1975 Outward Bound School Lumut, Course No.203 - Korbu Watch

Ching Neng Bin standing front-row (4th from right) at Outward Bound School, Lumut.

Outward Bound School, Course No.203 - Korbu Watch
My 25 days Outdoor Adventure (7 Jun - 1 Jul 1975)

Outward Bound Staff
Warden: Mr Kwan Kim Lam
Chief instructor: Mr Baba

Watch Instructors
  1. Irau - Mr Eusoff
  2. Bubu - Mr Mcrae
  3. Berembau - Mr Foo
  4. Kinabalu - Mr Baba
  5. Tahan - Mr V.A. Allan
  6. Korbu - Mr Alias Busu 
Members of Korbu Watch
  1. Ching Neng Bin > Public Bank
  2. Tan Cheng Hing > G.M.B. PJ. 
  3. Nurul Azman bin Abas > TNB
  4. Ravidass > Plantation Agency
  5. Paing bin Marji > Felcra, Malacca
  6. Salleh Hj Hussin > KKBS, Selangor
  7. Kassim bin Atan > Bank Negara, J.B. 
  8. Abdul Majid bin Dirin> Bank Negara
  9. Shahar Zakaria > Security Officer, Port Klang
Training Condition: We, the members of KORBU WATCH wish to be candidates for the Outward Bound Badge and fully understand the training conditions. We agree to keep these conditions and to work in good fellowship with all the members of the 203 Course.

K - Knowledge
O - Observation
R - Recreation
B - Brotherhood
U - Unification

Traditions Of The School:
Students stand when officer comes to the table and when he leaves, or when an officer or visitor comes to lecture. If your face won't smile, make it. If a thing cannot be done, do it. In all things have a go.

Daily Routine Orders
0600 - Reveille
0610 - Run and dip
0630 - Pre-breakfast duties
0715 - Breakfast
0800 - Inspection
0815 - Warden meets the Watch Captain
0835 - Hoisting of Colours
0840 - Activities
1230 - 1345 Lunch
1400 - 1700 Activities
1830 - Lowering of Colours
1900 - Dinner
2000 - Evening lecture
2100 - Coco hot drink
2200 - Light out
Honours Awards
1955 course No. 01 Gurdew Singh
1955 course No. 01 C Ramanathan
1955 course No. 01 Anthony Morel
1955 course No. 04 Tunku Kamarulzamaan
1955 course No. 04 Vijayanathan
1955 course No. 05 V.A. Allan (Jr.)
1955 course No. 06 Ernest W.C. Rodrigues
1956 course No. 15 Tan Meng Kwang
1959 course No. 45 Ling Liong Sik
1966 course No.115 Looi Hong Whooi
1967 course No.127 Stephen Hendriks
1970 course No.151 Liaw Ah Boo
1972 course No.170 Ursula Macleod (Mrs)
1973 course No.132 Chin Nin Kee
1974 course No.193 Jeyarajah a/l K Ponniah

Ching Neng Bin from Public Bank and Ravidass from Plantation Agency at Outward Bound School, Lumut.

Nurul Azman bin Abas from TNB and Ching Neng Bin from Public Bank at Outward Bound School, Lumut.

Korbu Watch outdoor physical training at Outward Bound School, Lumut.

Ching Neng Bin was leading his Korbu Watch outdoor physical training.

Taking a rest after the cross-country running competition at Outward Bound School, Lumut.

L-R: Ching Neng Bin, Ravidass, Salleh bin Hussin and our Korbu Watch instructor Alias Busu (standing).

OBS Land 2 - Abseiling and Map Reading
Instructor: Mr V.A. Allan

After the color parade in the morning, we the Korbu Watch started off our activity of the day that is abseiling and map reading. Our instructor is Mr. Val Allan. At about 0910 hour we followed the road from the school leading to Telok Murok. After walking for about one fifth of a mile, we reached the junction between the road and a path leading us through the future naval base. After walking for about one mile we reached a place known as Kampong Telok Haji Salim. We reached the kampong at 0955 hour. Before reaching this kampong there was a small Malay Cemetery. From here we walked down to the beach and along the beach of the Dinding River until we reached Lumut town. All along the way we were very happy and were looking forward for abseiling.

At about 1010 hour we reached the Indian Sri Rama Temple. We stopped for a drink and then filled our water bottle. We continued to the Police station to get the necessary equipment for abseiling.

We then proceed on to hill 905. On our way we passed the old Indian Temple and an old unused reservoir. We climbed for about 300 feet above sea level till we reached the abseiling site. It was a very steep cliff almost vertical, about 85 feet high. We were told to lay down our belts and we were allowed to rest for a few minutes. While resting, Mr. Allan demonstrated to us how to tie knots and the technique of abseiling. We had two lines, i.e. one tougher and bigger rope known as the main rope or the abseiling line and a smaller rope known as the safety line.

First the shoulder pad was tied to the body and then the sling was made into a figure of eight and was put between the thighs. Then a karabiner was attached to the sling between the thighs and into the control line or abseiling line which was later laid on the left shoulder. The safety line was then tied around the waist. The left hand was used to hold on to the control line in front while the right hand was used to hold on also to the control line but at the back.

The left and the right hand slowly released the rope while the person was slowly lowered. The right hand was used to stop by holding it towards the right side. The two legs straightened and by continuous kicking and releasing the rope we lowered ourselves over 80 feet to the ground.

