tomorrow evening or Saturday morning. Enjoy your trekking.

  7. Ching - enjoy your Nepal trip. please send my regards to all & I disappointed that I cant make the trip.

  8. norman & carol01 October, 2013

    hi Ching enjoy Nepal and look forward to hearing about it.Hope you can take me up to the RTM next time i am @ Sitiawan.Norman

  9. Chin Tekleong13 April, 2015

    This Kledang Hill. I remember I brought my scouts and guides to climb it during the 60's when I was teaching in SYS Batu Gajah. I think this hill must have changed with time. I miss Batu Gajah and Ipoh since moving back to my hometown in Penang. My regards. Chin