2013 - Shangri-La the last frontier day 9, 10

Backpacking Adventure to ShangriLa China the Last Frontier
30 March to 23 April 2013 (25 days)

Day 09 (07.04.2013) Rilong – trekking up Changpinggou (长砰沟) - the middle gully of Siguniang (四姑娘山)

This morning had been snowing heavily and we were not able to trek at 9am. We took the 10am bus to Changpingguo for the 6km trek along the gully. We visited the Chongchongqiao (虫虫脚) 200m waterfall at 3,700m. On the way back there was heavy snow fall along the gully. When we arrived at our hostel there were hail stone falling on us.

For dinner we have ordered a live chicken for Y100 to be fried with ginger. Lee Kam Boon cut up the chicken and Lily Yap fried it while Mrs Ng prepared the chicken soup. It was the best dinner we ever had to date.

Temperature: -5c at night
Sleeping: Riyue Youth Hostel (日月青年旅社)
morning had been snowing heavily

the heavy snow fall on the field in front of our hotel

there were hail stone falling on us - collected from our hotel window

the whole area fully covered with snow except the road

we all walked to the tourist bus station nearby

a large Tibetan pagoda and the prayer flags beside the bus station

We purchased the bus and entrance tickets at this newly built bus station to Changping valley. After purchasing our tickets, we waited at the tourist centre for the next bus to transport us for the 5km or so to the valley entrance where we could enter on foot or by horseback through the Changpingguo the middle gully of Siguniang.

at the entrance of the park where the tourist bus stops -  the last bus returning to town is at 6pm

the horses for hire along the road to a Tibetan Buddhist Monk temple

the Buddhist Monk temple is at an elevation of 3,440m established by Gelu faction in Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty

front view of the Buddhist Monk temple

domestic yaks grazing and roaming freely in the temple compound

a good view of the Siguniang (four-girl mountain) from the temple

Only at this point you actually start hiking in the wilderness. There are several scenic spots and quite nice views (including that of Jianzi Mountain, 尖子山). Along the track the Changping Gully mainly consists of pine forests valleys, snowy mountains and it extends 29km and covers an area of some 100 square km.

the elevated walkway starts from the temple - suitable for people to walk or ride horses along the 20km Changpingguo the middle gully of Siguniang

the forests is also covered with the soft and deep moss and fallen leaves with some snow

a river of melting snow water from the mountains

a farmer's stone hut along the trek to the waterfall - noticed the roof is covered with dried moss

The alley to the Four-Girl Mountain through the Changping Gully is very narrow and winding. Coniferous forest, sub-forests and shrub wood exhibit their contrasting charms.

plenty of old man's beard in all pine trees

the valley floor is well protected by the thick alpine forest - looks like in Switzerland alpine forest of the Alps region

the wooden steps up to Chongchongjiao Waterfall

the Chongchongjiao Waterfall is at an altitude of 3,700m and the fall is about 200m

panoramic view of the Changpingguo the middle gully of Siguniang Mountain

at the foot of Siguniang Mountain

another view of Siguniang mountain

there are 4 lady peaks of Siguniang: 1st lady is 5355m on the right, 2nd is 5454m, 3rd is 5664m and 4th is 6250m on the far left

Lee Kam Boon with the four kitchen helpers of the hotel

this special dishes were well prepared by our Ms Lily Yap - our thousand thanks to Lily

For dinner we have ordered a live chicken for Y100 to be fried with ginger. Lee Kam Boon cut up the chicken and Lily Yap fried it while Mrs Ng prepared the chicken soup. It was the best dinner we ever had to date. My thousand thanks to all.

Day 10 (08.04.2013) Rilong (日隆) to Chengdu (成都) 236km

Today is travelling back to Chengdu to get to other destinations. This morning we woke up to the most clear blue skies we have seen yet. We rented two vans at Y160 per pax departing Rilong at 9.30am. It was a 5 hour journey – the first 2 hours was breathtaking as we were driven up the snow covered Balang Mountain(巴朗山)at its highest pass of 4,487m (14,358 ft) before descending down the valley to Wolong (乌龙) town for lunch. Wolong is the hometown of the giant panda.

However, the next 2 hours after lunch was really driving through hell on dirt road that was last hit by earthquake in 2009. There was in fact no road but just dirt path to drive through. The last one hour was good road with many long tunnels before reaching Chengdu.