After every one had done abseiling we took our lunch at 1215 hour. Before our lunch there was another group Irau Watch under Mr. Foo was waiting for us. After we had done our first round of abseiling we handed all our equipment to the Irau Watch and we then rest and sing some school songs. After the Irau Watch had done their first round we took over and finished our 2nd and final round. After completing we made our way back leaving behind the equipment to the Irau Watch. We made our walk back to the Sri Rama Temple.

At the temple we have a rest and each of us took a salt tablet. From here we made a bearing of 244 degree to a Malay Cemetery. After climbing and going down a few hills we finally reach the Malay Cemetery. Here we stopped and rested. While resting Mr. Allan demonstrate and taught us further on map reading. We then proceed to School at 1650 hours.

Conclusion: This lesson on abseiling was my first lesson as I had no previous experience in abseiling. It was really very exciting and thrilling. However, the initial jump was a bit frightening but with the over-jump I gain confidence and did well. On the second round I had no fear at all and I went down like “Batman”. I interviewed a few of my members and they all said that they have no confidence in the rope and even themselves at the initial jump. But the later jumps were done with more confidence and skill. As for me, I really love every minutes of the lesson and I really enjoyed myself.

As for the map reading it was not my first experience as I had already done it in Form Six – physical geography. Anyway, I found it very interesting and it improved my skill further at map reading.

The worst part of the journey was carrying the thick ropes from the Police Station to the abseiling site. The ropes weighing over 40 lbs. needed two men to carry. Of course after walking for some distance we had to change person. I finally concluded that I had gained a lot from these two lessons i.e. in abseiling and map reading. I’m sure, without any doubt that I am going to be a better person now.

Thanks to the enjoyable, thrilling and exciting lesson given by the school conveyed to us through Mr. Allan. They had done a fine job as we had understood our lesson very well.

Ching Neng Bin getting ready for abseiling at Outward Bound School, Lumut.

OBS Land 3 - Pangkor Expedition
Instructor: Mr Alias Busu

As usual after the color parade and inspection at about 0845 hour, we packed our lunch and water bottle and walked to the boat house. At that time the sky was dark and by the time we reached the boat house, the rain began to pour heavily. At the boat house we reported to En. Alias who was waiting. We reached the boat house at 0900 hour and due to heavy rain we had to wait till 1015 hour when the rain was not so heavy. We then got into a motor-boat together with Kinabalu Watch to Kg. Sungei Pinang Kechil. We reached there at about 1035 hour and all of us had a cup of coffee at a coffee shop. After that we walked to Kg. Sungei Pinang Besar which was about half a mile away. From there we walked a short distance away to a Chinese Temple. At this temple we study the map and take a bearing of 266 degree to Hill 1145.

We started to walk up at 1105 hour. We followed the bearing 266 degree and started to climb Hill 750. On the way, I as the compass man had to walk first. Half way up, I met a very poisonous snake known by the Malays as “Ular Karpak”. I kept very still and using my walking stick, I brushed it away from the path. After walking up and down the hills, going through thick jungles of bertam and many of other big trees, we finally reached the top of Hill 705 at 1205 hour. Here we rested for 5 minutes and at 1210 hour we proceed for Hill 1145. We finally reached Hill 1145 at 1235 hour. And on the way we found that there were lots of leaches. While taking our lunch at Hill 1145, some of the members were taking out leaches from their body. And while taking our lunch the other watch (Kinabalu) that was doing the Pangkor Expedition together with us arrived and they too stopped for lunch. Their instructor was En. Baba. Although they started ahead of us they arrived later because they got the wrong bearing and so they have to bash their way through the bushes and thick bertams.

After our lunch and rest at about 1330 hour we had to change our bearing to 180 degree as instructed by our instructor and headed for the Rest House on the other side of the island. The route was very steep and slippery. Many of us fell. All the way down it was covered with bertam trees and rattans. On the way down we stopped and started looking for bertam flowers. I myself cut one of the flowers which was beautiful and is usually used for interior decoration. We started from Hill 1145 at 1330 hour and reached Kampong Sungei Udang at 1409 hour. From here we followed the track towards the left until we reached the main road leading to the Rest House. We kept on walking until we reached the main road at the junction leading from Pangkor to Kampong Pasir Bogak. On the way to Pangkor we came across a Chinese School. We then stopped half way under a durian tree together with the Kinabalu Watch. At this place we took two pictures with my camera. We then continued to walk for about one mile to Pangkor. We reached Pangkor jetty at 1515 hour.

At the jetty the school boat was ready to pick us up. When all were ready we were on our way back to the boat-house together with Kinabalu Watch. The journey took about twenty minutes. On reaching the boathouse we line up and received instructions from the instructor regarding the next day Canoe II expedition. After that we walked back to school at about 1600 hour.

Conclusion: The Pangkor expedition was actually very interesting. Although most of the people that had been there said that there were lots of leaches, I found that there were very few. Normally after raining you can only find a lot of them, but on that day it was raining and I only got two to three leaches sticking on my legs. Anyway while climbing up the hill and then down, I was quite tired. However, after the expedition I felt that the route was a bit too short. We only walked over two hills and then reached the other side. All the way through, members are given equal chance to lead the group. On the whole, it was a very enjoyable and exciting expedition, thanks to Mr. Alias for being our Pangkor Expedition Instructor.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Land 3 Pangkor Expedition route.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Land 3 Pangkor Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Land 3 Pangkor Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Land 3 Pangkor Expedition.

