2015 - A visit to a farm house in Siputeh, Perak

The Dream Farmhouse @ Siputeh
28th May 2015
The farm house with scenic view of the country side and hills at a distance.

The scenic view of the olympic size fish pond with the geese and ducks welcoming us.

After 40 forgotten long years since 1975 in Penang, I am lucky to have found my long lost childhood girlfriend, Tan Hoo Eng in Ipoh where she now lives. I found her on Facebook and we had so much to catch-up in the missing years. She is now a very successful lady entrepreneur, managing her own timber trading business. I lost contact with her when I was transferred from Penang to Ipoh on promotion as Public Bank officer trainee in 1977. 

Photo of Tan Hoo Eng taken in 1975

Hoo Eng is happily married with three grown up children. For her leisure and hobby, she has recently invested on a 10 acre farm land in Siputeh near Ipoh. Guess what, my wife and I were invited to visit her farmhouse and there we are; welcome to “The Dream Farm House” at Siputeh in Perak.
At the farmhouse main gate. Getting there was a 24km morning drive from my Ipoh home at Bandar Seri Botani via Bemban and then on Jalan Siputeh - Batu Hampar road towards Siputeh. Turn right on dirt road when you see the sign-board "New Yik Thai Agri Products Sdn Bhd".

We met Jeffrey the supervisor at the farmhouse cafe who lives nearby.

The charming country farmhouse cafe with its exclusive furniture fittings.

The beautiful paintings on the walls of the cafe which were painted by the Nepalis farm workers.

(L-R) Tan Hoo Eng, Catherine, Ching Neng Bin, Choo Lai Yee

(L-R) Tan Hoo Eng, Catherine, Jeffrey and Choo Lai Yee. Lai Yee is her office staff.

The beautiful paintings on the cafe walls.

The priceless antique bird cages from Thailand decorated the cafe.

A view of the Olympic size fish pond from the cafe.

The Olympic size fish pond.

Catherine feeding the Tilapia fishes in the 10 feet deep pond.

Thousands of colorful Tilapia fishes in the pond.

The side view of the cafe. Hoo Eng says that she will be putting up a few chalets soon around this cafe to provide home-stay for families. When the accommodation facilities are completed, it would be perfect for young children to experience a farmhouse stay surrounded by tropical fruit trees, fish pond and chicken farm.

The road leading to the farmhouse cafe from the entrance gate at the far end. On the right side is the store house and on the left is the chicken coop that opens out to an open field for the chicken to roam freely.

These are the free roaming chicken which always taste better. I was told that in the last season, they sold more than a thousand chicken and be starting a new season soon.

On the left is a pea hen in the farm.

There are hundreds of calamansi (kat cai or kasturi) trees in the farm.

Kat Cai or Kasturi lime fruits on the tree.

These are the longan fruits on its tree.

These are sour-sop fruits on its tree.

These are mango trees and its flowers below.

These are lemongrass plants.

Look at these beautiful bamboo forest in the farm.

This is a female tortoise and the male tortoise below.

One for the photo album: Tan Hoo Eng and Catherine holding on a cempedak.

Jeffrey my new friend in the farm.

This is the house for the farm workers.

These are the cempedak trees.

Cempedak fruits on the tree.

Cempedak fruits on the tree.

These are papaya trees.

Papaya fruits.
This is a jack-fruit.

This is another pond for cat-fish.

There are also some durian trees in the farm.
These are the ambarella fruit trees.

A farm worker holding some of the plucked ambarella fruit.

A good water source for the farm's need.

This is Jeffery's new car and he drove us 25km to Tanjung Tualang for a sumptuous lunch at Restaurant Thong Lok, 同乐海鲜酒家.

Live freshwater prawns and fishes in the aquarium.

Many thanks to Tan Hoo Eng for taking us to her “Dream Farm Homestay Siputeh” and the sumptuous lunch at Tanjong Tualang. I must say it was a wonderful and relaxing trip to a farm house. We enjoyed the country life as we relaxed in this beautiful country location in Siputeh. Walked down to the fish pond to feed the thousand fishes swimming and plucking papaya and other fruits in the farm. Looking forward to another visit in the near future, and this time must bring along Isabelle Ching my grand-daughter.

A plate of steamed medium size fresh water prawns.

A plate of steamed medium size fresh water fish.

Deep fried medium size fresh water big-head prawns in dark sauce.

Beautiful flowering plants by the shop-houses.