Day 14 Trekking ABC in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trekking Adventure 07 to 21 October 2013

Day 14 (20.10.2013) Pokhara fly to Kathmandu by Yeti Airlines

We took a last memorable look of the Annapurna ranges and took the 10.10am flight to Kathmandu and landed at 10.35am. The tour operator drove us to the hotel. This is a leisure day which can be utilized buying gifts and souvenirs for friends and family. In the evening we were invited to a farewell dinner and the certificate presentation by the President of Explore Himalaya Mr Suman Pandey and we shared experiences of the trip.
A last memorable look of the Annapurna ranges in the morning from our hotel.

The magnificent snow covered Machapuchre also called Mt. Fishtail dominates the scenery because of its proximity to the valley and can be seen from anywhere in Pokhara. Pokhara is blessed with stunning panoramic views of the Annapurna range which forms its backdrop.

At the Pokhara Airport waiting area.

We took the 10.10am flight to Kathmandu - the fastest turboprop Jetstream J-41 aircraft operating in Nepal, uses two 1230KW AlliedSignal turboprop engines driving 5 blade McCauley propellers.

The cabin seating for up to 29 at 3 abreast.

The charming sweet cabin attendant.
Although it was cloudy we got to see the incredible view of the Annapurna range from the plane.

The spectacular flight to Kathmandu with the mountain ranges view from east to west.

A bird's eye view of Kathmandu.

At the domestic arrival site to collect our baggage.

At the car park we saw this Myvi car made in Malaysia.

We saw this special Buddha statue in a restaurant.

We were invited to a farewell dinner at this Tehzeeb 50cent bar and grill.

Tehzeeb is a fine dining multi cuisine family restaurant situated at the heart of the city. We had Indian set menu: Abo Jeena snack, Chicken Sekh Kebab, Taja Sabjika Shorba soup, and the main course are Chusa Makhani, Hydrabadi Fish Tikka, Mix Veg Kadai, Dal Bukham, Sada Chawal and Naan. Fresh fruit with curd for dessert and we had plenty of beer.
Shahrul receiving his certificate from President of  Explore Himalaya Mr Suman Pandey.

Ching Neng Bin receiving his certificate from President of  Explore Himalaya Mr Suman Pandey.

Lim Min Heng receiving his certificate from President of  Explore Himalaya Mr Suman Pandey.

Datin Yogaranee receiving his certificate from President of  Explore Himalaya Mr Suman Pandey.

Lim Ka Tin receiving his certificate from President of  Explore Himalaya Mr Suman Pandey.

Wong Kok Seong receiving his certificate from President of  Explore Himalaya Mr Suman Pandey.

Tan Kim Chan receiving his certificate from President of  Explore Himalaya Mr Suman Pandey.

Song Poh receiving his certificate from President of  Explore Himalaya Mr Suman Pandey.

Day 15 (21.10.2013) Kathmandu to Kuala Lumpur

The trip ended when we took the 11.10am AirAsia flight to Kuala Lumpur arriving at 6.10pm.
In conclusion, trekking the Annapurna Sanctuary is:

An Adventure of going through unfamiliar terrain and situations. 
An Opportunity to mingle with international trekking community.
An Educational insight of how forces of nature shaped the earth.
A Self-discovery and the enduring human spirit of achieving personal goals and overcoming mind-set.

Total expenses:
US985 per pax. being 15day fee charged by Explore Himalaya
US 25 per pax. being visa for 15 days
US 60 per pax. being other expenses
RM1,300 being return air ticket

Annapurna Base Camp Trek - Expression of Nature itself  

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Day 15 (21.10.2013) Kathmandu to KL


  1. Dear Mr Ching

    I am an ardent follower of your travel blog especially your recent trip to Nepal not to mention all your earlier posts, I find your blogs very informative as I love travelling too, well done.

    You may call me Peter. I am 59 years residing in Rawang, Selangor. I am still working as a Key Account Manager with a Stationery Distributor based in Rawang. As I travel quite often to Penang, I would like to meet up with you on the way if possible at your convenience to share our travel adventures.

    I was also wondering what is your next destination as I am planning my next travel for next year, hope to hear from you soon, you may contact me at 016-238 7299, thanks.

    Peter Chong
    Rawang, Selangor

  2. Tee Sze Peng21 November, 2013

    Dear Ching,
    I was following your earlier postings(Day 1-8) very closely and with lots of fun, joy and excitements even though I am not there. The beautiful photos and information provided with great details made it real good. I was waiting patiently for your postings for the last leg(Day 9-15) and this really made my day. It must be one of the best trekking adventures you have ever undertaken. Really envy your determination, strength and interest in all your adventures to-date. Met up with Bee Geok 2 weeks ago in Sitiawan. Keep going and our best regards to you and family.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing your adventure. All I could say is “envy”.