OBS Canoeing 2 Expedition
2 days (13 <> 14 Jun 1975)
Instructor: Mr Alias Busu


0430 hour. All members of Korbu Watch woke up and washed ourselves. We were excused from physical training and the morning dip because we were supposed to start our canoeing II very early.

0530 hour. We had our breakfast and packed our lunch ration. After that we had to wash the plates and clean tables.

0600 hour. Immediately after breakfast we took out our haversacks which had already been packed the night before and proceed towards the boat house.

0615 hour. We reached the boathouse. The instructor was not there but the care taker was there and he requested us to take the canoes out of the boathouse. We waited for the instructor till 0730 hour.

0730 hour. Instructor Alias finally arrived. We took out the paddle from the canoe and put in our haversacks and cooking pots. We then immediately proceed to row out. The sea was quite calm but the current was against us. It was carrying us down the Dinding’s River. On the way we learned how to control and turn properly. We then continued our journey up the Dinding’s River towards the Lumut town.

0830 hour. We reached the town and beside the jetty we snapped a number of photos. After which we continued our journey towards the Malayan Flour Mill. Before reaching the Flour Mill we were asked to stop. We took a rest and then our instructor told us that we had rowed for about seven miles before we rowed back to Lumut.

0920 hour. We reached the Lumut Yacht Club. We had a good rest and a few of us went marketing at a nearby market.

0945 hour. Proceed to Tg. Pasir. 1150 hour. At Tg. Pasir. We had a short rest for lunch. After lunch we cut and washed the fish we bought from Lumut for dinner. We stayed at Tg. Pasir for one hour. On the way from Lumut to Tgl Pasir we came to a sand bar where our canoes could not row across. So we got down and pushed our canoe over a short distance of sand. Her we took a number of photos and run out of films. Before reaching Tg. Pasir we met three Penguins swimming across. From Tg. Pasir we proceed to Showel Beach at 1230 hour.

1250 hour. We pushed up our canoe to a higher ground before we took a rest. 1330 hour. Pitching of two tents. 1430 hour. Cooking of green peas for tea. An hour later we had our green peas to eat. After eating those who were tired went to sleep in the tent. 1530 hour. We boiled some more tea.

1600 hour. We went for a swim. And I have to teach a few of the members to swim. Well the sun was covered with cloud and it was not so hot. The water here was very clean and clear. We enjoyed swimming for an hour.

1700 hour. Preparation and cooking of dinner. Mr. Tan and I had to go looking for firewood while others prepared the kitchen. We then cooked rice and prepared the canned sardine. After cooking all of us started to gather more wood for the camp-fire.

1900 hour. We took our dinner together with the instructor. There were no comments on the food and all of us seemed to enjoy the food very much. Yes, before the dinner around 1600 hour, we requested our instructor that we do need extra ration and a role of color film. We gave ten dollars to the instructor and he went to the Shouwal Beach Hotel manager who went to Lumut to buy for us. After dinner, we set around the camp-fire and started singing songs and telling jokes.

2000 hour. All of us except two sentries went to the Showal Beach Hotel to watch T.V. At 2100 hour, Mr. Tan and I came back to the camp site. While on the way back, we tried to catch a few crabs. However, we managed to catch two crabs but later released into the sea.

2200 hour. At this time all those watching TV came back to the camp-site and all went to sleep except the two sentries. I did not sleep well as there were quite a lot of mosquitoes, so it took me quite a long time before I could sleep.

2400 hour. I woke up and used my torchlight to find my way out and I met Salleh the sentry. I then took over his place and he went to sleep. I guard till 0200 hour the next day.


0430 hour. All of us woke up and washed ourselves. With our sleepy face we had to prepare breakfast. All of us started to complain that there were lots and lots of mosquitoes – we called it “mini helicopters”. After preparing breakfast in the dark we then proceed to bring down the tents and cleared the area.

0630 hour. By this time the sun had risen and it was bright enough to see. We then had our breakfast together with our instructor.

0700 hour. At this time we all started preparing for our lunch. We cooked the rice first and then warmed the three cans of chicken curry. After cooking we then pack it.

0800 hour. We were all ready to row out again. Before that we had a few comments from the instructor. He commented that we were not in time i.e. we supposed to be ready to row out by 0730 but we were late by half an hour. The other comment was that we did not clean the camp-site tidy enough. He then warned us that in future we should bear that in mind. Without loosing much time we set out immediately to Kg. Sungai Pinang Kechil situated on the eastern side of Pangkor Island. We rested quite a number of times while crossing over to Pangkor Island. On the way, we met so many of the fishing boats going out to the open sea. They came quite closed to us and the waves it made really frighten us. Water went into our canoe and we had to drain it out.

0915 hour. At this time we reached Kg. Sungai Pinang Kechil and landed just beside the United Ice Factory Co. Sdn. Bhd. Here we rested for a while and filled our water bottles from the Ice factory water supply.

0945 hour. We started rowing out to the boat house. On the way we met another boat caring Tahan Watch for the Pangkor Expedition.

