2010 - Backpacking to Saigon, Vietnam

Backpacking Adventure
10 days to Saigon, Vietnam
02 Dec to 11 Dec 2010

Front (L-R) Jamie Loo, Pauline Toh, Ching Bee Geok, Janny Ho, Jocelyn Loo, Ker Sew Huat, Teh Bee Bee, Catherine, Betty Ching, Veron Wan, Wan Lan, Letchuimy, Manimegalai, Rosalind Wan

Back (L-R) Ching Neng Bin, Ivan Loo, Andrew Loo, Lim Kee Moon, Thanabalan, Wong Tai Meng, Gan An Hock, Tan Sim Kiat, David Wan, Ching Leng Chu, Alistair Mcculoch, Dr. Sim Mong Huei, Dato' Mohanadas, Val Allan
Day 01 (02.12.10) Kuala Lumpur > Saigon

"Xin Chao" greetings from Saigon. A total of 28 of us; 26 on AirAsia arrived at Saigon Tan Son Nhat Airport at 10am, however, Leng Chu and Wan Lan on Malaysian Airline System (mana ada system) supposed to arrive half hour earlier, were late by an hour. After lunch, visited the Reunification Palace and the War Museum.

AirAsia AK880 to Saigon is RM199 pp
Bus from Sitiawan to LCCT RM45 pp
Sleeping - Hotel Vuon Tao Dan, 220 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, P.6,Q.3, Saigon

My wife Catherine and I getting out of LCCT to board the plane
Aerial view of Putra Jaya, Malaysia
Aerial view of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam
The chaotic narrow tall building in Saigon. Small alleys that lead nowhere, thousands of cables and pipes hanging on the walls, almost no sidewalks and drains.
Our guide, Rose Hong wearing the traditional red Ao Dai at the airport
Saigon has two seasons. The wet season starts from May to November and the dry season starts from December to April.
Our luxurious bus for the 10 days trip with Rose Hong
Saigon is filled with 4 million of very noisy honking motorcycles. The first thing that will surprise you in your first visit to Saigon is the amount of motorbikes. To cross a street, it takes some practice. Do not wait for drivers to stop, instead, start walking at a slow and steady path. Look at the face of the drivers that will try to avoid you.
Our 1st lunch at Saigon Sport 3 hotel & restaurant. Food is one of the main reasons to visit Vietnam. Thanks to the French presence in the country. The most popular meal is Pho a noodle soup usually with meat 'pho bo is beef, pho ga is chicken'. Other specialty are the Vietnamese spring rolls with vermicelli and pieces of pork, prawns or beef wrapped around rice paper.
Visited the Reunification Palace. This building, currently a museum, used to be the official residence of the Presidents of the former South Vietnam government. It was here that the American led war ended on April 30 1975, when the North invaded the Palace forcing the president to resign.
American military hardware on display

We were briefed by an officer at the palace
Nguyen Van Thieu was the last president of South Vietnam
Presidential receiving room
Presidential recreational room
A very large carpet at the entrance of palace
Elephant legs
Some of the President's trophy on display
The 1st Lady as drawn by an artist
A palace theater
Dinning room
Conference room
View of palace compound from the building
Used as escape helicopter during the last few days of war
Telecommunications center and war room

Palace kitchen with Jamie and Jocelyn Loo holding the large woks
Presidential car
War Museum opened on 4.9.1975. It specialized in research, collecting, preserving, and exhibiting the remnant proofs of Vietnam War crimes and their consequences.
The tanks, helicopters, planes and arms on display do not attract visitors, but the images on display and see the effects of the weapons of mass destruction used during the American War as the locals call it.
American transport helicopter
Ammunition and bombs on display

Enjoying the cheap Saigon beer
Look at the 2L beer canister held by Andrew for only 140k dong
Day 02 (03.12.10) Saigon > Tien Giang > Can Tho

Woke up early for the 2 hours, 70km drive to the Mekong Delta. Breakfast at the popular Mekong Rest Stop with beautiful lotus garden. Start of boat ride at Thoi Son tourist boat station. Morning was visiting the islands and learn the livelihood of the people and their culture. The highlights in the afternoon was the traditional fish catching in a small river and cooking it for lunch.