  4. Hi Ching
    That was a very interesting - out of this world experience. Do keep me inform of such coming trip - from your blog you have some fishing trips too. Thanks, by the way you do have a pretty Italian girlfriend.

  5. Lee Meng Lai22 November, 2013

    Dear Ching, Many thanks for the sharing. It had been an inspiring visual journey for me. Look forward to trek it one day. Rgds Meng Lai

  6. MK Liew @ Walking Tall22 November, 2013

    Hi Ching,

    Thanks very much for sharing your trekking experience in ABC.

    We were there last year from 14th to 24th Sept., 2013 with two days each of acclimatisation and rest in between; all 14 days in total, but our route was different.

    We trekked from Chyamche (1430m) after nine hours of bus ride to Besisahar from Kathmandu and another 5 hours by 3 units of 4wheelers which took us through treacherous and slippery trail up to Chyamche. There on, it was trekking from village to village, Bagarchap(2160m), Chame (2670m), Pisang (3200m), Manang (3540m), Ledar (4200m), Thorong phedi (4450m) and finally, Thorong Pass (5416m).

    We trekked down on the same day from Thorong Pass to Mukhtinah (3760m), rested a night and then to Kagbeni (2800m) the next day before finally arriving Jomsom (2720m) where we took a flight to Pokhara for overnight tour before returning to Kathmandu.

    It was a truly adventurous trip during which we encountered two landslides, due to continuous rain in the 1st two days, and news of avalanche just above a path we passed. And on our second last day when we took a flight (a Fokker kind of small plane) to view the various peaks at the Himalayas Mountains, a plane just before us crashed during take-off; killing all 19 people on board. We were only told after we had returned from our flight; which explained why our flight was delayed for 1 hour before take-off.

    Hope I can share with you our photographs. Our trip was scribed and published in our Royal Klang Club magazine. Perhaps, if you like, I can send you a copy.

    All the best in all your outdoor adventures.

    Best regards,
    MK Liew @ Walking Tall

  7. Thank you Ching for the wonderful post on the Nepal trip. I hope to go there soon.

  8. Madam Low Sook Chan23 November, 2013

    Hi Mr Ching,

    Thank you very much for sending such interesting and useful information for sharing. Honestly I seldom go for back-packing, I rather join conducted tours as my age and my physical health don't quite encourage me to do so. Anyway I always like to forward interesting emails to my relatives and friends. One of my daughters particularly finds your information very helpful as she and her husband like back-packing too.

    Thank you once again, all the best.

    Regards from
    Madam Low s Chan

  9. Hi Ching,

    Thank you very much for sharing.
    Beautiful stories, awesome pictures !
    Lucky you ...

    Sat 23.11.13

  10. Yoon Phooi Kwong24 November, 2013

    HI Ching Thanks for the kind thoughts to always share your exciting trips with us all. May you have many many more adventures to come. Best Regards.

  11. Koay Bee Lee25 November, 2013

    Mr Ching, Thank you for sharing the stunning & interesting photos, you really spent your retired time well...

  12. As always, thanks for sharing Ching. Great adventure and keep it up!

  13. Steven Cheong25 November, 2013

    Hi Ching, thanks for sharing your experience n knowledge with us from each conquest you have had achieved. Really appreciate your postings to me. May God bless you in every way that you will continue to do and fulfill the desires of your heart and at the time, blessing all your friends; cheers and you have a nice day.

  14. Very beautiful scenery carry out the good work at least we got to see the place even though we are not there with you, can imagine how it feels, bravo!

  15. "You simply can not be adventurous without the willingness to risk your life."

  16. Hi Mr Ching,
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful journey to ABC. The sceneries were simply stunning, breathtaking... I couldn't resist forwarding to my friends. Looking forward to your next adventure! Take care and thanks again. Jezzy

  17. The Mt Fishtail looks like Mt Matterhorn of Switzerland as seen from Pokhara. Interesting though, Perodua managed to export MyVi to Nepal. Collecting your well deserved certificate like it's your graduating scroll. It's hard earned endeavour and a job well done with persistent effort. Thank goodness all of you were back safe and elated with high spirit. It's inspiring now that more will want to join you in your next exploring excursion as I read among the comments.

    Alan Kok

  18. Wow! cool trip and good sharing. Is it very hard to get a clean water during the hiking trip? I've read some blog saying that we need to bring chlorine tablet to disinfection the water there but we are not able to get any chlorine tablet in Malaysia. Maybe can get some advice from you. Thanks