1020 hour. We reached the boat house. The instructor then gave us further instruction and asked us whether we enjoyed the two days canoe expedition. We all told him that we really enjoyed it very much. We then carried our canoes up to the washing ground and then started washing all the five canoes. We then kept them in the boathouse.

1130 hour. We took our lunch 1300 hour. We left the boathouse for the school 1315 hour. We reached the school and washed our things and went to sleep.

Conclusion: This expedition of canoeing II was very interesting and it also broadened my knowledge very much. All in all we have rowed for 18 miles. From this expedition I know more about sea life and the features of sea-coast. Parts of the beaches were very sandy and other parts were very rocky. We were asked not to row near the rocky areas. I have a better look at the location of the Lumut town from the center of the Dinding’s River. I was really being shock when we saw 3 penguin swimming passing us. In conclusion I would say that this canoeing II expedition was very interesting and thrilling.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Canoeing 2 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Canoeing 2 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Canoeing 2 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Canoeing 2 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Canoeing 2 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Canoeing 2 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Canoeing 2 Expedition.

Ravidass and Ching Neng Bin in Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Canoeing 2 Expedition.

OBS Whaler 1 Expedition
Mr Kwan Kim Lam (Warden)

As usual after the color parade at about 0845 hour we set up for the boat house. We reached the boathouse about 15 minutes later i.e. at 0900 hour. We then waited for a while for the warden. He came a few minutes later and we reported to him.

After reporting we went to the boat house and took out all the necessary equipment for whaling. The equipment taken out are life-jackets, crunches, one lifebuoy, anchor, anchor cable and the sails i.e. the main sail, the mizzen sail and the jib-sail.

The warden and I together with another three trainees went into a pram and rowed to the whaler and brought it to the shore. We then embarked our things like haversacks and others into the whaler. Six of us then rowed the whaler out to the sea until we were about 60 metres from the shore.

By then at about 0935 hour the warden taught us how to set up the sails of the whaler. First of all, the jib sail in set and he also taught us how to fold the jib sail in case of beaching or we are staying overnight. After the jib sail, the mizzen sail in set and then folded. Lastly, the main sail was set. After the demonstration we took down all the sails again and set them up again by ourselves. I found that it was not very hard after all. The warden then introduced to us all the parts of the whaler including the sails.

After the demonstration we started our whaling. At about 1045 hour we started from the OBS training area and headed for Kg. S. Pinang Kechil. We are actually heading south, but because the wind was directly against us, i.e. in iron, we had to do tacking. When we were about 300 metres from Kg. S. Pinang Kechil, we had to turn to the left towards the OBS.

Again when we were about 300 metres away from the shore, this time we turned towards the right, heading for Kg. S. Pinang Besar. Again when we were about 300 metres away from the shore, we turned towards the left. On the way, all of us sang songs and cracked jokes. And again before reaching the shore, we turned right heading for Pangkor. On the way we took our lunch. When we were quite near to Pangkor, we turned left again heading for T. Murok. By this time, the wind was very strong and the waves were quite high. The whaler seemed to be sailing very slowly. And again before reaching T. Murok, we turned right heading for Kg. Teluk Kechil.

When we were quite near to Kg. T Kechil we turned right and headed for the boat house. Before we headed for the boat house the time was at 1400 hour. We only took half an hour to get back because we were at goose swinging. We took nearly four hours to sail from the boat house to Kg Teluk Kechil.

At about 1500 hour we were about 100 metres from the boat house. We were then instructed to bring down the sails and started rowing. After sometime we found that the whaler was not moving. It was because the current was against us. It was drifting us away. We took up the center board and rowed ashore at about 1515 hour. After returning all the equipment to the boat house we walked back to the school. We reached the school at about 1540 hour.

Conclusion: This is the first time I ever sail a boat. Well it was very interesting controlling the sail especially the main sail. Anyway, I really enjoyed this whaler expedition very much and I think from this I can improve my sailing skill when I go for whaler II expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 1 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 1 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 1 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 1 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 1 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 1 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 1 Expedition.

Each whaler must carry the following equipment while out on expedition:-
  1. 1 life-belt and a throwing line
  2. 3 sets sails - Jib, Main & Mizzen
  3. 5 oars and crutches for single banked
  4. 8 oars and crutches for double banked
  5. 2 anchors with lines of 15 fathoms each
  6. 1 hurricane lamp and a bottle of kerosene oil
  7. 1 torchlight
  8. 1 whisker pole
  9. 1 box first-aid kid
  10. 1 set of tools
  11. 2 water bailors
  12. fresh water in 3x4 gallon containers
  • All orders must be repeated loud and clear by those to whom they are given. 
  •  Each trainee must have a life-jacket, which must be worn at all times out at sea.
  • The whaler is a dipping log, therefore trainees on board must be alert when going about.
  • During night sailing a lighted hurricane lamp must be hoisted, and one torchlight kept handy at the bow.
  • Remember the rules of the road. Any leak or damage must be reported to the Boson at the end of the expedition.
  • Remember that the crews are "trainees" and before you can expect a good performance they must be taught what to do.
OBS Whaler 2 Expedition
2 days (18 <> 19 Jun 1975)
Instructor: Mr Baba


At about 0730 hour 3 trainees and I filled up 2 jerry cans with water and proceed to the boat house. Before that we had to do “duty 2” i.e. cleaning the lavatory. At the boat house we took out the necessary equipment for sailing. The bosom then took four of us in a dingy to the whaler. We then rowed the whaler near to the shore. We then loaded all the sailing equipment into the whaler. The bosom or “engineer” as we called him helped us to get ready with the sails. We then set up the jib sail, mizzen sail and the main sail. We found that there was a lot of water in the boat. So we started to bail out the water from the boat. Among other things that we gathered into the boat were the anchor, anchor cable, lifebuoy, life jackets, two jerry cans, eight crunches. We were ready at about 0830 hour but we didn’t start our expedition yet, because the rest of our watch didn’t arrive yet. A few minutes later En. Baba came and gave us further instruction. He brought with him his personnel belongings and pots for cooking. He also brought about five katies of tapioca for us.