Sleeping - Hotel Vuon Tao Dan, 86 Nguyen Thai hoc, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho

Mekong Rest Stop area car park
Beautiful lotus garden

Very good breakfast here at Mekong Rest Stop

The 'pho' noodles
Alistair with all the happy ladies on tour
Our boat ride started at this Thoi Son tourist boat station at My Tho
A majestic ferry with restaurant
The boat trip through some islands and its surroundings. The Mekong is one of the longest rivers in Southeast Asia and has its origins in Tibet. It flows across China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam where it dies. The delta lies 70km south of Saigon.

Rach Mieu Bridge - to connect Phoenix island with Tien Giang province
Landed on Unicorn Island for the bee-keeping farm and fruit orchards.
Free honey tea, banana wine and local fruits
Andrew, Jamie and Jocelyn Loo enjoying honey and banana wine
Ching Bee Geok and I having some fun with a big python
Dato' Mohan showing the length of the python
Veron Wan getting cold with it, 'Oh No!'
Free entertainment by local tribe - traditional Tai Tu music and songs

We sat on traditional rowing boat out of the canal to our motorized boat

Rowing in the canal
Val Allan showing his jumping skill
Visit this traditional coconut candy village. I bought a bottle of coconut wine here.
On smaller boat to another island for fish catching and lunch
David taking river view shots

We all wear the AoBaBa, a traditional dress and join in scooping water and catching fish.

This is my catch
Look at our muddy legs - Victor, Ching and Kee Moon
Mani and Letchuimy cooking our fish for lunch
This is the rice paper
Ca Nuong Trui (elephant ear fish) a specialty of the Mekong Delta

Dao Dua Vestige a strange place on Phoenix Island (ConPhung), was founded by Nguyen Thanh Nam known as the Coconut Monk. All his life he ate coconut and nothing else.
Balan and his wild banana fruit
At a crocodile farm

Typical Vietnamese bamboo bridge
The hungry crocodile below
Back to the mainland jetty for our bus journey to Can Tho City

Vinh Trang Pagoda which was built in 19th century with Asian and European style
The pagoda consists of 5 buildings, 2 ornamental yards and 178 pillars
Mekong River sunset view on our way to Can Tho City
Our hotel - had dinner on the 6th floor.

Day 03 (04.12.10) Can Tho > Saigon

After breakfast at hotel, we proceed to Ninh Kieu harbour and took a boat to Cai Rang floating market where you can buy fruits and vegetables from the boats. Along the river we could see many churches and Christian schools and the houses along river banks. We then visited the My Khanh fruit garden growing more than 20 kinds of fruits. Had lunch there and then back to hotel to check out for the bus journey to Saigon.

Sleeping at Hotel Hanh Phuc, 265 Nguyen Trai, Q.1, Saigon for 120k dong a room

Getting in a boat at Ninh Kieu harbor
A floating petrol station for boats
Rafts and boats are anchored along the two sides of the river.
On each boat, goods are hung on poles that are called 'cay beo'. This way, people on small boats know where they have to go from a certain distance.
All the goods are transported to the market by rafts and boats.
Boat traders plying along the river here to interchange their goods with other locals.
The market is divided into two parts: buying and selling places.
Mango as big as coconut for sale
Children selling bananas
A lady selling vegetables
Entrance to My Khanh fruit garden
There are also chalets for rent in the orchard
The garden in front of the ancient house

Inside the ancient house has many antique furniture
A cool walk through the fruit orchard
Feeding time at a crocodile farm

Dog racing competition
Pig racing competition
Wow! Beautiful bums on display
For lunch
Barbecue garden snails also for lunch
A very satisfying meal at MyKhanh restaurant
Visited another dirty market by the river

