2011 - Cosmic Cowboy Country Band

ACS Sitiawan OPA Annual Dinner on 21.05.2011
(L-R) Tan Leng Kiong on Drums, yours truly on Bass and Ken Tan on guitar and vocal
Members took to the stage to sing a Cantonese song - "cheen, cheen, cheen" & "No money no talk, no money no honey" led by Mr Ling Leong Choong.
The 31 tables with members from outstation and as far as Ireland

Cosmic Cowboys accompanying OPA President BG Ching & OPA Committee Member Lim Hun Ching

BG Ching & Lim Hun Ching singing "Red River Valley".
BG Ching, Ching Neng Bin & Ching Meei Jin
Ken Tan belting out a number.
Am taking a break with my wife Catherine
Aw Koon Luk's & Dr. Gary Yeak's daughters singing a Korean song.
Catherine, Ching Bee Geok, Yanti and Siew Eng
Dr Goh Chooi Beow, Ching Neng Bin and Catherine
Mr and Mrs Ling Leong Chnong
Ching Neng Bin and Catherine
Lee King Hiong, BG Ching, Ngooi Ngok San, Stephanie Yong, Josephine Ooi, Low SowLin
Dr. Tay Kah Hey, BG Ching, Lee King Hiong & Ngooi Ngok San
BG Ching, Low Sow Lin & Mrs. Tay Kah Hey
Phang Sim Mee, Lim Hun Ching & Mrs. Lim
Dr. Ashley (current Principal of ACS Secondary) giving a speech.
BG Ching making her President's Speech.
BG Ching giving away a gift to Ching Neng Bin as a token of appreciation
BG Ching giving away a gift to Ken Tan as a token of appreciation
President's gift to Committee Member, Seow Key Me.
President's gift to Committee Member Lim Hun Ching.
Handing over of duties to Incoming President, Mr Jason Ling for 2011/2012.
OPA Committee Members for 2011/2012
Fr top left : Dr James Ding, Dr. Chieng, Kong Weng Chai,
Secretary Peter Ling, Lim Hun Ching, Kong Yee Leng
Fr bottom left : Treasurer Aw Koon Luk, Su Mee Lock, President Jason Ling,
Imm PP. BG Ching, Seow Key Me & Ngo Moi Moi

BG Ching & Merit Award recipients for 2010 examinations.
Audrey Lee Ying Shin, Aw Sheng Min, Daniel Khoo Lian Yi, Darren Hong Tze Cheng, Dianne Hong Sze Wei, Ding Kwan John, Elaine Ling Huey Sing, Eric Arvind Pillai a/l Muralitharan, Guok Yow Jun, Eugene, Henry Ling Sheng, Joy Tong Yu Ning, Ling Hui Ern, Ling J-Lyn, Michelle Su Yean Hua, Nydelene Llewellyn Tong Yiu Shyo, Philip Ong Soo Wen, Puveeniyal a/p Govendan, Rychard Hong Zhen Ter, Sam Shien Wenn, Samuel Wong Tian Jin, Seline Ding Sze Leel, Tan Li Ann, Tien Hou Zhen, Yu Seet Hoong

The Cosmic Cowboys
A Country and Western Band
from The Rotary Club of Sitiawan

2009 Malay Mail by Shiv Das:
They are not likely…no, strike that and substitute with will not make it to any pop chart but they do win hearts whenever they play.

As four guitarists and a drummer, they have come together to revel in “oldies” music and song of the fifties, sixties and seventies. Meet Frankie Yeap, 63, Lim Kim Moon, 61, Ching Neng Bin, 55, Tan Keng Hui, 52 and the drummer Tan Lean Khiong who at 45 is the “baby”.

They are members of the Rotary Club of Sitiawan, seemingly the only such club in the country that does not have to outsource its band for social gatherings. Says Tan Keng Hui who once owned a travel agency but now spends time mostly teaching English in-between shuttling back and forth to England where his wife and three children reside:

“It’s not about money but the joy we get out of playing. We have our jobs during the day but at night we have our pastime. We play by ear...very simple.” It is a feather in their cap that they played at the state air travel fair in Ipoh recently. Keng Hui doubles up as the main vocalist with Yeap, a retired teacher, joining in from time to time.

If it’s not Rotary, demand for their joyful services also comes from the town’s senior citizens club which has its own building for members to indulge enthusiastically in ballroom and line dancing as part of their activities.

The band, largely self-taught, began with just Ching, a bank manager and Tan Lean Khiong, a teacher to begin with and who now runs a tuition centre, getting together in 1995 for jam sessions. Lim, who was with the Ministry of Defense serving at the naval base in Lumut, joined two years later, followed by the remaining two.

What began as a fad has turned into a “bonding service” these musical-minded Rotarians are providing with great effect.


  1. Hi Ching,
    As always, thanks for sharing the OPA annual dinner pictures, another success down memory lane, sweet memories indeed. Best wishes and keep it up!

  2. Philip Ting31 July, 2011

    Neng Bin,
    Great pictures. Hope to see you at the ACS reunion in KL on 20th August. Hoping to make it there.