At about 0845 hour the rest of the party arrived. They all put on their life jackets which we had already taken out and then loaded all their packs on to the boat.

At about 0900 hour we rowed out for about 50 metres away from the shore and then set up the sails. Luckily there were some wind but it was not strong enough. We then sailed up the Dinding River. By this time the wind was directly against us i.e. in iron. Anyway we had sail passed the Shawel Beach. As the wind became stronger and stronger we found that our whaler was not moving at all. Hence, we were forced to turn back. Besides the strong wind, the waves were about 3 to 4 feet high.

While turning back we found that the current was against us because of the tide. Anyway we managed to sail for quite a distance before we had to change direction. Later, after sailing for sometime, we turned to Teluk Chempedak. At this time, the wind and the current were still very strong. We took nearly half an hour to anchor our whaler near the shore at T. Chempaedak.

We landed at T. Chempedak at about 1030 hour. We then went up to an unused sawmill and camp there. Reaching there we quickly cleared the place and cut all the grass and lalang around us. While some of us were clearing the areas a few of us ready the kitchen and prepared tea.

At about 1130 hour we took our lunch. Later we bought some fresh fish from a passing by Malay fisherman. The fresh fish was for dinner. After lunch we rested for a while and then wanted to take some sleep.

At about 1330 hour all of us went to sleep and woke up at about 1530 hour. We then started preparing dinner while a few went searching for fire wood for cooking and campfire. At about 1730 hour three of us went for a dip in the sea. After dipping, dinner was ready and at 1800 hour we took our dinner. We went to the beach and set on top of the huge rock and started eating our dinner.

After dinner we had a long stories being told to us by En. Baba. We also set up a small campfire near our place. Baba’s stories were very interesting although it sounds like legends. At 2100 hour the wind began to blow stronger and stronger. At about 2130 hour I went down to the beach to check the whaler. When I found that everything was alright, I went back to the camp. We then continued with our stories.

I went to sleep at about 2300 hour and had to wake up at 0400 hour the next day as sentry till 0600 hour. I was unable to sleep properly because the sand flies were all over my head, but later I changed direction whereby the strong wind could blow away the sand flies.


At about 0030 hour a big storm hit us. Rain began to pour heavily. I woke up by the sound of wind and pouring rain. However, I was very sleepy and cold, so I kept on sleeping. Some of the rain drops came in and it wet my whole legs. Anyway I can’t be bothered so I slept with my wet legs.

When I woke up at about 0400 hour the rain had stopped. So En Salley and I took over the sentry post. At about 0500 we started boiling water for tea. After that, we went searching for more wood and coconut husk to keep the camp fire burning. After that since we have nothing to do we just have a stroll along the beach and at the same time we were trying to catch crabs and hermit crabs. Not long after that we got tired and we went to the camp-fire and set down drinking some hot tea.

At about 0600 hour we started cooking for lunch. By 0630 hour everybody woke up and started washing themselves. We all took our breakfast at 0700 hour. After breakfast we started packing our things and equipment. By 0730 hour we started loading all our equipment into the whaler. We then clean up the camp-site. All the rubbish and empty tins were buried, and papers were burnt. Before we left the campsite we had a last check to see that nothing was left behind and we then poured water into the campfire to kill the fire.

At about 0800 hour we rowed out for about 50 metres away from the shore. We then sail out with only a very light wind. The sea was very rough and the boat was all the time swinging. Luckily none of us have real sea-sick, but only a few of us looked quite pale due to lack of sleep. About half an hour later there was no wind at all and our whaler wasn’t moving at all. As a result we were asked to row the whaler. Whenever there was light wind we stop rowing, till the wind stopped.

At last we reached the boat house at 1030 hour after two and a half hours of sailing. We then kept al the sailing equipment in the boathouse. We were all very tired and so we rested at the boat-shade. At about 1130 hour we took our lunch. As I was the duty captain I had to see to the camping equipment. After seeing to all the equipment, we walked back to school at about 1200 hour.

Conclusion: The first day expedition was very interesting because there was strong wind and the sea was very calm. But on the second day I felt a little dizzy because the sea was very rough. The camping at the beach was horrible because the weather was not fine with heavy rain at twelve midnight onwards.

Anyway this whaler expedition really gave me the idea of the life in the sea. I hope from now on, I could improve more on my sailing and thus I can use them for my future life.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 2 Expedition route.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 2 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 2 Expedition.

