2011 - Fraser's Hill Holiday

Fraser's Hill Holiday
3 days at Persekutuan Bungalow
06 Jan to 08 Jan 2011
(L-R) Alistair, Janie Ho, Wong, Pauline Toh, Val Allan, Dr. Diong, Joyce Tan, Betty Ching, Catherine, Ching Neng Bin, not in is Lim Kee Moon who took this picture.

Day 01 (06.01.11) Sitiawan to Fraser's Hill

The journey started at 8.15am from Sitiawan in three cars. It took us 1.5hr to reach Bidor (95km) for toilet at a petrol station. We continued our 87km drive to Kuala Kubu Baru arriving at 11.30am. We had very good chicken-chop for lunch at this Kedai Makanan Hailam Sun Sun Nam Cheong. From here it was another 40km to Fraser's Hill. We have to be at the Gap by 1pm for the one way up the hill. It took us about 20minutes drive up from the lower gap. On arrival, it was raining throughout the day with thick mist and strong wind. One thing to remember is that the whole journey from KKB to Fraser’s Hill is a very winding road journey. It is also very scenic where you can see lots and lots of greenery all along the road.

At no. 8 Jalan Mat Kilau, Kuala Kubu Baru.

KKB is a little town at the foothills. It began as a mining colony in the 18th Century and originally situated between two tributaries of the Selangor River, but a massive flood in 1883 wiped out the entire town, claiming 33 lives including District Magistrate and Revenue Collector Sir Cecil Ranking. The town was then moved to its present location on hilly terrain to prevent further tragic recurrences.

The typical Chinese family name.

Catherine enjoying the chicken-chop.

At the lower Gap. To get to Fraser's Hill from the Gap, one must go up a narrow, winding, one-way road for 8 km. Traffic up and down is controlled by a gate system with uphill traffic limited to odd hours, and downhill traffic to even hours - traffic opens from 7 am. to 7 pm.

Town centre with the clock tower roundabout. It takes about 1hour from KKB. Rising 1,500 meters above sea-level on the Titiwangsa mountain range of Peninsular Malaysia. Named after a Scottish pioneer, Louis James Fraser, who set up a tin-ore trading post in the 1890s, it actually consists of seven hills.

Royal Fraser's Hill Golf Club is a 9 hole walking course where Fraser's mine used to sit. Open daily 8am-7pm, green fees RM30/40 weekdays / weekends (whole day).

This is a Malaysian Government bungalow. Rental per day is RM200. If you are a Govt. Servant, you can book at this site: http://www.bph.gov.my
Entrance to our bungalow along Jalan Girdle.

It has two blocks. Block A is a bungalow and block B is an apartment.

We stayed in this double storey bungalow for RM200 a night. It has 6 big rooms.

The very spacious living room.

The large dinning room.

(L-R) Janie, Joyce, Pauline, Catherine and Betty.
It was tea-time at 4pm.

As a photographer, I shot myself through the mirror.

It was cold and with slight drizzle, nevertheless, we were ready for a walk.

Maxis telecommunication tower.
The thick mist behind us, but we enjoyed the cool weather most.

The large bed room for 3 person.
The clean toilet.

Day 02 (07.01.11) Fraser's Hill

After the bungalow breakfast we drove to the food garden and parked our cars there and walked to the following places: Allan's Water, Taman Bunga (without flowers), Sri Muniswarar Temple and all the bungalows along Jalan Sri Pahang. We then took a 5km (30 min drive) to Jeriau Waterfalls. Had lunch at the food garden Hill View Restaurant. After lunch we drove through all the roads available in the hill.

'Nasi Lemak' breakfast catered by the caretaker at RM3 pp. Dinner is at RM10 pp.

A good walking tour to places of interest.

Allan's Water is a small lake turned into a park for recreational activities from a reservoir that fell into disuse over the years. Originally, it was used to collect and supply mountain water for British residents, back in the early days when Fraser's Hill was a colonial hill station. FH Allan, assistant to chief infrastructure engineer FW Mager, designed and constructed the catchment lake named after him today.

The entrance left side leads to two large shelters that extend slightly into the lake.

From the right of the entrance, a paved path leads to a small bridge which crosses over part of the lake. From here, there is a cemented trail that follows the water's edge for a distance, coming to a stop at the furthest end of the lake.

This Sri Muniswarar Alayam temple is just opposite to Allan's Water.

If you like nature this is the place to be, surrounded with beautiful virgin forest.

The TM Resort Bungalow.

The Shell Malaysia Mallaig Bungalow with the stone staircase.

Fraser’s Hill is like a little Scottish village with Tudor buildings. Many of these bungalow privately owned by Malaysia corporations as a getaway for their employees and also for rent.