Taking a afternoon nap
River snails for sale at the market
Red river crabs good to eat
Poisonous snakes liquor are sold throughout Vietnam.
The group cheers to all in Saigon
Our second round of beer
Dato' Mohan, Ching and Dr.Sim enjoying Saigon beer in Saigon
Day 04 (05.12.10) Saigon > Dalat (305km)

Woke up early for the 7 to 8 hours bus journey to Dalat. Fantastic breakfast at Phuong Son Rest Stop with beautiful garden and a waterfall beside. Lunch was at Tam Chau restaurant and supermarket. The road journey up the hill to Dalat was filled with beautiful greenery and pine trees upon reaching Dalat at 3pm.

Sleeping at Hotel Hong Tam, 12A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Dalat at 330k dong a room.
Our guide, Rose Hong, Nhat and bus driver
The restaurant
Bee Geok, Alistair and Dr. Sim enjoying breakfast
Giang Dien Waterfall - we are fascinated by its vast wilderness, beautiful meadows, colourful wild flowers and the sight and sound of the waterfalls rushing in noisily.

Fishermen along the river

A rest stop for lunch and some shopping. Famous for Tam Chau Tea.
Dalat - City of Eternal Spring. Average temp. is 18 to 25C.
Dalat central market square
Dalat is 1,500m above sea level and is 305km from Saigon
Le Petit Paris
Catherine, Ching and Dr.Sim drinking Dalat Wine in the hotel
Wine party at the hotel lobby - Allan singing a love song to Veron. A good time to get to know each other better with jokes, singing, dancing and drinking. We made so much noise that were literally ask to stop by hotel guest at 10pm.
Day 05 (06.12.10) Dalat

After breakfast in hotel, we proceed to visit Truc Lam Pagoda on Phuong Hoang hill. Here you can have a panoramic view of the lake and a breathtaking view of the pine forest. Visited Datanla waterfall before going for lunch. Afternoon was the visit to the Bao Dai Palace which is the place of working and resting of the last king of Nguyen regime. Visited a Flower Garden of Dalat city with a lot of special and beautiful flowers in Lang Biang highland. The last place we went was the embroidery shop with amazing artwork by hand.

Sleeping at Hotel Hong Tam, 12A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Dalat at 330k dong a room.
Entrance to the Truc Lam Pagoda an institute for meditation
Truc Lam Pagoda is 4 km from Dala

Total area is about 25 hectares
The residence nuns

The beautiful hanging flowers

Notice its cleanliness and well kept garden

Front (L-R) Jamie Loo, Pauline Toh, Ching Bee Geok, Janny Ho, Jocelyn Loo, Ker Sew Huat, Teh Bee Bee, Catherine, Betty Ching, Veron Wan, Wan Lan, Letchuimy, Manimegalai, Rosalind Wan

Back (L-R) Ching Neng Bin, Ivan Loo, Andrew Loo, Lim Kee Moon, Thanabalan, Wong Tai Meng, Gan An Hock, Tan Sim Kiat, David Wan, Ching Leng Chu, Alistair Mcculoch, Dr. Sim Mong Huei, Dato' Mohanadas, Val Allan
A walk through the pine forest

Beautiful view of the Tuyen Lam Lake and the pine forest
Entrance to the Datanla waterfall. We had to walk 20 minutes down a very steep pathway. There is also mini roller coaster for those who do not want to walk.
The handicraft work

The traditional tribal house at the waterfall
The small bridge you could walk over, so you could get really near to the water

We also took the challenge to visit this haunted house before getting back to city
This is how the minority tribe drinks their home made rice wine at lunch time
Summer Palace of the last king Bao Dai is 2.5 km from Dalat
It was built in 1933 when Bao Dai was on his throne in Hue kingdom
The king had 8 wives and all the children speaks French and lived in France - never to return

Portrait of the King Bao Dai
It is filled with artifacts from decades and governments past

A view of the palace garden
A man without leg at the car-park
Dalat flower gardens was established in 1966