OBS Land 4 Expedition
2 days (21 <> 22 Jun 1975)
No Instructor

Day 1 instruction

1. From school follow south east to Teluk Murok.
2. Turn east and follow road to 64 miles stone MR 922/660
3. Proceed with your own bearing to Hill 883 at MR 925/651
4. Descend south east to pump house track at 930/642
5. Turn left and proceed east to track junction at MR 938/641
6. Follow track south to MR 938/620 turn right and proceed along track bearing west to track junction (close to Chinese shrine) at MR 927/618
7. Do not proceed straight on but turn left and follow a contour track south down to a lalang path
8. Continue south and then west to Teluk Rubiah at MR925/614 and camp for the night

Day 2 instruction

1. Follow path north west direction and then west into a valley to MR 918/614
2. Proceed out for foot path heading north eventually heading uphill along a contour a little above to Teluk Batik MR 907/637
3. Continue north north east direction of track to main junction at MR 914/663
4. Turn east to 64 miles stone follow metal road and proceed to track junction MR 927/660. From there take a bearing to Ungku Busu hill
5. Descend and ascend east to Ungku Busu down to MR 932/684
6. Proced to Kg. Haji Salim return to school via Pasir Puteh MR 892/693

DAY 1 (21.06.1975)

0900 hour. After the colour parade we packed up our things and ready to start our journey. The weather was fine. From school we followed the track south east to Teluk Murok. At T. Murok we turned east and followed the road to 64 miles stone MR 922/660.

0940 hour. We arrived at 64 mile stone. Near it was a sign of school. We found the bearing to hill 883 to be 147 degree. We then proceed to spot height 883 at MR 925/651. We started to climb the hill 883 by going behind the house at the foot of the hill. At first we went to the route more to the left but we found that the route had already been covered, so we changed to the route on the right. The route was quite steep and slippery on the way. The vegetation there was mainly big jungle trees. After a long tiring walk we reached the spot height 750. There we can see the yellow signboard of “Forest Reserved” on which was scratches by the trainees which have been there before.

1000 hour. After some rest we continued our journey down towards the left. We followed through jungles of bertam palms. Luckily the palm has been cleared by the other watches which had gone earlier. After a short walk downward (100’-200’) we began to climb up again to spot height 883.

1025 hour. We reached the spot height 883 and after resting for a short while we started to climb down again. After a few hundred yards of walking along the jungle tracks between bertam palms, we came to a six feet track for timber Lorries. We turned right and descend. But suddenly we were quite surprised to see that the road was going up the hill. Later we found from the map that the track run down after the hill, so we just carried on.

1135 hour. We reached the bottom of hill 883. There was a tapioca plantation. Still following the track we came across a very small Chinese shrine at MR 927/618. On the right was a Chinese house. In front of the Chinese house we found a timber track and we followed. We turned right into the tapioca plantation. After that we came across rubber plantation. Along the track we reached between hill 145 and the range of hills on the right. We continued on track keeping the ranges of hill on the right all the time.

1200 hour. We stopped and rested for five minutes then proceed. We came to the abandoned mining areas at 1215. Before the mining areas we turned right and ascended the saddle MR 930/620 with compass bearing 287 degree.

1230 hour. We reached the top of the saddle and took our lunch for half an hour.

1300 hour. Descend and head for the beach of Teluk Rubiah at MR 925/614 with compass bearing 208 degree. From the bottom of the saddle we turned left going up again a low hill and then down again to the beach.

1320 hour. We arrived at the beach. First of all we went to inform the “Ketua Kampong” that we are camping a night there. We then pitched our tent and then prepared some tea. We sighted a whaler coming. The whaler arrived and landed. It was the Beremban Watch under En. Yusoff. They then left at 1400 hour.

1400 hour. From 1400 hour to about 1600 hour we had a rest and prepared log.

1600 hour. We went and stroll along the beach to collect firewood and also wood for campfire. After that we started to prepare dinner.

1830 hour. We had our dinner. It was a very good meal. After dinner we set down chit chatting and later set the camp-fire. We then started to sing songs. I boiled some water to make tea and it was quite easy because I used the campfire.

2300 hour. We all went to sleep except the two sentries.

DAY 2 (22.06.1975)

0400 hour. My watch members woke me up because I was supposed to be sentry from 0400 hour to 0600 hour. I woke up and together with two more members we started to prepare breakfast and also for lunch.

0700 hour. We took our breakfast. After that we started cleaning up the camp site. We pulled down the tens and put off the fire which was still burning.

0745 hour. After filling up our water bottle from the well we then continued our expedition. We followed the path North West direction and then west into a valley to MR 918/614.

0830 hour. We reached Teluk Batik after passing through another saddle. From here on the route was very flat except for the Adams Bluff. At the top of Adams bluff we had some rest and then continued.

0905 hour. After walking for about two miles in north north east direction of track we reached the main junction at MR 914/663 i.e. the 64 and half mile stone. Here we had five minutes of rest. We then turned east to the 64 mile stone.

0920 hour. Following the metal road we reached the 64 mile stone. We then continued again.

0925 hour. We reached track junction MR 927/660 and from there we took compass bearing of 14 degree to Ungku Busu 1087 feet high. We turned left and followed the red road track for about 1000 yards leading to the foot of Ungku Busu.

0936 hour. We reached the foot of the hill. We then had a good rest.

