2009 - Cameron @ Bukit Lowick

Cameron Highlands Holiday
Three days at Lowick Bungalow
01 Nov <> 03 Nov 2009

(L-R) Ching Neng Bin, Ching Bee Geok, Ching Jin Yuan, Winnie Law, Ching Neng Shyan, Dr.Goh Chooi Beow, Ching Jin Wei, Shevin Teoh, Judith Khoo, Ching Sze Lin, Catherine and Ching Meei Jin
Day 01 (01.11.09) KL, PG, Sitiawan>Ipoh>Cameron

The meeting place for the Ching's family was my Ipoh house - a car from KL, Penang & Sitiawan. All together we had 12pax for this trip. Thanks to Judith who did the reservation 6 months ago. After lunch at the famous Nam Heong Coffee-Shop in Ipoh old town, we drove slowly up to Cameron Highlands - destination Bukit Lowick Bungalow.
Bukit Lowick was originally established in 1948 by Mr. Baldwyn Lowick. Taking up two acres of land on Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.
Bungalow is situated high on a hill overlooking the Cameron Highlands Golf Course
The garden view overlooking another hill
Kim is enjoying the fresh cool mountain air
Caason and Winnie took time to do some office work
All waiting hungrily for western dinner to be served
Facilities are TV + Astro + Wifi + 2 Mahjong tables
Western set: Lamb & Chicken & Apple Pie
Delicious apple pie

Ching Jin Wei said "Very good meal".
Day 02 (02.11.09) Trekking round golf-course

Breakfast was toast bread, egg, noodles and coffee. Since Sze Lin has been here before, she took us for trekking in the morning round the golf-course, visiting some resorts and later joined her daddy for a round of golf. Afternoon lunch was the "nasi lemak" and dinner was team-boat. Evening was the cock-tail party drink.
It was a heavy western breakfast with noodles
Gearing up for the big-walk
Sze Lin, Judith and Bee Geok

Catherine and I
Kim & Dr.Goh
Bee Geok and Sze Lin
Caason and Winnie
At the Cameron Highlands Golf Course
Wei & Shevin
Caason and Winnie
Standing alongside the golf course is The Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant. This English Tudor style Hotel built in 1939 provides you with the ultimate in colonial ambiance.
Super model in the making

Hotel Casa dela Rosa. It is more like an apartment and caters for family size accommodation.

Hey! Watch my back

The Cameron Highland Resort, was formerly the Merlin Inn, but was bought over by YTL Hotels & Properties. Now the brand new 56-room boutique property is completely renovated and refurbished giving it a elegant luxurious look and charm.
Trekking up to a strawberry farm

Strawberry ice cream taste good

Mount Vernon Bungalow

That was my first stroke - not bad. This is a public golf course open to anybody who would like to play golf in the fresh air of the highlands. It is run by the Cameron Highlands district Office. The Green fees on weekdays is RM52.50 and weekends is RM84.
Ching Neng Shyan my guru
Walking back to Bukit Lowick

Nasi Lemak for lunch

Pristine and majestic bungalow with beautiful garden

It maintains that colonial look and feel

View of Tanah Rata from the bungalow
View of the Selangor Sultan's bungalow on the other hill
Steam-boat for dinner

Free flow of drinks after dinner
Cheers everybody!
Day 03 (03.11.09) Trekking the Mossy Forest

Day three was the last day, so no trip to Cameron Highlands is complete without a trip to the tea plantations and the Gunung Brinchang mossy forest.
at Sungai Palas tea plantation
Cruised along the rolling tea hills to Mount Brinchang, the highest mountain in the Cameron Highlands (2032m), enjoying the cool air and the magnificent view of the tea plantation.

Entrance to the mossy forest

The walk into the Mossy Forest will reveal some of the most of unique forest flora of this mountain like the carnivorous pitcher plant, ferns, wild orchids and other native plants.

Chicken rice for lunch

Saying good-bye to Mr. & Mrs. Wong the bungalow caretaker (on the right)
I have been to Cameron Highlands many times and this was my first stay at Bukit Lowick Bungalow. This has been my best experience of staying in a bungalow with the rest of the family. The spacious 3-rooms and a living area carries the best feeling of good resting place for a good family holiday. Thanks to the caretakers, Mr and Mrs Wong who looked after us very well and cooked our meals with our incredible large appetite. Food is superb!

Bungalow contact information:

Syarikat Pesaka Antah Sdn Bhd,
Wisma UOA Damansara II,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Rates Per night RM500.00

Meals.......... Adult....... Children <12>
Breakfast....RM08.00 RM6.00
Lunch..........RM13.00 RM9.00
Tea..............RM06.00 RM4.00
Dinner.........RM13.00 RM9.00
Total...........RM40.00 RM28.00


  1. That is the type of family holiday I always prefer and advocate.
    Relaxing, free and easy and inexpensive too. No jetlag or another few days to recuperate after an oversea trip.

    Togetherness and bonding.

    Of course no unncessary shopping and collecting rubbish.

  2. Phillip Tinkler25 November, 2009

    Looks a really good place to stay. Cameron is always a beaut place, cool and relaxing.


  3. Ching
    Very good, lol
    The place is very nice, la.
    You got a beautiful family too.

  4. Dear Ching,
    Wonderful to see Bukit Lowick again. It hasn't changed a bit. Used to stay there often with Stewart 25 years ago. Great to see it again.


  5. Anthony Naik26 November, 2009

    Greeting from Ireland. Will be here with the family until 20 Dec. Happy to see all the happy faces in Cameron Highlands, Should do it more often. Life is short. Bye

  6. Simply fascinating~thanks for the sharing~u r superb in journaling your travel~
    Best wishes to u always,

  7. Thanks Bin for the beautiful photos.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Liew Khooi Cheng27 November, 2009

    Mr Ching
    You and your family are living a dream life which anybody would have wished. You couldn't ask for more!

  9. I wish to relax in this bungalow by next year. can I have the contact number from the care taker there?

  10. This bungalow is everything about beauty and the Best.
    Can I ask for the contact number ?
    Would like to stay for a night next year.

  11. hi there, can I hv the contact number pls? thanks.

  12. hi Esther, I was told that they do not rent out anymore and it is for their company staff only. Sorry to inform you.