Admiring the hand embroidery pictures on the wall
The beautiful colour of hand embroidery picture

The showroom of "The Art Works"

House Of "The Artist Living In"
A mini replica of the Eiffel Tower lighted up at night
Day 06 (07.12.10) Dalat > Phan Thiet (200km)

After breakfast in hotel, we proceed straight to Lang Biang tourist area. We had to take a jeep up the mountain to discover the Legend of Love. On the way to Phan Thiet, we visited the Domain De Mari Catheral with French architecture including flower garden and the handicapped and orphans area. There is a shop that sells clothes and hats made by the children and nuns beside the church. We all bought quite a lot of things here as it was cheap.

Sleeping at Hon Rom 1, Mui Ne.
Entrance to the Lang Biang mountain of 2.400m
A zebra-horse
Wild horses running around
Only jeep is allowed to go up the mountain
A restaurant at the top of the mountain
The fresh air is cooling and the view is beyond words to describe.
Beautiful surrounding with strong wind blowing
The valley below is truly spectacular
A tribal family
All the daughters of the Chil tribe
Shopping again for the ladies
The Lach tribe handiwork
The legend of Love - Mr.Lang and Ms.Biang. Due to being in a different tribe, Bian could not marry Lang. So they both chose death to preserve their love and oppose the strict rule. After they died, the tribes took responsibility to merge.
Since then, young men and women of different tribes are allowed to love and marry each other
Domaine de Marie Cathedral, Dalat - the pink tile-roofed structure convent
Located on Tran Phu street is the largest church in the City.
Built in 1931 being the oldest architectural works in Dalat. The upper part of its wall were fixed 70 panels of color glass.
A flower garden in between the church and the living quarters
It was once home to 300 nuns. Suzanne Humbert is buried at the base of the outside back wall of the chapel.
Stopped for happy hour by the bush
Coffee fruits
We stayed in this beach resort at Mui Ne
Hon Rom beach resort at Mui Ne

The Mui Ne Beach stretches almost 20 miles into the South China Sea
Sunset view on the beach

More of Dalat wine at the beach resort
Balan and Teh doing the rock n roll
Everybody dance along even the bargirls
Another dancing sequence led by Val Allan. We continued dancing until the lounge closed.
Day 07 (08.12.10) Phan Thiet 

Got up early and without breakfast to avoid the sun at the sand dune, we travel to Bau Trang to visit a natural fresh water lake and the famous Trinh Nu sand dune. Came back to hotel later for breakfast and lunch before going for a swim in the afternoon. We then visited the Cham Poshanuh Tower which is the place of Miss Ponagar's the youngest girl worshipped and Ong Hoang tower which is related to the love story between Han Mac and Mong Cam.

Sleeping at Hon Rom 1, Mui Ne.
Entrance to the White Sand Dunes

A beautiful natural desert lake

After the lake, you get to see the dunes under the morning sun
Although this is a small desert, the dunes are really awesome.
From the top of the dunes, I had the great view of the surrounding
Popular photo shoot for the newly married couple
The strong winds in the afternoon move the dunes every day

Russian jeep track all over. Sand particles are very small, and with the strong winds that blow in the area you need a mask and glasses to protect your face.
If you want to use a camera, be careful as sand is one of cameras worst enemies.
This was the first time Bee Geok riding a special bike
Fantastic adventurous feeling when riding on this vehicle

It was fun sand sledding down the dunes
It was more than 150 feet below
Jamie and I competing
Leng Chu on the way down very fast
I win you lose
Kee Moon unable to stop!
Phan Thiet used to be part of the ancient Cham Kingdom. It was here in 1306 that King Tran Nhan Tong agreed to the marriage of King Jaya Sinhavarman III of the Cham Kingdom with princess Huyen Chan. In 1692 Lord Nguyen Phuc Chu invaded the area and incorporated it to the Nguyen dynasty.
View of Phan Thiet from this Banai's Hill
At the Cham textile and handicraft shop
Learning to make Cham traditional textiles
Cham textile for sale
Phan Thiet River
Phan Thiet market
Our steamboat dinner at the resort
Janny Ho keep watch on the lady preparing our sea-food
A sea-food barbecue night was well organized by Dato' Mohan and Balan. Public speaking session - Everybody had to give a 2 minutes speech on the trip
Ching Leng Chu telling grandfather stories to the ladies
Day 08 (09.12.10) Phan Thiet > Saigon 

