2014 - Gunung Suku Trail 1,797m / 5,896 feet

In remembering the late Bernard Lee Kar Giap
Gunung Suku Trail 1,797m / 5,896 feet on 16.08.2014

(L-R) Ching Jin Yuan, Ching Jin Wei, Ching Neng Bin, Hn Cheah, Seu Kee Fong, Felicia Liew, Alice, Chong Chiew Lim

Sometime in July, Mr. Chong Chiew Lim from Seremban, who is a good friend of the late Bernard Lee, requested whether I could guide his trekking friends up Gunung Suku. I immediately replied yes and the date was fixed on 16 August. On 15 August, five trackers (Chong Chiew Lim and wife Felicia Liew, Seu Kee Fong and wife Alice, and another Hn Cheah) drove to my Ipoh house. I took them to check-in to a budget hotel nearby and then went for dinner. My two sons from Subang Jaya arrived at about 10pm and they were very keen to trek Gunung Suku as they have heard so much of it. After the climb, Mr. Chong and gang continued their road journey to stay a night in Cameron Highland before driving back to Seremban the next day. This was my 3rd trek to the summit; first on 9.02.2014 and second on 12.04.2014. I like to thank Felicia Liew for writing the report on our trek. Append below is the report of the trek by Felicia Liew.

The Trek commenced at 9am. This is our first meeting with Mr. CHING NENG BIN and his two boys who drove all the way from KL to join us on this trek. The trail is fairly steep going up and down a few hills. The walk under the canopy of foliage is very refreshing and energizing. Twenty minutes uphill, Ching showed us the memorial in honor of his trekker and travelling companion, “Bernard Lee " and we observed a minute of silence and offered a prayer for him.

At Bernard's Place

At the false summit. It drizzled for a little while but luckily it stopped after a short while. We reached the 1st false summit where there is a wooden cow's with two horns (dead tree stump) around 11.45 am so we took our lunch break.

Into the mossy forest. As we trekked higher and higher the trail changes into a mossy forest and the walk path is covered with a soft and bouncy network of roots interwoven underneath and dead leaves on top. On the sides of the rocks and trees there are thick growth of lichens and spider ferns. This mossy forest is very interesting and it reminds me of the movie “Lord of the Rings".

At the summit at 1pm. Once on top of the summit we were rewarded by a panoramic view of the farms around Cameron Highlands, sight Gunung Irau and the long and winding road below. We were lucky to see white clouds against the blue sky because it was bright and sunny when we arrived at the top. The view here is fantastic with lots of wild berries, butterflies, flowers and wild orchids.

Hn Cheah

Chong Chiew Lim and wife Felicia Liew

The father and sons team: Ching Jin Yuan, Ching Neng Bin, Ching Jin Wei

At last, reluctantly, we had to make our way down and we spotted a big magnificent one foot long red centipede and also some unusual yellow mushrooms growing by the side. This trail is much cleaner and not soggy like Gunung Irau and we highly recommend this climb to those interested. We took 3 hours to come down to the car park. We enjoyed our trek very much and many thanks to Mr. CHING. (By Felicia Liew — with Caason Ching and 5 others.)

The flora and fauna of Gunung Suku. 

The mushrooms of Gunung Suku.

The millipede of Gunung Suku.