0950 hour. We ascended uphill with 14 degree bearing. There were two routes but we decided to take the left route because the bearing shows towards it. The climb was quite hard because the gradient of the hill was very steep. But anyway the roots of the trees of the jungle formed “stair-case” which made the climb easier. After a short climb, we came across a bee nest. Mr. Tan and Paing were stung on the head and arms. We stopped a few yards away and applied some medicine. We rested quite a number of times on the way up.

1050 hour. We finally reached the peak of Ungku Busu after walking along the top of a spur. At the top of the hill it was covered with brackens a type of vegetation. We had some rest and then took bearing towards the Lumut town.

1058 hour. We descended the Ungku Busu hill. There were two paths but we took the one heading towards Lumut. At first we passed through thick brackens ferns but later we reached the area of timber trees. The path was very steep but the journey was quite easy because it was going downhill only.

1130 hour. We had quite a number of rests before we reached at the foot of the hill. We had a rest beside the police barracks and then filled up our water bottles. From here we walked towards the Lumut District Hospital.

1150 hour. We took our lunch along the beach beside the hospital. After 25 minutes of lunch, we then proceed to Sri Ramar Temple.

1225 hour. We arrived at Sri Ramar Temple and have a short rest. We then filled our water bottles. All the way we went quite slowly because Mr. Tan had a bristle on his foot and he had to take out his jungle boots and wear slipper. The tide was coming in so we quickly continued our way to Kg. Haji Salim. During that time the tide was already quite high and some parts we had to wade in 2 to 3 feet of water.

1245 hour. We reached Kg. Haji Salim.

1315 hour. We reached Bukit Pasir Anjang (350’) and had a short rest. Here we passed through rubber plantation and a few Chinese houses.

1330 hour. We reached Kg. Pasir Puteh after a short walked. Bukit Pasir Anjang to Kg. Pasir Puteh we traveled through several swampy areas, rubber plantations and a few low hills.

1345 hour. We arrived at the boat house after walking through Kg. Balek Beting and Kg. Batu Gajah. At the boat house we saw En. Yusoff and the Beremban Watch.

1400 hour. We arrived at school and then went for a dip.

Conclusion: All together we walked about 20 over miles. In general the expedition was very interesting although very tiring? Camping at the beach was very interesting. A quarter of the route i.e. from T. Rubiah to the 64 mile stone was very easy to find because I have been there before and therefore we found on difficulty at all. This land expedition really tests our endurance. Luckily we reached the school without any fault.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Land 4 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Land 4 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Land 4 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Land 4 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Land 4 Expedition.
OBS Whaler 3 Expedition
3day Pulau Simbilan Expedition
24 <> 26 June 1975
Instructor: Mr Yusoff

  1. Ching Neng Bin Korbu Watch
  2. Syed Kamurulzaman Irau
  3. Faris Jamaludin Irau
  4. Ruslan Bayu Irau
  5. Tan Kah Eng Irau
  6. Leau Choong Yin Tahan
  7. Mohd Zaki Tahan
  8. Hashim Ismail Kinabalu
  9. Abu Hasan Othman Kinabalu
  10. Abdul Majid Korbu
  11. Salleh Haji Husin Korbu 
DAY 1 (24.06.1975)

To day I woke up at 0430 hour and there was a reveille at 0500 hour. Immediately after reveille I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and had a bath. After that I went to the dining room to take our breakfast together with other members.

Immediately after breakfast we packed up our things and lunch ration. Three of the group and I walked to the boathouse while the rest stay back to clean up the dining hall. We walked out from the school at about 0530 hour and reached the boathouse 30 minutes later. We were supposed to get the whaler ready, so when we reached there we took a pram to our whaler “Rothman Holt” and brought her ashore. We then set up all the sails and loaded all the necessary equipments for sailing. At about 0600 hour the instructor and the party arrived. They then loaded in all their haversacks and cooking equipments. Every thing was ready by 0615 hour so we started our expedition.

We rowed out to the sea and set up the sails but there was no wind at all. So we have to row further out towards the sea. There was little wind at about 0700 hour but we were moving and were ahead of the other two whaler party. At first we aimed towards Pulau Agas with the wind coming at close haul, but later as the wind dies down we have to shift to the mainland of Adam’s Bluff. At about 0830 the wind was very still and the current pushed us towards the mainland. Hence, we started rowing every now and then. Finally we were out of the Dinding Straits at about 1000 hour and here we had some gentle breeze. But the current was too strong, so we were traveling very slowly. We kept on rowing till we reached Teluk Rubiah at about 1100 hour. We landed at the beach and here we took our lunch.

At about 1130 hour we proceed to Pulau Rumbia one of the 9 islands. When we were out of the mainland and into the open sea, the wind was quite strong. Here we faced the problem of drifting. The current was strong and was in fact drifting us back to the mainland. Again we have to row every now and then to keep the whaler from drifting away. Here we had a hard time rowing the whaler. At about 1230 hour we were traveling very slowly because there was no wind and we were drifted a little away from the course. At about 1330 the wind changed direction and was against us all the time. As a result we had to tack all the time in order to sail. When we were about two miles away from Pulau Rumbia there was no wind completely and the current kept on drifting us away. So from here we had a hard time rowing all the way till we reached the campsite on the island.