After breakfast at hotel, we travel back to Saigon(222km) and along the way we visited the Red Sand Dune and around the Takou tourist area we took the cable car up the mountain to see the Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda with the biggest Buddha's statue in the Eastern Southern Asia which is 49 meter in length.

Sleeping in Hotel hanh Phuc, 265 nguyen Trai, Q1, Saigon
The Red Sand dunes

The kids you see here belong to the poorest families in the region.
As soon as you get to this Red Sand dunes you will be greeted by local kids. They will come to you, and say a few words in English. Some of them will help you walk to the top of the dunes. And when you leave, they will ask for money. Andrew Loo handed me some money to distribute to them.
Two minute cable car up the Ta Cu Mountain or a 2hour hike up
Andrew, Val Allan and Kee Moon
This pagoda was constructed in 1861 during Nguyen dynasty

This white reclining Buddha was built in 1972, at 49m is the largest in Vietnam
Dato' Mohan running up

The entrance to a small cave where the monk lived beside the reclining Buddha
A respect to the deceased monk
Had lunch in this restaurant on the mountain
Back to Ben Thanh market in Saigon
Day 09 (10.12.10) Saigon 

Morning was the half day visit to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels. Back to the city for lunch and it was shopping time in the markets - Ben Thanh and Binh Tay. We also visited the post office and a church. Evening was dancing and drinking at Seventeen Saloon till early morning.
Entrance to Cu Chi tunnel is 35 km from Saigon

Looking for the hole
A Vietnamese soldier showing us one of the Cu Chi Tunnels.
Pauline Toh trying to get it and out
This are the unexpected tunnels all over. It has more than 250km of tunnels
Some of the tunnels are several storey deep, included innumerable trap doors, constructed living areas, storage facilities, weapons factories, field hospitals, command centres and kitchens.
Ker Sew Huat trying to get into the hole
Teh Bee Bee with the Viet Congs

Some of the traps the Viet Congs used to kill their enemies

Target practice by Jamie Loo
Preparing rice flour by David Wan
Making of rice paper
Ben Thanh Market built in 1914
Beside the market, in the centre of the traffic roundabout, is an equestrian statue of Tran Nguyen Hai, the first person in Vietnam to use carrier pigeons. At the bass of a pillar, is Quach Thi Trang, a Buddhist woman killed during anti government protest in 1963.
The narrow street of Saigon
Saigon street vendor
French-style Saigon Central Post Office
Built in 1886 with its glass canopy and iron frame
It has a huge hall with stalls selling souvenirs
With the long counter for customers to conduct their post and telecommunications business
Uniquely telephone boots inside the post office
Notre Dame Cathedral built in 1877
Two 40m high square towers tipped with iron spires and a statue of the Virgin Mary in front.

The French stained glass windows
Add caption
Binh Tay Market is the biggest in South Vietnam
It is located in the city's Chinatown, Cholon. Most shop signs are written in Chinese.
A wholesale market - a walk inside will be a pleasure for your senses

The Philippine band at Seventeen Saloon along Pham Ngu Lao street sometime know as backpackers' street
The saloon was fully packed with drinkers - Balan looking at the cows
Cheers to Bee Geok & Teh Bee Bee
A sexy cow between two bulls
a bar-girl and Marlboro -man on standby taking care of the drinks
Dancing through the night with the band singer joining us in the dance
Val Allan leading us in a dance sequence
The barmen showing their fire-bottle throwing skill
Our Saigon friends, Jimmy and wife visited us in the evening. Their driver is the father of our guide Victor Pham Thanh Nhat.