The Army bungalow.
This 5km Pinetree trail is the most challenging and toughest trekking path.

Raspberry fruits.

Mulberry fruits.

At the entrance to Jeriau Waterfalls.

The stream that flows into the Jeriau Waterfalls.

The trail that leads from the entrance is broad and well paved, following the river edge.

I am standing at the top of the Jeriau Waterfalls where it drops 20 feet below.

There are two swimming pools below Jeriau Waterfalls.

Small and shallow pool for children.

Jeriau Waterfalls.

Jeriau Waterfalls, 5 km (30 min drive) from the town centre and then a 15-min walk. The falls are 6 meters high and fall into a shallow pool suitable for bathing. The area is equipped with restrooms and shelters for picnics.

This is the best place to eat Chinese food.

The beautiful flower garden in the neighbor's bungalow.

Taking a break after our dancing session.
Day 03 (08.01.11) Fraser's Hill > Sitiawan

We were not able to go out in the morning as it was raining. We spend our time watching astro program and listening to music. We checked out at noon and went straight to the food garden and had our lunch at the Hill View Restaurant. We stopped at Teluk Intan for dinner before driving back to Sitiawan.

Old clock doubles up as a roundabout in town. Clock

Tower is the central point of Fraser's Hill, this British-looking little stone building covered with creeper vines is the most popular place to get your picture taken.

Catherine and Ching.

Betty and Kee Moon.

Pauline and Val Allan.

This old post office built in 1917.

Puncak Inn at clock tower serves Chinese and Western food.

The Sports Complex at clock tower.

(L-R) Catherine, Janie, Pauline, Betty and Joyce.

In Conclusion:

Firstly, I am not shy to admit that this was my first trip to Fraser's Hill in my whole life. I am sure there are also many people out there may not have been to Fraser's Hill.

Secondly, I must say that it was a very good 2011 new year holidays for all eleven of us. Many thanks to Mr. Lim Kee Moon for booking the bungalow and he has agreed to follow up with other places of interest with such nice bungalow in future.

As it was the last day of our vacation and we had to bid farewell to Fraser’s Hill. The trip for us didn’t involve much outdoor activities as it was purely a rest and relax time for our body and soul. After the vacation, I guess it’s time to get ready for the busy city life once again. Fraser’s Hill, good bye and I’ll be back!

Total expenses for the 3day holiday was RM120 each.



  1. Thank you for including me in the sharing of your adventures with family and friends. Congratulations on living such a purposeful life, Ching.

  2. Hi Ching

    Enjoyed your good, informative pictorial diary of your group's visit to Fraser's Hill.

    TQ, Aaron.

  3. Liew Khooi Cheng10 February, 2011

    Hi Ching
    Wish to tell you Dr Diong and Pauline were my classmates in ACS Sitiawan. I am surprised that you have not been to Fraser's until now. Many like me had been to Fraser's and Tanah Rata during school days.

  4. I loved very much your articles on Fraser Hill. I, too haven't been to Fraser Hill and looking forward to go there on my next family trip!

  5. Wong Mun Heng10 February, 2011

    Thanks for sharing. Surprised that it's your 1st trip to Fraser's Hill.
    There's also a very nice bungalow by Boh Tea Plantation.

  6. I am shocked to hear that Ching has not been to Fraser Hill. My wife and I goes up to Fraser Hill every fortnightly (weekend) during 1977 to 1981 while I was working in KL. Used to either stayed in Ruab Bungalow or Merlin Hotel then. Love the cool weather up there.
    Recalled that driving down Hill can be dangerous due to the sudden changed of temperature which can cause one to "dose off" at the wheel. Co-pilot should keep an eye on the Pilot.
    Incase, you guys do not know me; I happen to be related to Joyce. Anyway, I no longer stay in your BolehLand now.

  7. Dear Ching,
    Thank you for sharing the nice pictures with me. Your life is so colourful. :)

  8. Spectacular views taken by the greatest explorer, Ching at Frazer's hill. Ching's coverage of his tour is simply breathtaking. Wishing Ching & his loved ones a very Happy & Prosperous CNY.

  9. Hi Ching,

    thanks for sharing post on Fraser Hill trip.

    Chu Ni Gong Xi Fa Cai, Sern Ti Chien Kang, Xing Nien Kwei Lok !


  10. Phillip Tinkler11 February, 2011

    Its been years since we have been to Fraser's Hill and by the look of it, has got even lovelier. Obviously we need to take a refresher trip up.
    Phill....and a very happy new year.