Sleeping: Traffic Inn (交通背包客栈)
the long and winding road up Balang Mountain(巴朗山) range

Balang Mountain in Tibetan language, it is called Balangla, means 'the mountain of strange willows'.

it offers very breath-taking mountain landscape and suitable for climbing all the year

Balang Mountain is covered with snow all the year round

the high mountain and its deep valleys are often covered in the sea of snow

covered in the sea of snow

the crisscross and zigzag tortuous sky-way runs all the way up to the mountain pass and descend

highest pass at 4487m,  the only way which must be passed leading up to the Siguniang Mountain

Siguniang Mountain is at the far end - Chew Leng Soon and Ching Neng Bin

I am standing at the highest pass of 4,487m (14,358 ft) before descending down the valley to Wolong (乌龙)

Lee Kam Boon is enjoying the icy air and adapting well to the changed in temperature and air pressure due to the changed in altitude at 14,358 ft

a security guard post at the pass

view from Balang Mountain Pass looking East is the road that leads from Rilong to Chengdu

a stone marker of Balang Mountain

The last one hour road journey was good with many long tunnels before reaching Chengdu.

we took the MRT to Jinjiang (锦江) Hotel Metro station and then walked to our Traffic Inn Hostel

in the evening we walked around the Chengdu City centre

Total Grand Per Pax


9 a. B'fast  100.00

b. Entrance fee -Changpingguo 900.00

c. Dinner 250.00

d. Room - Riyue Hostel (120 X 2)+(100 X 2) 440.00

1,690.00 169.00

10 a. B'fast 100.00

b. Lunch 230.00

c. 2 6pax vans - Rilong - Chengdu @ 5 X y150 + 100 1,600.00

d. Room - Traffic Inn(4X50)+(3X70)+(2X2X50) 610.00

e. Fruits 30.00

f. Metro train - Chadianzi -  30.00

g. Metro - Linjiang stn - North Train stn 2 X 3 pax 6.00

h. Metro - NTS - Lazybone(2)/Linjiang(1) 6.00

i. Metro - Lazybone - Linjiang 4.00

2,616.00 261.60

click below:
Day 01 (30.03.2013) AirAsia D7-320: K. Lumpur to Chengdu (成都), Sichuan (四川)
Day 02 (31.03.2013) Chengdu to Hailuogou (海螺沟) (296km/7.5hrs bus)
Day 03 (01.04.2013) Hailuogou (海螺沟) Red rocks @ Swallow Gully (燕子沟)
Day 04 (02.04.2013) Hailuogou (海螺沟) Luding (泸定) Kangding (康定) to Xinduqiao (新都桥)
Day 05 (03.04.2013) Xinduqiao (新都桥) to Danba (丹巴) Land of thousand watchtowers

Day 06 (04.04.2013) Danba – day trip to Jiaju Tibetan Village "the most beautiful ethnic town
Day 07 (05.04.2013) Danba (丹巴) – staying in Jiaju Village
Day 08 (06.04.2013) Jiaju Village (甲居藏寨) to Xiaojin (小金) to Rilong (日隆)
Day 09 (07.04.2013) trekking up Changpinggou (长砰沟) middle gully of Siguniang (四姑娘山)
Day 10 (08.04.2013) Rilong (日隆) to Chengdu (成都)

Day 11 (09.04.2013) Chengdu (成都) day trip to Huanglongxi (黄龙寺)
Day 12 (10.04.2013) Chengdu (成都) to Xichang (西昌)
Day 13 (11.04.2013) Xichang (西昌) to Lugu Lake (泸沽湖)
Day 14 (12.04.2013) Lugu Lake - cycling around Lugu Lake
Day 15 (13.04.2013) Lugu Lake (泸沽湖) to Lijiang (丽江)

Day 16 (14.04.2013) Lijiang (丽江)
Day 17 (15.04.2013) Lijiang (丽江) to Shangri-La (香格里拉) (Zhongdian (中甸)
Day 18 (16.04.2013) Shangri-La (Zhongdian) - day trip to Potatso National Park
Day 19 (17.04.2013) Tiger Leaping Gorge (虎跳峡) / Bai Shui Tai terrace waterfall(白水台)
Day 20 (18.04.2013) Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lijiang (丽江)

Day 21 (19.04.2013) Lijiang (丽江) to Lugu Lake (泸沽湖)
Day 22 (20.04.2013) Lugu Lake (泸沽湖) to Xichang (西昌) to Chengdu (成都)
Day 23 (21.04.2013) Chengdu
Day 24 (22.04.2013) D7-327 Chengdu to K. Lumpur (2355 – 0430)
Day 25 (23.04.2013) 25 23/04 Arrival K. Lumpur: 0430 hrs

      RMB        RM
Total Costs per person excluding Air fare    4,664.15      2,360.06

Return Airfare per pax incl. insurance, meals   1,632.41    826.00 

Total Cost Per Pax incl. of Airfare    6,296.56 3,186.06


  1. i think i meet your group at chengdu traffic inn because our flight back to KL also same date. we're 4 muslim girls. if not i'm sorry. =))

  2. Hi! Hujanlebat, what a surprise! Yes, we met you at Traffic Inn while waiting for our same flight back to LCCT. I remember all four of you. So how are you? Do you have a blog to share? Do keep in touch, ya!

  3. With icy mountain, snowy winding road behind you, you know you've returned to civilisation! (joke-lah, I mean the toughest hurdle is over - more are coming?) Fancy how the Chinese road builders managed to construct highway along snowy, meandering rough terrains? Malaysian home cooked ginger chicken in China looked Ooi-shi for hungry foodies-travellers. Some rice wine or ginger wine were added? Meeting Hujanlebat there must be exhilarating and the link is connected back in M'ysia. That's wonderful encounter while travelling.

    Alan K.