2015 - A Night of Buddhist Music @ BGF Ara Damansara

The beautiful backdrop on the stage depicting the Gandharvas (from Sanskrit, possibly meaning "fragrances") refers to a group of low-ranking male nature dieties that appear in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In both traditions the Gandharvas are closely related to the wilderness as well as the creative arts, particularly music. In the modern age now. Gandharvas plays the guitars, entertains crowds and sings for you. So do enjoy the singing Gandharvas of BGF! 
I attended the 3 hour beautiful musical night which was brought to the public for the first time by Prof. Datuk Seri Victor Wee, the President of Buddhist Gem Fellowship at Block D-G-2, Block D Jalan PJU 1A/3K, Taipan 1, Ara Damansara, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Phone: +60 12-486 6617. Admission is free. 

I was delighted to hear the best of the original English and Mandarin Buddhist songs from the super groups: Wayfarers, i.gemz, The Metronome’z, Melody of Truth & Beauty and The Bodhi KL. In addition we have singer from Ipoh, Leong Kin Onn the original singer of Yo Zhan Den and Oh Kim Leng from Malacca. A lovely evening indeed and I enjoyed every moment of their performances. After the show, we were taken up to the rooftop for some food under the thousand stars.

We would thank the emcee, Fong Xiao Thoong for a job well done.

A puja was performed before the start of the singing. The practice of Pali language chanting goes back to the days of the Buddha, when writing was not common. His teachings were memorised by monks in chant form and passed on. This was how the Buddha’s words were transmitted for several centuries. They were finally written down on ola (palm) leaves in the first century AD in Sri Lanka.

The entire Pali language collection of teachings is known as the Tripitaka (meaning three baskets) and comprise the vinaya pitaka (disciplinary rules for monks), sutta pitaka (discourses) and abhidhamma pitaka (higher teachings). 

Bro. Oh Kim Leng on wheel chair talking to Dr Tan Ho Soon, the founding member of Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia. 

Speech by Organising Chairman, Bro.Daniel Kwok Tak Hoong.

The i.gemz members are: Daniel Kwok Tak Hoong, Fong Xiao Thoong, Tiffany Lee Rouyen, Devi K Suhardi and Poh Wee Fah.

The i.gemz presenting a song "Dhamma Shines in Me" with Devi K Suhardi, Tiffany Lee Rouyen and Poh Wee Fah at Buddhist Gem Fellowship.
"Dhamma Shines in Me" by Devi K Suhardi, Tiffany Lee Rouyen and Poh Wee Fah.

The i.gemz is well regarded a popular Buddhist musical group in Malaysia which aims to promote the teachings of the Buddha through inspirational music, as well as to inspire spiritual friendship amongst listeners.
The opening song: "Dhamma Shines in Me" by i.gemz

Speech by Prof. Datuk Seri Victor Wee the President of Buddhist Gem Fellowship, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia welcomed all attendees and thanked the singers for making a successful Night of Buddhist Music at BGF.
Speech by Prof. Datuk Seri Victor Wee

The Metronome'z (L-R) Daniel Jai Eu, Metta Tan, Mudita Tan and Karuna Tan Yi Wen. Datuk Seri Victor Wee presenting souvenir to the group at Buddhist Gem Fellowship.

The Metronome’z ia a band of friends that wanted to spread their love of Buddhist music to the world.

The Wayfarers (L-R) Poh Wee Fah, Datuk Raymond Yeoh and Datuk Victor Wee. On the right is Daniel Kwok Tak Hoong.

Datuk Raymond Yeoh receiving a token of appreciation from  Datuk Victor Wee. On the right is Daniel Kwok Tak Hoong.

The Wayfarers is a group of Buddhist singers and musicians who express their inspiration in the Dhamma through songs. They consider themselves committed to walk the Buddha’s path or the Middle Way. They think of themselves as “travelers” with the noble intentions to bring about inspiration and spiritual upliftment with their sweet singing voices.
Wong Choon Tat receiving a token of appreciation from Datuk Victor Wee.
The i.gemz (L-R) Tiffany Lee Rouyen, Devi K Suhardi, Xiao Thoong, Poh Wee Fah, Daniel Tak Hoong Kwok and Victor Wee

Melody of Truth and Beauty members - Heng Wei Khang, Ariel Siow and Teh Shing Yi

Singer from Ipoh was Bro. Leong Kin Onn, the original singer of Yo Zhan Den.

The Metronome’z: "A prayer" sung by Karuna Tan

The Metronome’z: Padamu Buddha Dhamma Sangha and Triratana Puja

The Wayfarers: 1)Truth Within You 2)The Flower of Mankind 3)The Bodhisattva

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Wayfarers 'Collected Works Vol.1' (1998) Buddhist Devotional songs in English songs from the first two albums of the Wayfarers - "Moments of Inspiration (1982)" and "The Sunrise Comes (1983)". Since their release, the songs continue to be much loved and sung. Even after all these years they have not lost their magic more to download.