We reached the camp site at about 1800 hour. There was already one other party landed. On the beach there was a little hut, so we took half of it and the other party under Mr. Foo took the other half. After anchoring about 30 metres away from the beach, we sweep the camp site and brought down all our things. The campsite was very clean because the party which arrived first had already done the cleaning. A few of us quickly walked out along the beach and searched for fire woods. I then boiled some water to make tea while others started to cook chicken curry. After cooking we then went for a bath at a nearby stream. We took our dinner at about 2130 hour. It was a very good dinner. The menu was chicken curry and steamed long beans. After the dinner, we just sat down by the campfire and chit chatting. Later we went and strolled along the beach to see anything that is of interest. At about 2330 hour we put up a tent outside the hut because there wasn’t any room for four of us i.e. myself, the instructor, Ruslan and Syed. After setting up the tent we went to sleep at about 2400 hour.

DAY 2 (25.06.1975)

I was awakened by Mr. Leau to do sentry duty at 0200 hour. Ruslan and I were supposed to do sentry duty from 0200 to 0400 hour. When both of us woke up we just sat near the campfire and chit chat and also sing some songs. I finished my sentry duty at 0400 so we woke up all the four cooks who were supposed to prepare breakfast and also to cook lunch. I then went to sleep again and woke up at 0530 hour. After washing, we took our breakfast and packed up out things. Then we loaded our things in the whaler. After final checking together with other party we sailed out from Pulau Rumbia at 0605 hour. There was very good wind and we had goose winging. We steered our course to the west i.e. towards Bagan Datoh because strong current was flowing eastward.

At about 0945 after passing Pulau Agas, we then took our bearing towards the tip of Pangkor Island that is towards Tanjong Trengganu. After some good sailing we reached S. Pinang Kechil at about 1100 hour. We stopped at this kampong and did some marketing and also filled up our water cans from the Southern Perak Ice Factory. Forty five minutes later we sailed out to T. Chempedak. We arrived at T. Chempedak at about 1235 hour. Here we met the other party under Mr. Allan who was camping there too. We took our lunch at about 1400 hour. After lunch and some rest we went to sleep for one hour or so. I woke up at 1600 hour and went out with a few members to search for fire wood and also wood for campfire. 3 of the group walked to Kg. S. Pinang Kechil to buy some fruits and fish for dinner. They came back quite late at about 1730 hour. While preparing for dinner we cooked “Black Rice” and ate it. We had our dinner at about 2000 hour.

After we had eaten our dinner we sat by the campfire together with the other party and sang songs followed by jokes and stories. It was a very enjoyable night. Every member of the two groups participated in the songs. I went to sleep at about 2230 hour.

DAY 3 (26.06.1975)

To day I woke up at about 0200 hour for sentry duty. I was very tired and sleepy. Sometimes I felt asleep when I was sitting down so I sang some songs to keep myself awake. I finished my sentry duty at 0400 hour and went to sleep.

The cooks later got up and started preparing breakfast. I woke up at 0530 and washed my face. After breakfast we started packing our things. We then cleared the area and loaded our things into the whaler. We moved off at about 0630 hour. We rowed the whaler out; the wind was very strong against us. On top of that the current was also against us. We tried to row out a bit but were unsuccessful. So we tried to tack our way to S. Pinang Kechil. After a number of careful tacking we finally reached S Pinang Kechil at about 0900 hour. The instructor told us that the speed of the current was about 3 knots. We stopped at S. Pinang Kechil to buy fresh fish for lunch. Coming back was a bit easier and I was at the tiller controlling the whaler. I did a number of tacking and finally reached the boathouse at about 1030 hour. All the other parties had already arrived. We then cleaned the whaler and brought down all our things. After cleaning we carried the 3 whalers up into the boat shed. After having our lunch at 1300 hour we walked back to school.

Conclusion: The expedition of whaler was very interesting because we traveled to many different places especially Pulau Rumbia. The camping this time was very interesting because we have fresh chickens, vegetables and fish to cook instead of canned food. The experienced from this expedition I learned the importance of knowing the sea current and tides when whaling because you will be drifted away if you are not careful. In conclusion I should say I have learned a lot of new things during these 3 days of exhaustive expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 3 Expedition route.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 3 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 3 Expedition.

Outward Bound School Lumut - 1975 Whaler 3 Expedition.

Outward Bound Whaler 3 Expedition - Ching Neng Bin (2nd from left) helping to pull the whaler back to boat house.

Outward Bound Whaler 3 Expedition - Ching Neng Bin (2nd from left) helping to pull the whaler back to boat house.

School Graduation Day

Mr. Eusoff calling out the names to collect their certificates at Outward Bound School Lumut, Course No.203.

Mr. Eusoff calling out the names to collect their certificates at Outward Bound School Lumut, Course No.203.

Ching Neng Bin received the certificate of merit from the warden Mr Kwan Kim Lam at Outward Bound School Lumut.

Ching Neng Bin received the certificate of merit from the warden Mr Kwan Kim Lam at Outward Bound School Lumut.

Ching Neng Bin's school course fee of RM350 duly sponsored by Public Bank.


Outward Bound School Lumut Merit Badge Certificate for Ching Neng Bin.




Outward Bound School Lumut Report.


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  5. A great post, and so detailed, well done. I was an instructor at the OBS in 1973. My name is Dave Oliver and I am a New Zealander. I remember Allan and Bubu well. I would dearly like to get in touch with them as I have not seen them since. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  6. Hi D.Oliver, Allan's HP: +60195608321