  11. Hi Ching,
    Thank you for sharing! It is beautiful and you guys truly know how to enjoy life! You are an excellent photographer as well.
    Best wishes

  12. Hi Ching,

    Wow! Very impressive! TQ for sharing & I truly enjoyed it.
    Thanks again

  13. Cheah Keng Sing11 February, 2011

    Thanks for sharing the pictures with me and I too, never set foot on Fraser hill. Since there is a 9 holes golf course up there, I will make an effort to include it to be one of our golf trip's destination in coming future.
    Happy new year to you & family.
    KS Cheah

  14. Joseph Chow Siew Cheong11 February, 2011

    Neng Bin,
    Here's wishing you GONG XI FA CAI...again. The 7 hills of Fraser's Hill is reminiscent of Rome's famed 7 hills which is very good Fengshui. No wonder, for a long time, Rome was the Capital of the (Western) World.
    Thanks for sharing your trip pics!

  15. Hi, Mr. Ching,
    Surely your group had the fun and sun shine to Fraser’s Hill. We had our last trip to Raub for durian some 5 years ago and stopping by at this resort town as well. Regret that I did not digitally kept the photos to share. Future trips will try to follow your example. BTW, we will be sending a team ( 5 members) to Mt. KK this Friday from Penang . We will sponsor the trip and excess money collected will be channeled to charity (University Student Fund).

    Lee Kai Eng/group managing director
    Static Control Engineering Sdn Bhd
    AXE Solutions Sdn Bhd
    Advance Ribbon Technology(M)Sdn Bhd
    2-3-25, Harbour Trade Center,
    No 2, Gat Lebuh Macallum,
    10300, Penang , Malaysia
    H/P 012 493 6373 & 016 4183255

  16. Hi Ching,

    Thank you for sharing. Hopefully me & my family will visit to Fraser's Hill by this coming school holidays!:)

    Warmest Regards,
    Peggy L.

  17. Jaya Francis12 February, 2011

    Dear Ching,
    Thanks for sharing your experience on your trip to Fraser Hill. Yes, it is very informative and nicely presented. I have been to Fraser's Hill before and it is nice to see things are still there
    ... just beautiful and lovely. I am glad that you enjoyed the whole adventure. May each and every trip be memorable with lots of happy memories. Take care and God Bless You.

  18. Ching, why don't you take all your friends to Mulu Caves in Sarawak. Lot of nice natural places to enjoy. Also go to Sukau, Sabah. See the Proboscis monkeys. Took my whole family there a few years ago. At the time, there is no AirAsia. Enjoy while we still can walk confidently. Enjoy the rest of the year of Rabbit.

  19. Thanks including me in sharing your trips to Fraser's Hill. I have been to Fraser's Hill few times, but never visited such places with so many flowers and beautiful scenery. Congratulation, enjoy to the fullest, Ching.

  20. Great site. Plenty of helpful info here. I am sending it to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks for your sweat!

    London Escorts

  21. Ooi Soo Beng14 February, 2011

    Thank you for sharing, very good pictures, made me feel like going to Fraser's hill also.

  22. Ching,
    Thanks for the email. Your photography is good. I hope you don't mind if I were to use some of your photos for my future videos. You may also like to visit my blog.
    * http://bobltyong.blogspot.com/
    Lintang Bob Yong

  23. Ching
    Always enjoyed your travel adventures. Last time I was in Fraser's was some 10 years ago. looks like many changes. Keep up the great commentaries and photos of your travels.I have recommended your blogs to many of my friends and Australian tourists visiting me in Sarawak.
    Philip Ting, Kuching

  24. Ding Poh Cheng26 February, 2011

    Mr. Ching,
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos. The government bungalow is real big and nice. If you plan to visit Singapore, you should try the Malaysian government bungalow there in Halt road. It is very big and nice too. There are 3 rooms, 1 queen bed and 5 single beds, Rm100 per night, very cheap.
    Poh Cheng

  25. Hi Ching
    Wow, that's a great trip to Fraser's. Your trip sounds so exciting and wonderful that it makes me wanting to go there one of these days. As a matter of fact I too have not been there yet. My wife is excited too after reading your diary and seeing the beautiful scenic surroundings of the Hill. Congratulations to all the eleven of you who are willing to spend meaningful time together. I'm sure the trip is not only enjoyable but also enhances your relationships with others. So, where is your next destination?, please don't forget to share your travel with me and my wife. Thanks Chin.That was Great! Carry on travelling.
    Cheers! Ragu and Nazi

  26. The usual suspects! Great to see you guys enjoying :)

  27. wow gotta love that

  28. Hi Ching

    Thank you for your information,I am glad that everyone of you enjoy the trip and you all do reminded me of when we are fresh from our colledge life enjoyed the trip with friends and love ones.Good to stay young all the time.

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