Day 10 (11.12.10) Saigon > Kuala Lumpur 

After breakfast it was time to get back to Tan Son Nhat airport for our AirAsia AK881 flight back to KL at 10.35am. It was very sad indeed to bid farewell to our guides, Rose and Victor, who had been with us for the past 10 days taking good care of us. To all the travelers, we carried with us the fantastic memory and photos to bring back home and last but not least, it was the cheapest ground arrangement of the tour so far. AirAsia AK881 back to KL is RM310 pp
Rose and Catherine at the airpor
Rose and Veron saying 'tam biet' goodbye

Total cost for the 10 days adventure as follows:

RM  524-00   for AirAsia return flights
RM  700-00   for meals, transport, sightseeing entrance fee and hotel
RM1,224-00  per person


  1. Thanks Neng Bin
    Great work in putting all the photos together with the commentary. Photos look good and cost for tour is even better!
    Joe Tan

  2. The minute I saw an inbox mail from you, I immediately stop to see where u went.. Really interesting.. So when is your next trip??? If time allows would love to join u.

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  4. Patrick LEE18 January, 2011

    Hi Ching,
    You sure have a good time-lor. 3 quick questions?
    1. How much is the Saigon trip?
    2. R U doing the Gopeng-Cameron again? let me know if you are planning.... need time to get fit.
    3. R U related to Ching Leng Chu?

    Anyway have a great year ahead & Happy Chinese New Year!

  5. Hi Ching,

    Thank you so much for sharing your visit to Vietnam with me!

    I am most impressed after visiting your blog. Would you be happy for me to forward this email of yours to other members of New Huaren Federation as I am sure they will be just as excited as I am upon visiting your blog?

    Warmest regards,

  6. Oh Teik Hean18 January, 2011

    Dear Mr. Ching,

    Can you remember the person who wrote to you sometime ago by the name of Oh Teik Hean from Teluk Intan? I hope you can.

    I just came across your posting of your Vietnam Tour. Well, it is as interesting as your previous Myanmar Tour.

    I just arrived back today from a 9-day Myanmar tour. I write specifically to thank you for instilling our interest and showing 24 of us how such trips could be so memorable!

    Finally, on behalf of my friends who are all very satisfied with the trip, I thank you once again and wish you to have many more of these wonderful trips.

    Your friend,
    Oh Teik Hean

  7. Hi Ching,
    The report on your tour to Saigon is simply fascinating. I'm truly impressed. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Wow, nice plan and you always have a big group as your travel partner which is good.

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  10. Liew Khooi Cheng21 January, 2011

    Dear Ching
    I was in Saigon just before it fell to the communists almost 40 years ago. I appeared to be the only tourist around, so I had to hire a van, a guide and driver, all by myself. They could only show me a few places around the city, principally temples.

    There was an occasion I had to use the toilets at the temple. After searching in vain, it finally dawned on me that the "toilets" which the caretakers repeatedly pointed out to me were actually round holes made in the floor board and the holes were separated by a low wooden board of 2 feet high so it was possible for occupants of two adjacent cubicles to conduct a conversation with each other over the low partition! Needless to say, the "toilets" were of course unisex!

    Just like the Philippines which I visited earlier, I had to fly by the American Airlines, and there were hardly any passengers in the cabin--a 747 if I remember correctly!

    I have not been there again 'cos there are now so many other interesting tourist destinations, and they are reasonably cheap too!
    Liew KC

  11. Goh Tong Kai21 January, 2011

    Hi Ching, thanks for sharing with me your recent travel to South Vietnam. I truly enjoyed seeing those scenic pictures you took during your trip.

    Vietnam is a nice place to go for a holiday. I was there on a 6 day package tour to Hanoi, Halong Bay and Ho Chi Minh city during Chinese New Year last year in February. We didn't cover as many places as you did but nevertheless enjoyed visiting those famous places there.

