Day 09 Trekking ABC in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) - 07 to 21 October 2013
Trekkers sleepily arise and stroll over the frosted trail to the lookout behind the lodges where the sun, crowning over Annapurna II and IV in the east, starts to shine on the tip.

Day 09 (15.10.2013) Trekking day 07 - ABC returning to Doban under the rain

Our guide banged our door to awaken us up at 05:30am and being outside at 05:35 we soon saw the sunrise happening and it was absolutely stunning. If on a clear day, this will be one of the best views and experiences you will ever have. First the tops of the mountains glowed orange with the rest still a weak white. We then walked to the edge to have the final view of the mountains and the base camp. The sky gave us about half an hour to take all our photo shots before it started to rain the whole day again.

After the morning sunrise view, we all had breakfast at 6.30am, packed, took a group photo under the rain and started our descent at 07:30. Very nice descent, with beautiful views, clear skies, but with light rain.

08.50am arrived at MBC and was still raining.
11.10am arrived at Deurali for lunch and depart at 12.15am
01.30pm arrived at Himalaya and continued our trekking.
03.00pm arrived at Doban for dinner and sleeping

Doban has 5 guesthouses and one local shop. Very important, you can get a 24/7 hot shower here, highly recommended, even more so if you skipped the washing at ABC.

The stunning early morning view of the Annapurna with the reflection on the water.

The glowing mountain top as the morning sun rises.

The sky gave us half hour to take all our photo shots before it started to rain the whole day again.

During winter in January, this whole base camp is covered with thick snow.

The remains of the avalanche the day before is still noticeable.

Tops of the mountains glowed orange.

The view of the mighty Annapurna 1.

Took a group photo under the rain and later started our descent at 07:30

Yes, we would also like to thank the Himalaya for giving us the opportunity to view the magnificent mountains of Annapurna, Machepuchere and surroundings.

As we walked down we could see many trekkers coming towards ABC.

The landscape changes from stoney to meadow as we descend.

We stopped occasionally to look back and were thankful for the final glances before the fullness of the peaks were out of view.

I have just walked out of the rolling clouds behind me.

Getting strange feeling of walking through the thick clouds on top of a ridge-line.

A good view of the gorge below.

Under the rain, we were trekking towards MBC below the cloud.

8.50am arrived at MBC behind me and was still raining.

Guide Lamababu and I took the last look at MBC and bid farewell.
Wild sunflowers along the trail.

Carefully moving down trail, our knees kept track of every stoney step.

This is the Modi River that is formed at the foot of the Annapurnas.

The thick cloud on our trail.

When you see sheep around, it means that we are very near to Deurali.

I even have to make way for sheep crossing.

Crossing a washed out bridge needs some help.

Needs to be very careful when crossing such bridge with fast flowing water.

Datin Ranee with guide Lamababu.

Another dangerous bridge crossing.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek - Expression of Nature itself  

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Day 15 (21.10.2013) Kathmandu to KL

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