  12. Tee Sze Peng21 January, 2011

    Dear Neng Bin/Bee Geok,
    Thanks for sharing the nice and beautiful photos for your Saigon trip. Its certainly very refreshing for me as I have visited some of the places 6 years ago. Must be an enjoyable trip for you all looking at the photos. Also value for money as well. We have to pay more to visit less places those days and without the budget airlines.
    Tee Sze Peng

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    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed watching all the pics, dunno Vietnam is so stunning!! Will want to visit too :)

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    Ching, Happy New Year!
    Just came back from Myanmar on 5 days 4 nights Yangon-Mandalay-Heho/Lake Inle-Yangon. It was a complete 4 great days covering all the places my group wanted to visit. The weather in Lake Inle was 8-10 Degree!

    Can you give me the email address of the Tour Agent in Vietnam that arranged your ground? Maybe consider Vietnam in later part of the year when AAsia offer again.

    Happy Journeys!

  15. one word...AWESOME! thanks for letting me join the trip, Ching.

  16. Tan Sim Kiat22 January, 2011

    Mr Ching,
    Great pictures and professionally done. Beautiful scenery. Bring back good memories. May u be well and happy.Kind regards,Tan

  17. Hi Ching,

    Going through your wonderful photos, looks like I have been there with all of you, hahahah
    Thanks for the wonderful photos, as you know photos is better then a thousand words.

  18. Great account of your trip and photographs. Been there yet did not have your eye for the good pics.
    Out of curiosity, which hotels or backpackers lodge were you in?


    Btw, Wishing you & family a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year.

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    I was in Saigon 7-9 Jan but I can say you have seen more of Saigon than I. I love your photos. Very well taken.
    Keep it up!!

  21. Toh Theam Soon11 February, 2011

    "That's the way to go ! Keep going before the legs say "enough" !"

  22. Hi, Mr. Ching,
    Accidentally pop into your blog and read some of your interesting adventures. I was once keeping abreast with Malaysian Adventure Club and had many interesting ventures around the country. I am now 59 years of age and still very active in sport ( badminton and tracking). Having much time now (semi retired) and intending to move around in more adventuring trips overseas. Please do keep in-touch should you and your team is having new adventures.

    Best regards and Happy CNY to you and your family.
    Lee Kai Eng
    Harbour Trade Center

  23. yong choon yoke27 March, 2011

    Hai Mr Ching
    We enjoyed seeing those pictures u took during yr trip to Saigon. Can us give us the email address of the tour agent that arranged yr ground.
    Cos we intend to end of the yr.

    Choon Yoke & Friends.

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    I like your Tibet trip, how do you start to make such a long and wonderful trip? Cool!

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    Thank you for sharing. It is a great time. I still remember everyone.
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  26. Ray Chong05 July, 2011

    Thanks for sharing.

    My long unforgettable memory of Vietnam was & still is enchanted by the Charming Vietnamese girl of long shiny black hair girl dressed in their national costume dress even so elegantly sat crossed legged behind and or riding the scooter. The other is the Triangular Beach colored Hat men wear. The red star symbol of their National flag. And the locals like Chinese has a way of cooking, dining, eat almost anything, all things mother earth produces (No offense is meant).

    Will you mind to elaborate a bit more of the tastes of loyal beers & rice wines. Say relative to the taste of Chang beer, Singha beer of Thailand, Bintang of Indo if the refreshing taste still linggle in your ever thirsty taste buds?

    The photographs shown more of the local scenaries vis a vis your previous trips' photos. They do show some very wonderful colorful species of floras & faunas.

    I opined the tales will be enhanced if you care to add some human touch on interactions with the locals, be they your tourist guides, whoever you have met & interacted. Let' say how they speak to you in their local dialects EVEN THOUGH THEY MAY SOUND FRACAS OR OTHERWISE.

    YEH when we travel, we see we hear we eat we interact don't we? They add colours.

    You've done well. Carry on. In bona fide.

  27. Mr ching,

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